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There was this song never mentioned sneezing


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Ok there is this one country song, called "The Shake" I forget who it's by... it's about how this guy get's turned on when people shake. When I was little I didn't know what he ment :laugh: but one line goes, "What really turns me on is the shake," as a little girl I asked my mom what he ment, and I forget what she told me...

I also remembered that when I was about 16 (and wasn't afraid of my fetish, yet, long story) I heard the song and sang it with this fetish in mind a certain someone I had a crush on that time :laugh:

Anyone else do something like that before? Now when I look back I feel guilty for it (think it has to do with my anxiety arund my fetish). Or is it just me? How I miss enjoying random sneezes without anxiety...

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