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An old newspaper column

Rhomberg Rabbit

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I think about odd things when I'm lying wide-awake in bed at 3am. ^_^

Last night, out of the blue clear sky, I remembered an old Art Buchwald column I once read. I'll give you the condensed version.

Art had flown to Flagstaff, Arizona to give a speech. "The minute I got off the plane,"he says, "I knew something was wrong. I asked the driver who picked me up, 'what's that funny smell?'" The driver laughed and said, "oh, you mean the fresh air. City people aren't used to fresh air, so it smells funny to them." Art said that it also made him feel a little lightheaded. They talked for awhile, then Art fell silent.

After awhile the driver asked, "how do you feel?"

Art said, "Okay,I guess, but I sure miss SNEEZING!?!?!?! (emphasis mine) :lol:

The driver said, "Do you SNEEZE a lot in the city?"

"All the time. There are days when that's all you do."

Art gave his speech and hopped a plane back to L.A. " I got off the plane, took one breath of the smog-filled air, my eyes began to water, I began to SNEEZE!?!, and I felt like a new man again."

Gotta get some sleep! :blushing:

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