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Might have known something like this would happen


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Last night I had the opportunity to stay overnight at C's house and we actually got some time alone, which hasn't happened in quite some time. He wasn't feeling well, so he laid down on the bed. I sat next to him and rubbed his back, and he pulled me down next to him, curling himself around me, and almost clinging to me. I was talking softly to him, trying to make sure he was comfortable, when suddenly he took a deep breath and sneezed, "Huh-ISHuh!" He curled in on himself further as he sneezed again, "Huh-IGSHOO!" down into the space between our bodies. "'Scuse me," he said in a small voice. He started to relax again, then tensed, and took a hitching breath, "Hh-hh-hhh!" and sneezed to the side, "Huh-INGshuh!" He sniffled a little. "I think I'm allergic to you..." I smiled at him. "Do you want me to go away?" He pushed against me. "No...don't," he whispered. I rolled over to kiss him and put my arms around him. A few moments later he was asleep. A while later he woke up and was feeling much better, though he mentioned one of the reasons he had been feeling bad was that his allergies were acting up. We had sex a couple times, and then I was tired. He was trying to convince me that staying awake was a good idea, and was being playful, and I pinched the bridge of his nose and sort of rolled my fingers gently back and forth. He sort of laughed, then presneeze took him over. I watched the expression grow more and more intense until his head snapped forward, "Huh-CHHH!" His nose ended up against the stomach, spray making a wet patch on my skin. Then he asked me if I would stay awake with him. "Hmm...I dunno..." I teased. "I sneezed on you!" he protested. I grinned at him, "Yeah, are you going to do something about it?" We started to mess around, and after a while I was on my back, and he was sitting up, fucking me (yeah, I told you it was graphic). I asked him to talk to me and use my fetish. He started with the usual, "Did you like seeing me sneeze?" Then he leaned forward. "What if I use you as a tissue after I sneeze?" he asked, rubbing his nose against my collarbone. A wave of sensation went through my whole body and I started to cum. "What if I use you as a tissue and then cum inside you?" he asked, starting to speed up. "Oh yes, God yes," I managed to moan. He started fucking me harder, then leaned down and rubbed his nose against my breast. At this point I was hyperventilating as I came over and over and I think i was talking but I don't remember what I said. He started to cum inside me and by the time he stopped, I was dizzy and my arms had gone numb. I laid there for a moment, and as the spinning of the room slowed, I realized i was crying. That had been the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. I curled up next to C and told him all about how wonderful it had been and how he was so good to me, and generally being kind of silly... but anyway the point was, it was incredibly wonderful and I love him so much. I might have know something like this would happen, I so often get weak and shaky when he does wonderful things...

Today I had somewhere I needed to be, so I woke C up and we got ready. He went upstairs at one point, and came back down with a washcloth in his hand. I took this to be a good sign. He came inside and started blowing his nose. Then his face went presneeze and he lifted the cloth up to his face. "Huh-ISHOO!" he raised his head, then again, "Huh-CHSHHuh!" He rubbed his nose and blew it again. It was only a few moments before he sneezed another set of two, just the same. He rubbed his obviously itchy nose, and a few moments later, another two sneezes were forthcoming. Then we headed out to the car. He had forgotten something, so he headed back inside, sneezing as he got to the door, and sneezing again as he came back out. He asked me, between sniffling and blowing, whether I was counting. "Eight," I replied. He smiled and began blowing his nose again. He scrubbed at his nose, the sneezed again, "Huh-ISHUH!" He sniffed and rubbed his nose again. "Nine, kitty?" "Nine," I agreed. Later that day we were walking along under an overhang in front of a store, and I noticed him start to wrinkle his nose up. I kept an eye on him and sure enough, he started getting a presneee face. He sneeze once, then again, and then we stepped out into the sun to head to the car, and the sun seemed to induce another sneeze. All in all, I think he's up to 16 sneezes so far. Been a good day...

As I am writing this, C just said, "Hey babe, my nose is bothering me, can you hand me a tissue?" He then proceeded to turn away as if he was blowing his nose--and induce WITH HIS FRIENDS RIGHT THERE!! He turned back after a moment, eyes half closed, and mouth open, then his head went back, and "Huh-ISHOO!" He turned and looked at me, seemingly for approval, rubbing his little pink nose with a tissue. I couldn't really say anything, so i just sort of looked at him, smiling. One of his friends had been talking to C, and he asked him, are you even listening? C said, "Oh no, sorry, I was having psychic sex with my girlfriend." This happened in the middle of the post but I'm putting at the end so it doesn't get too confusing.

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Golly Gosh! What a fantastic obs! Well, really about three stuck together. I don't know which is better, the talking and spraying leading to a wonderful description of a lovely climax, the INDUCING SECRETLY IN PUBLIC JUST FOR YOU, or the casual "we had sex a couple times" following his first efforts...

Incidentally, I defy anyone not to want to be sneezed all over after this.

You are just so lucky!

AndI think we get a general idea of what a lady's orgasm feels like!

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That is super hawt! C is such a doll to indulge you the way he does. Inducing in front of his friends, nice! :winkkiss:

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