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Locker room sneeze (f) and


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So, today after gym class, most of the people had walked out of the locker room. About five girls and I were standing near the mirror, when one of them (girl 1) was like "OK, I'm going to sneeze." One of my friends said"Say fish!" and they all turned to look at her while girl 1 sneezed "Ish-oooo!!!" and was bent over in the force of it.

One of my other friends said "What is the deal with the fish thing?" she replied "Tess (her friend) told me to say fish if you have to sneeze and you won't. I tried it once and it really worked." So all of the rest of us were like "Wierd" and we all turned and left.

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This struck me as absolutely hilarious . . . possibly just due to your completely deadpan manner of telling us. Fish, eh? Who woulda thunk?

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