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self obs COLD AGAIN (m)


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I seem to have caught yet another cold after only being in school for 4 days. My colds somehow have become quite sneezy and mainly just affecting my nose / throat. I am constantly sniffling/sneezing/blowing my nose and it is becoming quite annoying. The constant prickling in my nose feels like it could set off sneeze at any second, and when this happens they usually come in sets of 3 all the way up to 10.

hopefully you guys get some enjoyment out of this

if anyone would liek to chat they can PM me and i can give them my sn

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Mmmm! Hope you're feeling better (but still sneezng obviously) :D

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awww, hope you feel better soon. I loooooooooooooooove cold sneezes tho! do you ever record wavs of yours?

im trying to figure out how to make wavs, altho i am a bit shy in doing so

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