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I didn't know that ghosts could sneeze!


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Hehe, a quick one, but the idea has been bugging me so I had to have it done:


I want a sneezy go-teacher!


I wonder should I wait or fear the moment this typhoon of an inspiration passes!

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KYAAAAAA! I think I just died from cute! :unsure: And the pretty watercolors... Mmmm, love it! ;)

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Wow, I don't know what to say...

It's just... fantastic! ;)

And the choice of such a beautiful character......wow!

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Ahh Sai!! I just finished this series recently.. I really wanted him to sneeze just like that, into his sleeve with his fan thrown out. :D Your art is amazing, I love the watercolors! Thank you for sharing!

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Guest iffthelurker


GUH! I didn't realize when I spazzed over your avatar a little while ago that it was one of yours. The full image is just BREATHTAKING! I mean, Sai is twenty kinds of sexy all by himself (except when he pops chibi, that is... :laugh: ) but ohhhhh a sneezing Sai...aimed in to one of those lovely draping sleeves...I want to pounce him and drag him back to my den of iniquity! :lol: You have no idea how glad I am that the idea bugged you until you let it have its way with you.


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Wow, thank you!! You're awesome and kind! :nohappy: I was kind of suprised that I wasn't the only one here who was just wild about Sai.. but yeah, it figures :fear:

And speaking about pouncing him and dragging him back to one's den of iniquity (LOL, iffthelurker!), that REALLY gave me an idea... a wicked, wicked idea... how to tease a bit our wonderful, giggly Fujiwara... :innocent: Man, THAT would take ages to do... but well... ahaha I think I really have to!

... You people always drag the WRONG side out of me! ;)

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