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I was walking with a friend down through the streets of Melbourne to the car from a friends get-together on the weekend, and we were just walking and talking and feeling dizzy from the cold bite in contrast to the warm house we had just left.

We came to an intersection and pressed the button to cross. These buttons are particularly and rather agonisingly SLOW to give you the little green man, so we were waiting there for what seemed to be an age :laugh:

Across the road from us was a pub, and this loud, raucus group of guys were swaggering out, laughing at the top of their voices and putting on jumpers to go home, or whereever they planned to go. :blink:

One particular guy, with a close, light brown sort of buzz cut was bringing the rear of the group and he had just stopped in the doorway.

So, as one does, i watched him. :blush: And he sneezed! He clasped a fist to his mouth and threw himself forward with a muffled "Hek-CHISHHAAH!!" that blew up his cheeks, if you get what i mean.

Then, he straightened up, did the little shake of the head, and followed the rest.

At the bottom of the pub steps he stopped again and leaned back dramatically, then lunged forwards, all the way down, with a massive, dramatic "HIIIH-YASHOOH!" And once again, continued on his way, joining his bunch of loud mates.

Heehee ^_^

Then the lights turned and we crossed. To our luck, we were going the same way as the parade :blink:

Soo, while my friend chatted away at my side, i watched. :blush:

While walking and talking, the guy stopped twice more to announce his massive "HEH-BUFFGH-HAAH!!" sneezes to to the group, and i watched all the while. All these sneezes were uncovered, and aimed very low at both the ground and his own shoulder. He was only wearing a striped green Tshirt, so I dont exactly know why he aimed there, but it gave me a nice view of his scrunched up face :P

He stopped one last time to scream to the sky; "HEEH-GASHOOOOOOHHH!!" which he drew out and ended on a high note, to which one of his companions responded slightly jokingly, "SHUT UUUPP, dammit!" ;)

Hee, i love the night.

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Multiple uncovered male sneezes........ ^_^

Thanks Hippo.

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Love this obs! Especially the part at the end where his friends told him to shut up! Hilarious! Thanks for posting this! :drool:

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Marvellous Melbourne indeed! Especially when it reserves this sort of treat for you.

Hope I'm as lucky when I'm next there!

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