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"Like SHELL I'm sick!" TMNT Drabble pt.1

Teh Ninjin

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Fandom is TMNT or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles <-- Gee? And you say Baniira wrote this? XD

The Victim--er--I MEAN! The suffering being is Leonardo

He suffers from a cold. D'aww.

Have no fears! Donny is here <3

Even if Leo is gonna be all -hiss- about it.


“My sons…cooperating with unlikely forces can ensure your victory…in even the most hopeless situations…” the voice was soft, kind. It was wise. It was Splinter-san’s. “Meditate…relax your minds…and bodies, for you have trained enough for today.”



The turtle donned in blue gave a sniff, and fixed himself back into a relaxed position of meditation. “I’m all right Master Splinter…” he said calmly, sniffling again.

“If you are sure, my son…” the gray gnarled hand placed itself on his shoulder and he shuddered at the touch. Splinter frowned and started off. His soaps were on, after all.

Donatello’s eyes opened immediately, and he leaned forward to peer at his brother. Mikey and Raph weren’t even meditating, they were shooting him a puzzled look.

“Dude?” Mikey asked quietly, looking at his still meditating brother.

Well, he didn’t look like he was doing it well. He looked annoyed. His arm would twitch from the temptation to to rub at a nose that seemed to be tickling him brutally.

His brother in purple leaned in front of him and gave him a nudge. “Leo, its getting kinda late. Maybe you should go to bed…”

His eyes shot open. “I’m all right Donny..” he replied gruffly, standing up and stretching. “Who’s up for a—ahh-‘STCHUH!—guhh—spar…”

“Gesundheit..” Mikey muttered, Raph just gave a nod. Raphael knew something was up. But the second he had opened his mouth to speak, Donatello whisked him away, and shoved him into his room.

“Donny? What gives?”

“Look. Leo doesn’t sound too good. If he’s getting sick, the last thing he needs is you hard on his case…”


Don had given him a sharp leer as he turned and started to walk away.

“Ah, forget’cha…” Raphael swatted the air and plopped down into the sheets.

When the whiz kid had returned, Michelangelo was a comment amongst the lines of “Say it, don’t spray it..” and Leo lifted his leg and shoved him away with his foot and a hard shove it was too, in retaliation. Or…was it?

His jaw dropped, and his shoulders started to ease up and down, Uneven breaths. “Hak’STCHU!” he snapped forward. There was a slight flicker of stress scribbled on his tired face, and he nearly toppled, but luckily, good old Donny was there to keep him from falling, and led him towards his room.

The blue banded turtle felt for the bed and immediately collapsed in it.

“Leo…” Don’s look went to a worried one, maternal flicker in his eyes when he leaned against the door. “If your not feeling well, Master Splinter won’t be angry or anything..”

“I’m not ill..” He sleepily mumbled

“All right…” Don’s response was tentative. “If your sure…” he strongly disbelieved him.

“I AM!” The stubborn glare was apparent on his face until the tickle took over, he shot up, and erupted into a fit of sneezing.

After the seventh final sneeze in his little set ceased, Donatello perked a brow and shook his head. “Bless you. Just…Just take it easy, all right? No need to get defensive. Y’need your rest, bro..” even if Leonardo was going to be stubborn and gruff, he was going to put on a caring face. He was concerned, after all.

To be continued. DEFINITELY <3


Its short as SHELL XD

I know. but. I wanted to leave ya hanging.

there'll be one or two parts more. XD Depending on how long I choose to make them. o_O;

but. Enjoy this craptastic-ness brought to ye by Baniira -bows and hides-

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Leooo! Woohooo!!!

Thank you for a great fic! ^_____________________________________________^

I can't wait to see the rest! *hug* Thanks a lot, it was really sweet!

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oooooooooooh! I like alot!

Maybe I should join up on the TMNT bandwagon with my own stories :shocking:

My victime will be the wonderful Raph of course ^^ or characters of my own

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Yay! A TMNT fic!! *does a happy dance*

Thanks heaps, I look forward to more! :D

oooooooooooh! I like alot!

Maybe I should join up on the TMNT bandwagon with my own stories ;)

My victime will be the wonderful Raph of course ^^ or characters of my own

Oooh, please do! I've been wanting someone to write sneezy!Raph for a while... (not brave enough to try it myself, lol).

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