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Scooby could hear the people hot on his trail! He scrambled down a long hallway until it reached a dead end. He turned his head quickly for side to side hoping that some how he might find a new a new place to escape in too. The long hallway was lined with doors on each side. In the distance Scooby could hear voices heading in his general direction. He was cornered and knew that he had to act fast. He quickly started to try to open different doors but they all seamed to be locked. Scooby continued to move forward back in the direction were he heard the voices. He franticly checked each door only to find the same result, it was locked! The voices were getting closer and right as Scooby was about to give up all hope, suddenly a door knob turned and the door swung open. He quickly ran into the room closing the door behind himself. He checked the handle but there wasn’t any lock and even worse the room was completely empty, there was absolutely nothing for him to hide behind or even inside of. His heart fell into the pit of his stomach as he heard foot steps and voices heading his way. He looked around the empty room one last time hoping to find something, anything that would allow him to hide but there was nothing, nothing except an air vent high up on the one wall. Scooby quickly ran over and reached up to the vent but it was almost a foot out of his reach. He quickly began to jump up towards it, trying to grab hold of the grate that covered the opening. He could hear the people getting closer as he began to job and grab faster and faster. Finally with one last jump he managed to get a good hold of the grate and pull it down.

He crawled through the dark tunnel, not having ANY idea where he was going, but at least he was out of that room! "Heh Heh Heeeh!!" he laughed to himself, but quickly thought;

"what am I doing LAUGHING? -- I'm not outta here YET! He crawled & crawled. It seemed like he only crawled 10 feet. He wasn't sure how far, it was dark and there seemed to be maybe even 100

more feet ahead of him. He started crawling faster and faster. More & more 'dust' floated around him the quicker he crawled, he was shaking it loose from the walls of the tunnel. "DUST!!" he thought. "Ugh, o’h no not dust I'm going to sneeze, I know it." Now he tried crawling with one paw pinching & holding his big sensitive nose. His elbows ached from crawling on them.

The dust felt like it was starting to get in his mouth, because he HAD to have it open so he could breath while holding his nose closed. "Ugh, erk grunt, gack!" he mumbled. He thought; "I better not cough or even sneeze" who knows who might hear me!"

Scooby stopped in his tracks. His large black nose began to twitch about his face as a powerful sneeze began to build. His eye’s were wide with terror as he felt himself losing control of his sneeze. He could feel sweat bead up and run down from his forehead. Allergic tears ran down from his eye’s as his building sneeze became audible, “raaaa, RAAAA!” Scooby bit down with everything he had in an attempt to hold back the building sneeze. He suddenly heard the voices of the people who were after him “did you hear that?” “It sounded like it came from the air duct!” Scooby just stayed frozen in place, the voices sounded like they were right below him. He squeezed his nose even tighter to try and hold back his need to sneeze. As Scooby did this he didn’t notice the large drop of snot that he had squeezed out of his left nostril sdinshaft1.jpg. It jiggled hanging down from the bottom of his nose till finally it broke free. The drip made a loud “PINGGGG” sound as it impacted with the sheet metal floor of the air duct. A feeling of terror washed over Scooby as he heard the people below him respond to the noise. “What was that?” “There must be something up in the vents!”

The group began to poke and tap at the vents that hung down from the ceiling above them. The vibration caused even more dust to come lose from the walls and suddenly Scooby found himself in a sea of dust! His nose began to twitch even more violently this time. As the sneeze began to build he fought to keep his nose pinched shut. As tears streamed from his eye’s Scooby felt his nostrils flare wide open sucking in even more of the dreaded dust! “Raaaa, RAAAA, YEEEE, YAAAAAA” “Ro no” he thought to himself, “rot another reee, reeze!” He could feel his chest expand as his lungs filled with as much air as they could possibly take in, and that’s when it came “RAAA, RAAAA, RAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOW! SDsneezeComic.jpg

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Good old reliable Scooby! Always good for a bit of inevitability in his SwH. And the drawings are fab. So messy. And I particularly like the OOOO! coming out of the vent.

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Good old reliable Scooby! Always good for a bit of inevitability in his SwH. And the drawings are fab. So messy. And I particularly like the OOOO! coming out of the vent.

Thank you :innocent:

Yaaa, if Scooby is going to hide you can pretty much count on him sneezing :) Lucky for me that is :rolleyes:

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