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I've written about my co-worker before - she is one of these wonderful people who doesn't get embarrassed about sneezing or talking about it. She also usually does a great mixture of subtle (almost silent) stifles and open (I don't care who hears) sneezes!

So anyway, on Thursday she was really sneezy - which she contributed to the onset of a cold, although no other symptoms emerged today (Friday) so I'm not so sure what the actual cause was...

There were a fair few sneezes that we giggled over, but the one that really stood out for me took place at the end of the day. She was washing up and walking back towards the sink (having just put something away in a cupboard) when she stopped suddenly and sneezed right into the tea towel she was holding in both hands! There wasn't much/any build up that I noticed, and the sneeze itself still had a slightly stifled sound to it, despite the fact she didn't pinch her nose as she normally would. It was kind of a "Huhhh-ishhh'gxt!"

Seeing me in the doorway she started laughing (perhaps because of my bemused expression). I responded with an amused "bless you"; to which she responded "thanks, I had to catch it in something!".

I then continued on my way, thinking what a cute and ob worthy thing that was for her to have said, when she continued saying "I think I better put it in the wash now though" - I was like "Yes! I think you better had!"

It was all very light-hearted though and a lovely end to my week :lol::P

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