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Author: Niceguy

An Ai Yori Aoshi Fanfic

Setting and all non-original characters are property of Kou Fumizuki

Friday's classes were finally over and Kaoru was exhausted. After attending two full lectures, he had an exam that he had stayed up late the night before studying for. And being low on cash, he decided not to take the bus. As slow as he was moving he would have missed it anyway. He had a long walk, and no energy left after such a long day. It was only the thought of his land-lady (who secretly was also his fiancé) Aoi Sakuraba's cooking dinner that night that kept him going. Just the smell of her artful cooking could wake a man from a coma. As Karou reached the edge of campus he received a pleasant surprise: Aoi was waiting for him.

"Kaoru-sama! I knew you were going to have a rough day so I thought I'd walk home with you!"

"Aoi-chan! Oh boy, are you a sight for sore eyes… Wow! You look… beautiful!" Aoi was wearing one of the indigo kimonos that she typically wore, but the sight of her graceful femininity still took Kaoru's breath away. "You're lucky – I was almost going to take the bus!"

"It's OK. I came early, so I could have ridden with you as well."

"How long have you been here?"

"About half an hour. I got dinner prepared early, so all I'll have to do is heat it up." As bad as it felt to admit it Kaoru was a bit relieved at hearing this. If she had been waiting here much longer, it would have meant that their housekeeper, his fellow classmate Taeko Minazuki, would have been left to do the cooking... And her cooking was about as bad as Aoi's was good. Taeko was gaining confidence in her abilities, but the tenants felt that any confidence she had in her culinary skill was almost entirely unwarranted.

"That's a relief!" Kaoru joked "For a minute there I thought you left Taeko in charge of dinner! That chocolate & daikon champloo she made last week almost killed us!" They both had a hearty, yet innocent laugh at poor Taeko, even though she did always try to do her best.

After passing a few blocks they happened to cross paths with a rather large cat. From it's markings and apparent good health it was obviously not a stray, so Aoi stopped to pet it. "Are you lost Mister Cat?" The cat took right to Aoi petting and purred as if it were home in its owner's lap.

"Does it live around here?" Karou asked.

"Let's see…" Aoi checked the collar, further evidence that it was no stray. "His name is Neco-chan. He lives at… Oh my! No – his home is not even in this part of town! Oh that's awful! The poor thing! Kaoru-sama, we must help him!" Kaoru agreed. They had a pet ferret back at the house, which belonged to Tina Foster, one of the other tenants, and he knew they would feel pretty bad if they ever lost him.

"If there a phone number?" Kaoru asked. "Let's call and see if they know they're cat's missing."

"You have reached the Takahata residence. We are in Kyoto at present and will return on Sunday the…" At the beep, Kaoru left a message saying that their cat got out, but was safe, and that he would call back on Sunday to arrange its return.

"Well… we'll have to hang onto him for tonight and tomorrow. They won't be back until Sunday. Is that OK Aoi-chan?"

"Of course Kaoru-sama!" Aoi replied cheerfully. "Who knows – maybe someone will do the same for us one day! Besides it really shouldn't be any trouble at all!"


As Aoi and Kaoru walked home, Taeko Minazuki was finishing up her chores for the day. In exchange for housework, Taeko was allowed to stay at the Sakoraba's huge summer home rent free. Although she was rather clumsy, and spent at least half the time cleaning up messes that she herself created, she was grateful for the arrangement as she had been fired from her previous housekeeping job and didn't have the money or prospects to afford rent at any place closer to school. Although she attended the same school as Kaoru, she was a year behind him and did not have classes on Friday, thus Friday was her day to get caught up. She had just finished folding the last of the towels, and was perched precariously on the top of a short step-stool, struggling to reach the top shelf where they kept them.

At that moment the other tenant, Tina Foster, an American who had spent almost all of her life in Japan, was sneaking up behind her, bent on making some mischief. "TAAAAE-KOOOO!" She called out in her typical, boisterous manner.

"Oh Miss Tina! You frightened me! I… MISS TINA!" Before Taeko even had a chance to turn around, Tina snuck up behind her and, reaching under Taeko's outstretched arms, firmly grabbed both of Taeko's rather large breasts in her hands.

"Wow Tae!"

"Miss Tina, please…" Taeko begged, helpless in her position to do anything but bear it.

