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Hey its been awhile...hope everyone is doing well.

So this girl in my office (early 20s I'd say) about 5'5 or so dark hair, dark eyes, athletic build. She had been a single sneezer but occasionally would do two singles pretty close together. Her sneeze is loud kinda scream like but still has a female side to it. Not my favorite sneeze but her reactions are amazing. Like she would say "it took over my whole body" or "It completely took a hold of me and there was nothing I could do...my body like trembled". The best I can say it sounds like is eeeehhhggghaa!

Well last week she was in my office just sitting and look over some notes when she sneezed once. I blessed her and I was able to view her without her knowing. Just hope another would come...about 20 seconds later a second sneeze. What was amazing is her facial expressions remained calm except her nostrils. They were wavering in and out and I think she was taking air in her nose to build the sneeze up. After her second sneeze I think she knew more would be coming because she kinda laughed and said "I don't know what's wrong" Then a third sneeze came and with that her nostrils became more redish in color. Then her nostrils flared again and a fourth sneeze came. After this she looked up at me smiled/laughed and said "I must be allergic to something in here". After she looked back down at the page of notes I watch and saw her nostrils doing the same thing but no other sneezes came. She did sniff and you could tell her nose was runny.

Pretty amazing sneezes by a cute girl.

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I had a very sneezey teacher like that back in high school every class she was good for a few sneezes....an me I would basically spend the 45 minutes of each class just staring at her waiting for that tell tail sign when her perfect little round nostrils would start flaring in no time the sneezes would start.....ohhh the good ole days

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