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Ever sneezed your contact lenses out ?


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It happened to me before when I had a bad headcold, watery eyes, and a serious sneezing fit.

Rather annoying ...

Ever had that happening ?

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Jeez, that must've been one hell of a fit. I wear contacts almost every day, and that's never happened to me! Granted, I've never really had a fit either.

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Wow. I never would have even imagined that to be possible.

Though, on the other hand, I've never worn contact lenses, so how would I know?

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Never encountered it myself, but years ago I remember reading in a school magazine or something that with the popularity of contact lenses, people were getting confused when girls, on becoming sneezy would cover, not their nose or mouth, but their eyes, to catch the lenses. Come to think of it isn't there a myspace vid where that happens?

Does it only occur with really enormous sneezes?

Cos there's another believe or nottish story about one of those snuff-taking competitions that Germanic people have where a contestant supposedly sneezed so enormously that his glass eye shot out! Again, does this imply that the more snuff one takes, the huger the sneeze? It doesn't seem to follow.

And doesn't all this give the lie to the thing about always sneezing with eyes closed?

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