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I told!


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So.. I told my boyfriend tonight. We were cuddling on the couch and he once again noted that I don't seem very turned on when he plays with me. I told him that there is one thing that really turns me on, something I've made him guess at before without luck. He was quite horrible at guessing at first, guessing physical stuff. Oh boys. :D I told him it's something that he doesn't think about doing and that he doesn't do it very often. He thought for a minute or so then said "sneezing?" I could feel my face burning and he laughed thinking it was a stupid guess. I let him think he was wrong for a while then mustered the courage to tell him. He was real good about it, though apologized that he can't make himself sneeze. Naturally, I only just confessed.. I wasn't going to mention feathers or pepper or anything (surely that would do the trick). I was soo embarrassed! But he didn't think it was weird or anything. <3 him.

*exhale* Now that I've told him though, I'm not sure where to go with it. I know that he would induce for me if I asked him but I don't want to make him do something he doesn't want to... Hmm.. any thoughts?

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Aw! I'm glad he was so understanding. Good for you for working up some major guts to tell him.

Hmm...as long as he knows now, you guys should be able to discuss how he can turn you on, including inducing. If he's sorry he can't make himself sneeze, see if you can get into the conversation of inducing by saying, "Well, we can try a few different things to see if we can get some sneezes out of you!"

Good luck with everything!

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I find that most boyfriends are VERY willing to try and indulge you if you explain a little bit about inducing after telling them the fetish. :lol: Mr. Aku and I use a rolled up tissue when his allergies are being stubborn. :lol: I told him on our first date and he's been VERY accommodating ever since.

Mind you, I'm of those "tellers" who has no problem telling just about anyone, but since the issue seems to be a more sensitive one for you, you may want to explain that fact to him. :) I think if you let him know specifics, he may surprise you on his own, since he seems to be so willing!

It's a pretty cool little "secret" between the two of you, so have fun with it! :D


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Far out! Congratulations! I forgot the second half of the post....*Re-reads.* Oh yeah. By what you said he seemed pretty understanding of your fetish, but if you are afraid of pushing it, maybe you could ask him about it, just gently ease into it or something. What do I know? ^_^ But anyways, good luck. I wish you the best!

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Well done! I wonder what that awful physical stuff can have been that only horrible boys are interested in.

Anyway, since boys are so dreadful, you should take advantage of their awfulness; he will very probably want to please you by sneezing for you, and is probably just waiting for you to say the word; but to avoid all doubt and embarrassment, the thing to do is to make him think that it is his idea to induce by whatever means; the tissue method is the opening old faithful. An obvious way would be to tell him about the forum; but that is potentially embarrassing too.

I think you should definitelytalk to him a bit about it; then you could say something about how you once saw a film where....fill in inducing method. Or even put him on to the youtube vids. He's just bound to get the hint, provided of course that you don't start denying it.

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Guest hollywoodx

Ahh. i kinda went through the same situation with my boyfriend awhie back. I told him about it even though it was realy hard, and ambaressing to admit. i diddnt want him t think i was a weirdo. so i did and he seemed ok wiht it but he diddnt offer to make himself sneeze in anyway. he just pretty much said that he diddnt much. and since that time we havent talked about it unfortuently =[ im just to embaressed to bring it up or to ask him to do anything about it. it sucks.

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