"Man! For a Japanese girl, you sure got some really big boobies!" Tina laughed wildly, fondling Taeko the entire time.

"Miss Tina… Please stop!" Tina was now alternating between squeezing Taeko's left breast, then her right. Taeko could barely keep the towels together, her glasses clinging to the tip of her nose. "Miss Tina, that tickles! Please stop… I'm going to… faaaaaall!"


Taeko fell from the stool, scattering the stack of towels and, rather awkwardly, landing on Tina.

"Damn, Tae!" Tina gasped from underneath Taeko. "You must like your cooking a lot more than we do!" Tina was not laughing anymore with Taeko on top of her. While her name, Taeko, might mean "delicate child" the buxom maid wasn't exactly what anyone in their right mind would call "dainty."

"Tina! That was mean! I…"

"A-HEM!" It was the property manager, Miyabi Kagurazaki, a rather stern and severe woman, who had little patience for Taeko and even less for Tina.


Tina just looked down. She hadn't wanted to get Taeko in trouble with her boss. Taeko started to apologize, buy Miyabi stopped her.

"I think I understand what happened here Miss Minazuki. Just pick everything up and you can call it a day. No harm done – since you did already clean the floor… correct?"

"Yes Miss Manager." Taeko breathed a sigh of relief – she had cleaned the floor right before she started folding the towels.

"AS FOR YOU...!" Miaybi pinched Tina on her cheek and dragged her from the room.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OK, MISS MANAGER! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!"


"We're back!" Kaoru called out. "Where is everybody?"

"Miss Landlord's back! Let's eat, I'm starving!" As usually the most enthusiastic welcome came from Tina whose mind was on food rather than company.

Taeko arrived shortly after Tina, and had changed from her maid's uniform into a much more comfortable and casual sweatsuit. "Welcome back! Oh my! What a cute little cat!"

Miyabi was still in the hall when she overheard Taeko. "Cat?" She thought to herself, with more than a little panic. "Oh no!" She was incredibly allergic to cats, and was desperately hoping that Aoi had not decided to get a pet without consulting her.

"It escaped from its home and its owners are out of town." Aoi told the two girls. "They'll be back on Sunday, so we're going to watch it until then. Is that OK with everyone? We're going to keep it in Kaoru's room for now, until we know whether it will get along with Uzume." Uzume was Tina's pet ferret who, while they tried to keep him in Tina's room, pretty much had the run of the house. "Well, I'm going to heat up the Ramen. Dinner will ready in twenty minutes!" Aoi went cheerfully to the kitchen, while Kaoru let Tina and Taeko pet the new arrival before taking it back to his room.

"OK," thought Miyabi, somewhat relieved. "It will be gone the day after tomorrow and stuck in Kaoru's room tonight." Not wanting to disappoint Lady Aoi, Miyabi walked back to her office and began rummaging through her desk.

"Now… Where is it? Where are they…? Ah! Here we go!" She pulled out a small silk bag that had three large, red pills in it – all that was left of her Super-Strength Allergy Medicine. She used to take it back in college when her roommate took in a stray. They were old, and probably outdated, but she had used them sparingly over the years and they still packed a punch. "Only three left. Oh well. I'll have to go to the store tomorrow, but they'll do for now." She took one, and sat down to finish some paperwork before dinner. Within minutes she was out cold, fast asleep, and snoring rather loudly.

As Aoi got the Ramen hot, Tina and Taeko took turns petting the cat. "Awww… It's soooo cute!" cried Tina "I wish we could keep it!"

"Well it probably misses it's home, Tina…" Answered Taeko. "It's pro… pro… Haaaawt-CHEW!!!" Taeko sneezed violently.

"Are you OK Taeko-chan?" Kaoru asked, sounding concerned.

"Someone must be talking about me!" Taeko answered cheerfully. Kaoru left to take the cat to his room.

At dinner, everyone noticed the absence of the manager, but Aoi informed them that Miyabi had fallen asleep at her desk and that, rather than wake her, she would keep some food warm for her, for later.


The next morning Taeko was busy as usual. She hadn't seen the manager all morning, or any of the other tenants for that matter, so she assumed they were out on errands or just enjoying their Saturday. She envied them, and felt a little lonely.


"Oh! Hello there Neko-chan! I guess you're getting along with Uzume then? Well, maybe you can keep me company!"

