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Sketches for a .... sneeze-doujin?!


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So I posted these to my blog, but I guess these could go here as well... I'm actually planning a Death Note sneeze-doujin-thingy. So the base idea is that Ryuuzaki will catch a sneezy cold, and as it's Yotsuba again, he's handcuffed to Light ofcourse... who will be just TERRIFIED by the germs! Tell me if you like the idea, I might really do this.

But here's some sketches around this idea:

general stuff, Ryuuzaki sneezing:


and Misa walks in...


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"But I wanna die" :laugh: <------ :drool::laugh:

I know I already commented on this in your blog but I might as well do it again because EEEEEEE I loveloveLOVE this! :yes: *cuddles L*

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Hmm...I already love what you can do with a paint brush and now I love what you can do with a pencil as well. Multi talented indeed, very cute idea and I can't wait to see what you do with it! :laugh:

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Whoa thanks folks! :heart::group::heart: I'll do it!

It will take some time, and at some point I will need some help (mainly with some spellings I know I can't do... :lol: ) and for the lines come out right (it's still not my mother tongue), but then I'll ask for it! Actually, I've practically got the whole script, it's not too long and came out in one flash of an inspiration, and the first two ... what are they in english? Squares? Screens? Well anyway, and it's cracking me up because WOO HOO I GOT TO DRAW MATSUDA and I love drawing his stupid face him, even if it's only in the beginning, as he is one of my favourite idiots characters in this anime. So it's going to take quite long to get it out but damn, it would be a sneeze-fethis doujinshi! Even if crappy, it's still my dream!

Raksu, who's "söpö"? :)

VoOs, I'm so happy you like it! :unsure: Sneezy L needs to be recorded on paper... And damn, I love it that you also like the

:nopity: poor guy! :nopity: he's terrified! :nopity: he asks to be tied up! :nopity: what am I to do?! :nopity:

KawaiiKitty, you make me blush :blushing: Thank you! These boys... they just make me do things I always thought I couldn't do...

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More wonderful artwork....

:Dpoor guy! :laugh:he's terrified! :nopity: he asks to be tied up! :nopity:what am I to do?! :nopity:

I think the ansewer to this is clear....... :D

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Aww thank you for comments!

Ana, yes, I'm in process of doing it now. We'll see how it will end up...

Vetinari, yes, I think the choices are quite limited..... :twisted:

Teaparty, I'm glad you like... Helpless boys are the best! They are so cute... and helpless... 2 best things! :wub:

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