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Ok so here's the deal, I've recently been tripping over the world of Elfquest *wonderful comic book serie* and I've finally made up my mind, I want to see my favorite characters sneeze!

Here is a few pictures of them with descriptions to help you out, you decide if you'll draw a picture or write a fiction or both :laugh: I'm going to write one myself.

Cutter The tribe leader PC307_CutterBk2Sig.jpg

Redlance My ultimate favorite, he's a treeshaper and dislikes to use weapons for anything else then hunting: PC080_RedlanceNightfallSig3.jpg

They are my favorites of allthe characters in Elfquest.

If anyone would like to do this request for me I'll love you to death and pay you back anyway that I can ^^

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Awww. That's kickass <3

I'd like to give the artwork a shot. XD

I'm not sure. I lost my magic pencil </3

I'd still like to try

I think I a have a position an idea in mind too <3<3

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I can't fulfill this request as I can barely draw stick figures to save my life...but I'll second that I'd enjoy seeing some Elfquest sneezing as well. (Redlance is so adorable--Strongbow would be an amusing one to see sneeze as well.)

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EEEK! That's AWESOME, Baniira! I'm a huge Elfquest fan and have been for way too many years. I think you did EXCELLENT for never having so much as seen the series! EEEE! *saves!*

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Oh, my goodness~~ I LOVE Elfquest!!!!

My favorite character is Skywise. He's just so cute! I'd love to see some elfquest fics with sneezing, that's like a dream come true!!!!!

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Yes I want to see Elfquest sneeze fics ^^ I'm going to make one myself but I have to do it while my bf is at work =^-^= kinda shy about it.

Doesn't help that my he has gotten a cold >.<

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I understand. My boyfriend knows about the fetish, but it still makes me uncomfortable if he knows I am writing a fic or is looking over my shoulder or something.

Love him to pieces tho.

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Baniira, that's BEAUTIFUL. You have got to give the pic its own post. :-)

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