At present Taeko was dusting one of the unused bedrooms, one that had been neglected for some time. Although she could not really give the cat any attention, Neco-chan seemed content to just watch her work. The window was open, but a lot of dust still seemed to hang in the air. Normally that didn't bother Taeko, but her nose was starting to get really itchy.

"Haaaaaw-SHEW! Oh my! I guess someone is talking about me aah … gain HAAAAAAW-shew!!!" Without thinking, Taeko had snatched up her apron and sneezed right into it. After Taeko's second window-rattling sneeze Neco-chan ran from the room.

"Oh no… And I just washed that too! Aaaw." There was no hiding the very obvious wet spot on the front of her apron. "I better take a break," Taeko sighed, "I need a breather."

Taking a walk outside, to get some fresh air, Taeko ran into Aoi. "Oh! Miss Landlord… Hello!" Although everyone in the house had become close friends, for some reason Taeko still seemed nervous around Aoi and Miyabi.

"Are you feeling OK Taeko-chan? You don't sound too good… Miss Taeko... Have you been… crying?"

Taeko wiped her eyes which, to her complete surprise, had gotten very watery. "What?! No! I'm fine! Really! It's just the duh… duh… ah… DUST. I was cleaning the spare bedrube and…" Taeko was just now realizing how congested she felt.

"Well you sound like you're coming down with something." Aoi said, showing her typical care and genuine concern, and putting her hand to Taeko's forehead. "I'm going to ask Miss Miyabi-san if you can have the afternoon…"

"NO!" Taeko interrupted. In truth she was terrified of how the manager would respond to a request like that. She needed the job, and insisted on toughing it out, even if she did have a cold. Besides, she assured Aoi, she was positive that there was just more dust than usual, and for some reason it had just somehow gotten to her today.


After finishing the spare room, Taeko blew her nose rather heartily. It turned out she was quite congested and she was amazed at the number of tissues she went though. Once she felt cleared up, she went to get the wash started.

As she loaded the washer, Neco-chan again joined her in the laundry room. "Hello," Taeko said cheerfully, "Have you come to watch me do the wash now?" The cat jumped up on the shelf, just across the washer from Taeko. "Well… you'll get a good view from there! Just don't fall in!" Taeko considered the irony of this statement since it was coming from someone who "fell in" rather often, metaphorically speaking.

As she loaded the laundry, she noticed that the tickle came back to her nose. As she went on it became quite itchy and she was forced to load laundry with one hand while she rubbed her nose with the other.

"Oh boy!" She said to herself, vigorously rubbing her nose with her index finger. "I feel all tickly and sneezy again. I … ah… HYYYAAAAH-shoo! She had sneezed right into one of Tina's shirts. "Oh well," she thought to herself, "At least I'm about to wash it!" Then, thinking that Tina had it coming anyway, Taeko blew her nose into the garment.

"Oh gross!" Her nose was nose getting very runny, and this blow was at least as wet as any of the ones before with the tissues. What she had just done struck her as rather amusing and started to laugh when she was shaken by another sneeze.

"HYYYYYAAAAAH-shooo! Hya.. ahhh… HYYAAAAH-choo! Oh my." She blew her nose into Tina's short again and put it in the washer. Suddenly a thought struck her. "Wait a minute…"

Tentatively, she picked up Neco-chan and brought him closer to her. Nothing so far. A little closer… Good… She bent her head over and nuzzled the top of head with her nose. Immediately it felt as though fireworks were going of inside her face.

"Oh! Ah.! HYAAAAATHCOO! Oh my! HEEEEE-AAAAH-SHOO! On no! Mister Neco-chan I… I… IAYYYAAAHSHOOOO! I think I'm aller.. aller… all…AAAAHHH-SHOO! Allergictoyou!" She put the cat down on the laundry pile, and proceeded to sneeze repeatedly and uncontrollably.

"HYYYAAAHHHSHOO! AAAAHH-SHHOOO! Heh… Heh… HEEEEEYYYAAAAHSOOO!" The force of the third sneeze was enough to unsnap the clasp in the front of her bra. "Oh dear! My… my… HAAAAEEEEYYYASHOOO!" The 2nd button on her blouse snapped off. The cat ran from the room, Taeko went back to her room to change, stopping every few steps to sneeze. By the time she arrived in her room she looked a fright. Her eyes were tearing, her nose was running, he blouse was now almost completely unbuttoned, leaving only her apron to cover her. She blew her nose, setting a new personal record for tissue use, and got a change of clothes. She quickly dumped the rest of the laundry in the washer and joined Aoi in the kitchen to start preparing for dinner.

