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Aaah! Last Allergy Pill and I Have No Money!!!!


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I'm on my last allergy pill and I don't have any money to buy any more.... ^_^ It's going to suck for me when the last one wears off... though I'm sure you guys wouldn't mine :laugh:

Oh well, I suppose I will use it to my advantage. :blushing: Be warned. There WILL be self observations.

Muahahahaha!!!!! :lol:

**looks around suspiciously then runs**

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I'm feeling the love from you guys **voice is dripping with sarcasm** :laugh:

And yes, if you must know, I really have to sneeze right now. My nose is all itchy and tickly and I can't find a tissue.... :laugh:

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Ok, So I figured I may as well update you guys. I DID get more allergy meds, but for some reason, these ones only seem to stop my eyes from being itchy and watery but do NOTHING for my nose.

Ahhhhh The Dream Pill.... :shy::nohappy:

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