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crush and 2 other guys


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i went on a video shoot yesterday and it was SUPER hot outside, and just a wonderful days for allergies to act up. i was sitting around waiting for them to start this shoot with one of the guys who was in it, well call him V. He's like in his 30's, early to mid i'd guess and suddenly he had a quick intake of breath and sneezed this very desperate sounding, "TCHOO!" but the way i'm writing it isn't really giving it justice. He and i didn't really talk much so i didn't say bless you, but then a few minutes later he sneezed again, he had the same intake of breath and then a very desperate "Yitchshoo!" then after that he grumbled, "oh god," or "oh gosh" one of those. since he sneezed twice i said softly, "bless you" and he said emphatically "thank you!"

ok, then later once the shoot had started, i was standing by the two guys in the video, with the microphone (which is an annoying, and hard job on a hot day like it was), the director guy was talking and suddenly my crush (who is MODEL gorgeous) stifled a rather loud sneezed that started with "huh" and then ended with a little groan. One of the actor guys said "bless you" but he gave no reply. I did notice that on the whole shoot my crush was rubbing his nose and pinching it and stuff, he wasn't pinching it like he was stifling, but still he was rubbing at it and it was kinda red. he probably has allergies, but i didn't hav the guts to ask him. Though today i did ask him if he was allergic to dogs, 'cause he was gonna be getting in my car to shoot the video of me getting my tattoo (which i didn't end up getting cuz i was still too young) and there's a lot of dog hair in my car, but he said he wasn't. Damn.

Lastly, my friend D from church is obviously sick because he's been sneezing, coughing and sniffling for the past few days. Somethings been going around in the offices. But anyway i hang out in his office sometimes cuz i get bored, and he and i and my crush were watching this video they'd shot when suddenly he sneezes like "tchih!" but it kinda came out as a laugh too because he was laughing. Then again today my crush asked him where somebody was and D started to asnwer but then it turned into his signiture desperate and loud, "IIIHTCHYOO!" sneeze, that in the beginning kind of sounds like he's trying to hold it back or stifle it, but he never quite can. then he said, "i don't know where he is" and sniffled, sounding rather congested. Poor guy.

SweetP :P

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Lovely obs, SweetP! Thank you so much for sharing all those poor, desperate, sneezy guys. Yummy!

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You have to absolutely LOVE when someone your crushing on sneezes! :) I used to love that when my crushes were real (sadly I still crush on Gaara, who never sneezes, I'm not complaining, I'm actually nervous to think of Gaara sneezing, or if he does that in an episode I'd be to nervous to watch...)

Just the fact that you crush on someone always make the sneeze from them so much more enjoyable, than sneezes from others (well it does for me, a major difference in how much I enjoy the sneeze... :innocent: )

The other obs were really cute, like D's sounds really hot...

anymore sneezes let us know :rolleyes:

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