"Miss Taeko, you poor thing! You look and sound simply awful!" Aoi was obviously very concerned.

"Well… I'm fine," Taeko sighed. "Turns out I'm a little bit allergic to Mister Neco-chan." Her voice came out noticeably stuffy sounding.

"Oh my, from the look and sound of things, I'd say more than a little… I'm so sorry! I never should have brought him in here without checking with everyone first!"

"Oh it's not your fault Miss Landlord! I didn't even know myself! I would have said 'It's fine, no problem,' Really!"

"But tonight, and tomorrow morning… you'll need some med…"

"I'll be fine! I'll just keep my distance, that's all! I can do that for just one day!" Taeko didn't feel fine, but she didn't want Aoi to worry, so she put up a cheerful front. "Now let's get started! My Chocolate-Miso soup isn't going to cook itself!"

Taeko was more nervous than usual that night preparing dinner. In addition to her anticipation at trying out one of her new "specialties," Kaoru's friend and their fellow classmate, Mayu Miyuki was joining them that evening, and Mayu could be rather demanding at times. She also made it rather obvious that she was there to see Kaoru and him alone. Knowing that Miyu had, in the past, even criticized Aoi's cooking Taeko was sure that her newest specialty would probably not go over well with her. Oh well, she thought, maybe the others will like it.


As the group sat down to dinner, Kaoru was the first to notice that the manager, Miss Miyabi, was absent for the second night in a row. Aoi informed them that Miyabi had woken up very late that morning, was still exhausted and after taking some medicine went back to bed. Although she was a little bit worried, she felt that, for now, it was still probably to let her get some rest.

As Aoi and Taeko brought out the food, Kaoru was treated the usual bickering that goes on anytime Miyu and Tina were within an earshot of each other…

"Mayu doesn't understand how Kaoru can live with such a barbaric girl for a house guest." Miyu would start…

"What's that, ya little brat…?" Tina would counter…

And so on it went, until Aoi brought out the main dish: a sushi plate fit for an emperor. Even Mayu was impressed, enough to stop saying rude things to Tina anyway.

Finally Taeko came in with the soup. She was walking rather cautiously, and it was clear that she didn't have the best grip on the rather large, awkward bowl, filled with soup which was sloshing back and forth. "TA-DA! Chocoltae Miso Soup! I wasn't sure that could do it… but I did!" She also almost managed to spill it while making her announcement.

"Mayu's not eating that." Mayu whined.

"Shhh! Mayu, don't be so rude! Poor Taeko worked so hard!" Kaoru scolded her.

"Aww… Mayu's sorry... But still…" That was about as sincere an apology as Mayu was capable of giving, and Kaoru seemed to be the only one she really respected. On the other hand, Mayu was only guilty of actually saying what everyone else was already thinking.

Although Taeko didn't really care one way of the other what Mayu thought, it made her very happy that Kaoru stood up for her. She closed her eyes and smiled and in that split second missed the cat darting by her and hiding under the table. She was halfway to the table herself when the tickle hit her. To her dinner companions at the table it looked like she suddenly slumped over and went cross-eyed.

"Oh no… Ah… Ahh…." Her mind was racing. She knew she couldn't get to the table in time – whenever Taeko ran while carrying something breakable it always ended in catastrophe. She was too far from the kitchen… Can't reach the table… Contents already sloshing around… Don't want to spill it….

"ahh…. Haaa-aaahh…. AAAAAHHHH-shoo!" Right into the soup.

"Wow Tae! At least now we know what your secret ingredient is!" Tina blurted out obnoxiously.

Taeko just looked down into the serving bowl. "I'm sorry everyone." Taeko said meekly. "I guess we're not going to have any soup tonight." She walked dejectedly into the kitchen to dispose of her creation.

"Tina!" Kaoru scolded in a harsh whisper, "That wasn't very nice either!"

