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Had to touch him- M


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I was walking up to a nite club about a week ago. As I approached I saw a cute bouncer/doorman guy step to the side to sneeze. He turned all the way against toward the wall of the blding and doubled over, sneezing partly into his sleeve, basically trying to conceal it. He is average height, pale, brown hair, dressed in all back, very slight build, just very cute face. I could tell from his allergic-looking eyes that the fake smoke coming from inside might be bothering him. It was a very standard male sneeze, kind of perfect, "Het-choo!", natural and not exaggerated with his voice. I passed right by him and he was standing normally again but seemed oblivious. I stepped inside, realized I hadnt shown him my ID card to get in. As I stepped back outside he turned away again to double-over and sneeze. I said "Bless you!" then kind of grabbed his bicep and said "I forgot to show you this.", I am s shy person but I HAD TO GRAB HIM. He said something neutral about my ID that I can't recall. I patted his arm LOVINGLY (lol) and went back inside. *heart heart heart* Usually the bouncers at the gay clubs/bars out here hit on me because a lot of them are straight. This one might be gay but I am not entirely sure yet. I absolutely love gay guys and always have and especially adore the gorgeous ones who take the time to flirt with straight pervs like me :) I definitely have an urge to touch a guy comfortingly after he does a great sneeze, because its like he just did something sexual just for me. lolol. I do get embarrased blessing people, because of the whole fetish aspect for me. But I do it a lot of the time now because it kind of makes the moment better and you have an excuse to connect with the sneezer at least for a moment.

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I love how you described this whole ob. And kudos to you for touching him! That's awesome! I've had close friends in the past where I was so scared to do such a thing, that is until they knew about this fetish for me. Really lovely obs! Thanks for sharing!

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