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Right, I've been on some work experience at an engineering business for the last couple of days, looking at some computer programming, which has been terrific for me (slightly to my surprise) in the way of enjoying the work, but also (very much to my surprise) in the way of the people I got to meet and the sneezes I got to hear.

I'll get the short one out of the way so that I can wax all descriptive on the other, even though this happened sort of in the middle of my second day. The head of the IT department, who we'll call P, has been my mentor for the work experience, and he's been really lovely. He's a good programmer himself so he introduced me to the stuff I'd be doing, and helped me out. He's mid-30s I'd say, about 5'10, with dark brown, short curly hair, big brown eyes and glasses. The thing that I really liked about him (not in a fancying way, just as a nice feature) was his voice: it was very soft, and he always sounded sympathetic and the kind of guy who would never yell at you or tell you off in a very angry way. So anyway, he was just working at his desk, and reached down under it to get something, and suddenly I heard this sweet little stifle. It sounded a little like 'Heh'NT!', because it was successful so there wasn't very much sound. This was while he was still leaning with his head practically under the desk, but he still put a hand up as he sneezed, and then got what he wanted and sat up again. I thought it was very cute.

The other obs is from a guy working in the same office but on a different type of programming and product design I think. We'll call him S, and he's pretty different from N. He's about 5'3, (almost as small as me, which is impressive), stockily built, and with short black curly hair that is perpetually sticking up in the wrong directions because he always runs his hands through it when he's thinking about something, and very intense eyes (soppy as that sounds, it's the only way to describe them really). I thought when I met him that he reminded me of an actor, and I worked out on the way home that it was Dudley Moore: http://www.jnautographs.com/captures/DudleyMoore1903.jpg. He was very nice to me as well, in a rather shy kind of way, because we didn't do any work together, but he got me a drink both mornings which was sweet, and talked to me about what he was working on. Anyway, I think he was probably just getting over a cold, because although he wasn't coughing, he kept clearing his throat to stop himself, and when he did cough it still sounded pretty bad. On the first day, when I'd only been there an hour or so, I heard these two really drawn-out, desperate-sounding sneezes. They sounded like, "HayyyUSHH!" and then a few seconds pause, followed by another, "HahyyyUSH!" So I was pretty pleased at the prospect of my two days there.

Later that day, I got to hear one other sneeze from S, which was a spectacularly failed attempt at a stifle. I didn't hear any build-up, but his desk was quite a way away from mine, so I probably wouldn't have anyway, but just suddenly heard, "vmm'PSSSSH!" A strange spelling, I know, but after I'd heard it, I thought about how I would spell it (I often do that, so that I can think about it later more easily), and came up with that. Anyway, it was obviously a pretty powerful sneeze because he could hardly stifle it. Today as well, I heard a second stifle from S, which was a bit more successful. It sounded more like 'Hmm'TSSH!', and a bit less powerful. All in all, it was a very profitable two days.

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Very lovely obs! I absolutely adored Dudley Moore, so I loved the "S" obs! Thank you for sharing. I do hope there will be some more. :P

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Glad you enjoyed the obs. Unfortunately, there are no more sneezes to report from the two days :rolleyes: But I might go back there during a half term, so perhaps this will not be the last obs of S :) *crossing fingers*. Sneesee, glad to find another fan of Dudley Moore...I spent most of the two days looking at S going 'now, who do you look like? I know you look like someone I should recognise...aaargh', and then on the way home it suddenly hit me and I was like :innocent:

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Brillo! Our Dud sounds a treat; And how clever of you to reemember the sneezes by their spellings; I must give it a try.

What is the English for "stage"; or isn't there one ? "She'll be spending a few days with us, don't you know".

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