"Oh, I'm only kiddin'!" She whispered back. "Besides – did you really wanna try that stuff?" Kaoru remained silent. "Didn't – think – so!"

At this point Neco-chan lept up onto the empty seat next to Mayu, where Taeko was to sit. "Aww! What a cute kitty! Shweet wittle kitty… Shweety kitty…" Miyu was obviously quite taken with the cat.

As Taeko came back from the kitchen, she froze at the sight of Mayu, who was in the chair next to hers playing with the Cat.

"Um… Excuse me… uh… Miss Mayu?"

"WHAT?" Mayu replied rather sharply.

"Well… it's just that… you see I… uh…" Miyu was no longer paying attention, and had gone beck to smothering the cat.

"You'll have to let Kaoru take him away now, Miyu." It was Aoi.

"Why? Mayu likes the wittle kitty!" It was beginning to annoy more than just Tina how she kept referring to an 18 pound cat as a "wittle kitty" in such a childish tone.

"Well, it turns out that Taeko is very allergic to him. So please let Kaoru take him away so Taeko can join us."

Both Kaoru and Tina were surprised by this news, since they had not been around the house all day.

"Awwww," Mayu whined. "Don't tell me the maid is going to eat with us too! At Mayu's house the help never dines with Mayu's family!" Since Mayu cared only about Kaoru, and herself of course, it was lost on her that the others were all close friends, and that she was, in fact, the outsider.

"Mayu doesn't see why Mayu should have to suffer since she's the one with the problem!" Taeko just stood there, looking helpless.

"THAT'S ENOUGH MIYU!" Now it was Kaoru's turn. "Taeko is my friend too, and I won't have you treating her so inconsiderately!"

"ok mayu's sorry" she said, in an uncharacteristically timid tone.

"And we're so sorry Taeko-chan," Kaoru continued, "If we knew we never would have…"

"It's OK!" Taeko interrupted, "Miss Landlady and I already covered that! It was as much a surprise to me, really! It's OK, really! Thanks for talking him away though." Kaoru put Neco-chan back in his room, and dinner continued with only a couple of sneezes from Taeko, all covered but seemingly aimed in Mayu's direction, much to her disgust, and Tina's amusement. By the end of the evening there was still no sign of Miss Miyabi.


Miyabi woke up late again on Sunday. She had slept all of Friday evening and woke up on Saturday just long enough to take another pill, and go back to sleep. Having had such a strong reaction to the medication, she considered not taking her last pill this morning. Then she head Kaoru call to Lady Aoi from the kitchen.

"Aoi-chan… There a message from the Takahada's. They said they'll be back this evening and thanked us for minding Neco-chan until then."

Well, that decided it. Although she couldn't afford to spend another day in bed – she had too much work to do – she wouldn't get anything done without her medication. She reached over the silk pouch where she had the last pill… Where was it?

She looked up and saw Tina's pet ferret, Uzume, sitting upright on her desk, with the pouch in his mouth.

"Oh no you don't… Stay… right… where… you… ARE!" She lunged at the sack, but the ferret sprinted off with it and disappeared down the hall.

"That… didn't… just… HAPPEN!" She thought desperately to herself. She locked the door to her office, opened the window and crossed her fingers that the others would just leave her alone, and keep the cat away, for the rest of the day.


After breakfast Taeko cleaned up while Aoi went to hang the wash from yesterday out to dry. Kaoru was trying to study in his room but he couldn't really concentrate as the cat kept wanting attention. At first he was relieved when Tina showed up and asked if she could watch him for a while.

"Sure Tina, that would be great! Thanks, you're a big help… Wait a second…"

"Well… You're bringin' him back tonight, so I thought I'd spend some time with him before sayin' good bye!" But Kaoru looked up and saw a familiar glint in Tina eye.

"What are you up to?" He prodded.

"NOTHING!" Tina said, a little too innocently to be believed.

"Hmmm… Well whatever, just stay out of trouble… And whatever you do, don't lose him! We are going to bring him back tonight!"

"You can count on me!" Tina exited Kaoru's room wearing a grin that left him feeling uneasy.


Tina's sense of mischief often got the better of her, and this morning she was bored, which is never a good sign. She crept quietly thought the house until spying Taeko in the drying dishes in the kitchen. She snuck right up behind her, holding the cat out at arms length and yelled "HEY! TAEKO!"

