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Female Obs from last night, and cute discussion


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Last night, I had my friends, Alanna and Jake, over. Hubby was out, and I wanted to see both of them. Jake will be leaving to go back to college at the end of this week, and I hadn't really seen much of Alanna because she was on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Well, we were sitting in the kitchen, and Alanna was next to me, while Jake stood across the island from us. Alanna has a pretty cute sneeze. She has a pretty big build-up, and then sort of half-stifles them at the end. They are really unspellable. I've tried and I can't do it! :whistle: Alanna knows about my fetish, and I think I mentioned in my blog that she told me about Jake's sneezes a couple of times. She's always telling me how she wishes he'd do it in front of me, she's pretty sure I'd like them! Jake is also a good Christian kid, which kills me that he hangs out with the two of us! :cryhappy: Not that we are un-Christian, but we get into some really naughty discussions sometimes, she and I do. :notworthy:

While she was sitting next to me, I heard her gasp, and then she kind of covered, stifled, and made her unique nosie as she sneezed. She also lets out a bunch of air in a big exhale afterwards. Jake immediately blessed her, and so did I. He had a look of concern on his face, which was adorable. Seriously, that kid is so cute. Alanna and I joke that he's so adorable, he should be illegal. Although, she is, too.

Then, about 5 minutes after she sneezed, she belched, loudly. She's always doing that, and it made me think of the thread about sneezing in public, and bodily functions that are acceptable and all that. Right away, as soon as I started talking about it, Alanna got a twinkle in her eye and said, "Well, sneezing is socially acceptable." I said, "Yeah, I know. It's okay to sneeze in public, but not fart?" Jake said, "How on Earth are you supposed to hold back a sneeze?" Alanna and I giggled, and then I said, "Oh, it can be done." Then he asked Alanna if she remmebered the one girl who sneezed in class the one time. He told the story, and said that this girl's sneeze was so high-pitched and tiny that she sounded like a mouse sneezing. I guess everyone near her said how "cute" her sneeze was. And one guys said, "That's the cutest sneeze I've ever heard!" We laughed about it. Jake said he still doesn't understand how a sneeze could be cute. Perhaps there were a few of "us" in that class. :laugh: Alanna and I smiled at each other.

The conversation then went on and I explained how I never sneeze in public, that I have a mental block about it. And then we discussed how horrible it was to lose your sneeze. And at least we all agreed on how awful it feels to have to sneeze, and then get stuck without it.

Even though Jake sniffled a lot, and rubbed his nose a few times, he didn't sneeze last night. Bummer.

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A good Christian boy hanging out with you two? He'll be corrupted in no time. But who says corrupted is a bad thing? I want you to corrupt me too. :P

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What a nice conversation you all had.

I have to say that part of it makes me think that about how some non-fetish people are able to see something cute about sneezes and some people just don't see it. After I told one of my male friends that I had this fetish, he said "well, I kind of get it because in middle school, I knew this girl who was so cute, but the cutest thing about her was her sneeze."

I also had a high school teacher, a woman, that I have mentioned on here before who would always exclaim to this one female student, "BLESS you! You have such a cute sneeze!"

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