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Found this one in the Sunday paper and couldn't let it pass....

Hay Fever A Turn-Off

Employers are preparing for an onslaught of hay fever sick days this Spring, but a new study shows it is people's sex lives that really suffer when the sneezing begins.

A new national survey into the impact of hay fever on work and social lives has shown that while 14% of sufferers have taken time off work due to their symptoms, almost 20% of sufferers think hay fever is responsible for damaging their sex lives

The survey also revelaed a big difference between the states, with 10% of sufferers in Queensland believing they had been rejected by their partners due to hay fever, while only 2% in New South Wales felt the same way

Age is also a big factor when it comes to hay fever affecting your sex life, with 23% of 25 to 34 year olds more likely to cancel a date due to hay fever, compared to only 10% of 35 to 49 year olds.

Lies, damned lies and statistics :wheels:

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:D What?!! :nosebleed: Walter, this made my day, seriously!

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This guys focusing on the wrong group! 20%?! What abour the other 80% who would have said it was unaffected, or enhanced? :D

Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Seriously, who hired this guy? :nosebleed:

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I'd be curious about some statistics from teh people these hay fever sufferers went out with to see how many of them actually were turned off by the hay fever and how many were bothered by something else entirely, or maybe it was a combination of various factors. Or maybe start some kind of anonymous survey asking the general populace if they themselves are turned off by someone who has hay fever and maybe see how people feel about other people sneezing in general.

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I'd say that those polls or surveys were seriously skewed. Whatever. I like the idea of the dating service! :D

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Well all anonymous polls are going to be somewhat skewed and it would be impossible to get 100% accuracy and it would be the same way if they were going to conduct the polls that I suggested in my previous post. What I wanted though was to get a better idea of what percentage of people actually found their partner having hay fever to be a turn-off. I'm sure some of these people are right in that their hay fever really did turn-off their partners, though I'm sure in at least some cases, the hay fever sufferers really were assholes and that's why their partners didn't want to deal with them, but they still want to blame their allergies and feel like they were simply discriminated against because they have bad allergies. Or maybe it wasn't the fact that they had allergies per se, but they were really gross about it, like not bothering to cover up when they sneezed, or maybe they walked around with huge runners of snot dripping down their nose all over the place and didn't bother to wipe it away with a Kleenex and didn't seem to care.

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