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Well today I noticed a few things on facebook, which is like myspace but different, I think it is better. But I have found there are a few people on my friend list with pictures of them sneezing, one of a girl I know and she commented "I told you not to take a picture of me sneezing" that one was really good. Another was of this amazingly hot girl at my school sneezing while sitting next to a dog, I beleive she must of been allergic even though there was no caption. Sadly I cant post the pics cause they are suppose to be private places and i dont want to violate any rules.

But what you can do if you do have facebook is look up sneeze in the group section and you will be surpised to find 100s of groups for sneezing, some of them are just "I love to sneeze" some are for sun light sneezers, some are for allergie suffers, there is a cult for the panda sneezing clip, surprise surprise, and one interesting one was a catch a sneeze contest where a women asked you to catch a sneeze on camera and post the pic, sadly only her and one other girl posted pics but it was interesting anyway. Sooo if your bored and want to look around, check facebook.

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