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I'm back now!

Teh Ninjin

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Artwise, mainly. I'll occasionally write a little bit of a sneezy drabble if its wanted that badly, but I assure you, art is my stronger side. EVEN if my art isn't that great. o_O;;

So. Yeah.

No sneeze orgies por favor <-- I detest them.

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Before all of the boys jump in and ask, I shall totally take over and shove them away kindly request something from you, since you have been missed! B-P

How about Tamara tickling Mew Mew Vanilla's nose/face/cheek suggestively with the tip of her own tail? I have no idea why that image appeals to me, but I think it's quite hot! Fetish or non-fetish, I do not care which. The choice is entirely up to you! I like your stuff and it doesn't have to be fetishy for me to adore it. :drool:

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You use a pacer as well? Alriight! *high fives you*

They work well for me :happy: The lines are cleaner and seem to cooperate better with a pacer for me :)

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I hope I don't sound mean but I don't know what that is.

unless its basically a mechanical pencil XD

Anyways <3 -glomp- its good to be back. -nuzzle- missed you.

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hey, welcome back! i actually like aku's idea. i've been liking the new poses you've been drawing and i think you can pull this one off well. if i think of any good ideas i'll be sure to post em. :rolleyes:

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