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Guest Silver Pixie Dust

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Guest Silver Pixie Dust

Authoress: SilverPixieDust

Fandom: Nightmare Before Christmas

For: omfgED

Holy crap… I am so sorry it took so long. :laugh: I was dealing with a lot of family issues and what not, yah? </3 But here it is – to the best of my ability – a Jack Skellington sneezefic for you m’dear. <3

[ What’s This? ]

“N… nnx… nnxiiiit-shoo!”

“Jack?” Sally looked up from where she sat in Jack’s – er – their home on the sofa, perplexed, folding the newspaper she’d been reading; the headliner was about the Mayor’s plan for Halloween. “Are you alright?”

“Nnxxhiit-shoo!” Jack sniffled and rubbed where his nose would have been if he had one. “I… don’t know. What was that, my dear Sally?”

“You sneezed, Jack.” Sally giggled as she stood, gently petting his skeletal head. “Most times it happens when the nose gets irritated. But you don’t have one.”

“Huh… nnx… nxxx… NXXIITTT-SHOO!”

“My!” Sally looked concerned now as her patch-work eyebrows furrowed. “Jack, maybe we should get the Doctor to examine you.”

“Nonsense, nonsense!” Jack waved it aside. “I’m Jack, the wonderful Pumpkin King! I don’t get ill.”

“But, Jack—”

“No buts.” Jack had tugged her in for an embrace. “I’m fine, my dear.”

“Well…” Sally seemed to melt into the touch somewhat. “If you’re sure.”

“Sple… splend—exxxiiitshoo!”


What?” He rubbed his nose once more. “I’m fine, Sally.”

“But you keep sneezing!”


“So I won’t stand for it.” Sally crossed her arms over her chest; Jack knew he was in trouble; “Bed. Now.”

“But, I—”

“Jack, do I need to slip you some Deadly Nightshade?”

“… No, Sally, my dear…” Jack knew all too well she was serious. “I’ll be heading to bed, then…”

Her frown changed quickly into a smile as he head up the spiraling staircase, and she frollicked into the kitchen to make him some chicken-noodle soup.


Once Jack had gotten settled in under the covers with many a pillow tucked behind his head, Sally sauntered in with a tray of chicken-noodle soup (with extra Frog’s Breath for that perfect bitter flavor), placing it down over the skeleton man’s lap.

“Sally, you really didn’t have to—”

“But Jack, I wanted to.” She gently kissed the side of his face as she handed him the spoon.

He eyed the soup warily.

“No deadly nightshade?”


“Well… alright, then…” He tucked the spoon into the soup and Sally watched happily as he ate nearly all of it – he’d left a bit as he always did, stubborn Pumpkin King he was. Zero, who had curled up at the foot of Jack’s bed, had no trouble lapping up what was left with his ghostly tongue.

“Nn… nnxiiitt-shoo!” Sally had gotten quite used to that sound as she gently kissed his forehead and tucked him into the bed.

“Just try to sleep now, Jack. You need the rest.”

Jack sniffled and curled up under the covers, too tired to protest as Sally turned off the lights.



“Thank you…”

She smiled warmly and took the tray out of their room and downstairs as he fell asleep, the only light in the room being that of Zero’s nose.


When Jack woke up in the morning, he found that it was to the sound of a soft “Haa-chew!” from Sally beside him into a kercheif, even though he had felt remarkably better.

A small grin curled onto his face as he kissed her cheek and got out of bed.

“It appears that you’ve caught my cold.”

“B-but Jack—hah—haa-chew!”

“No buts.” He tucked her in and propped her up against the pillows as he dashed out of the room with his ghost-like charms. “I’m going to make you some soup~”

His only response as he went down the stairs was a childish cry of “don’t add any Deadly Nightshade!”


… Uh. Wow. That was short, sappy and pointless. I couldn’t really think of a plot for this one… :yes:

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AWWWWWW!!!! ;)

I LOVE A Nightmare Before Christmas!

And i love the dialog you've used for both of them, it's so well written! :laugh:

Thanks so much for this, you are an AWESOME writer! :P

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Excellent! And like the original, very hilarious. Noseless sneezes are lovely; and I wonder what would ensue if the noses blew off.

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Awww....Yay, I liked this story a lot! It was cute! I liked the commment about: "Sally crossed her arms over her chest; Jack knew he was in trouble" :D

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Wow! It's not something I would have ever considered doing....but it's absolutely brilliant. I love nightmare before Christmas too. :D

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  • 4 years later...
:D :D Sally!!! Sorry, Sally has been one of my favorite characters in a Halloween movie for a long long time. Great sneezes not just from her, but Jack has some great sneezes as well :). Short, creative, and very nicely done!!
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