Takeo almost jumped out of her skin, and instinctively crossed her arms over her chest, anticipating another full-frontal groping. She turned around to yell at Tina and instead ran right into a face-full of cat.

She backed away, covering her nose with one hand and trying to push the cat and/or Tina away with the other.

"Oh no! Miss Foster, please I… hah… HAAAYEE-tchoo! No… come on p-p-please don don don't… HAAAAAAYAshoo!" But Tina seemed to be having more fun doing this than she ever did massaging Taeko's large breasts. Tina took a step forward, still holding the cat out. Taeko ran from the room. Tina followed quickly.

"Please Miss Tina… I'm so allergic! My poor nose… it's heeeee-aaaAAAHH-SHOO!" There went the clasp in the front of her bra again. And Tina was right behind her, still holding the Cat out in front of her as she ran. They ran though the front room, and into to the first floor hallway.

"Come on," Tina teased, "What's wrong Tae?" Her giggly, wicked laughter filled the hall.

"Miss Tina, please… HAAAAH-SHOO!" It was a miracle that Taeko could run and sneeze at the same time without injuring herself, but Tina would not give up the pursuit. They started up the main staircase.

"Please Miss Tina, I don't… want… to… snee… ah… sneeze any m… more… ah… HAH-SHOO!" But Tina was still giving chase, up the stairs, and down the second floor hallway.

In her office Miss Miyabi was out of printer paper. She figured this would be a good excuse to go to the store, and pick up some allergy medication along the way. She figured she wouldn't really need it after tonight, but it never hurt to have it handy. Plus some over-the-counter brand probably wouldn't knock her out the way her vintage prescription stuff did. She opened the door and was so startled to see Taeko barreling down on her that she didn't even noting the tears streaming from her eyes or the mucus running from her nose in two thick streams.


They collided and went down in a heap. Wearing just her socks and running full tilt on a wooden floor, Tina was just as unable to stop herself…


All three laid in the pile for a few second before Miyagi came to.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS! MISS FOSTER! MISS MINAZUKI! I'D BETTER GET A GOOD…" Her shrill yelling suddenly cut out as she noticed the forth victim in their pile-up. But as Taeko still was on her legs, and Tina was still on top of Taeko, she couldn't move! She leaned back, struggling to put some space, any space between her sensitive nose and the cat.

"WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?! I… I… AAAAAAHHHHH-TCHOOOOO!" While Taeko sneezes were strong, they were nothing compared to Miyabi's. Her sneeze was as much louder and stronger than Taeko's as her voice was – which compared to Taeko's timid tone, could be heard outside the house and down the street. A second sneeze came violently and Tina and Taeko were finally thrown off.

"MIIIIIIISSSSSS FOOOOOSTEEEEERRRRR!" Now it was Tina's turn to flee, as Miyabi chased her back down the hall, sneezing wildly every few seconds, but not letting it slow her down one single step. It was left for a stuffy, sniffly, sneezy Taeko to go find Kaoru and ask him to please take Neco-chan back into his room.


As Kaoru and Aoi walked home from the Takahada's house, they felt really bad for both Taeko and Miss Miyabi. They thought they should do something nice to make it up to them. They talked about how inconsiderate Miyu had been, and couldn't help but laugh at how much trouble Tina had caused – which was really just par for the course with her. But in the end they both still felt like the whole mess was their doing. Aoi decided to give Taeko the next day off, and Kaoru volunteered to help by filling in with her chores. She also picked up ingredients for Miss Miyabi's favorite dish. "Maybe we should go easy on the pepper though…" she joked. Kaoru laughed. He was just happy things would soon be back to normal… whatever that meant!


Thank you for reading.

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So... did I jinx it but asking people not to comment until I got both up? Or is no one reading this?

Oh well.

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Nice story. I'm not familiar with the fandom, but as a whole, the fiction was cute.

How about calling it "Cat" or "Kitty-san" or some such?

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Thanks. Glad you (all) liked it.

Yeah "Cat" might work. I was looking for something enigmatic, but maybe I shouldn't be so full of myself! ^_^

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OK - so I didn't use "Cat" exactly, but the idea did inspire what I'm going to use - "Guest"

(I was stuck on "Sneeze" "Allergies" etc... And I didn't want to use something that generic.)

So thanks, Sneezster!

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