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Violence can be good sometimes...and a video description.


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We were playing soccer again today, and I am usually pretty aggressive with T (the subject I'm always talking about obs-wise). Today, he was just kicking the ball away from me and playing tricks, so I got frustrated and started flailing my arms to hit him away....I accidentally nailed him in the face! I turned around after the ball was kicked away from both of us, and he had a hand to his face...I thought I poked his eye, but he turned around and said, "You hit me right square on the nose!" I laughed about it, and then he said, "It kind of hurts now..." and he gave me a weird look...then he slightly turned away, bent over and put his hands on his knees, and got "the look". He raised his head slowly and pitched forward with a nice hup-SHH! Who knew all this time, I just had to beat the sneezes out of him! ^_^

T also made me a video, which I won't show for his sake(he is much too shy), but will describe as best I can. He sniffed pepper to induce, but didn't film it, only the sneezes. He filmed one double and one single.

The double was more like 1.5 because he was trying to press the record button on my camera but had to sneeze so he couldn't get it....he finally got it right as he sneezed, so it starts off immediately with a hut-CHOO...ugh, *sniff*....then a very pregnant pause with a very promising pre-sneeze face...he sniffs to coax it out a couple of times, looks around briefly for some light...that doesn't work....then he closes his eyes and really REALLY concentrates...tilts his head back ever so slightly...furrows his eyebrows a bit as it approaches...then shuts his eyes tight with a slightly louder, more powerful hup-CHIEW!

The single starts with him looking at the camera, probably checking that the aim is ok...then he looks away, down at the floor, then lifts his head with a big hupCHHHHiewww! (The "ch" was more drawn out this time, I think the pepper was wearing him out a bit towards the end)

I asked him to film one from beginning to end, so I could see him actually induce with the pepper and then watch until he finishes, and I asked him to like talk about it too, like "Oh, I can feel one coming now", or just humour me with some "ahh.....ahh"s beforehand, and he's willing, but he wants to do it when he's home alone, so it might take some time before that happens...I'll let you know! =)

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