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Question for the fanfic writers...


For the fanfic writers...  

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  1. 1. Do you use, or have you ever been, a beta-reader? (Check all that apply)

    • I've used beta readers
    • I've been a beta readers
    • Never done either
    • What the heck are you talking about?!

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I have been, and used some. It's good because a beta will often catch a lot of minuscule errors that you may or may not see during proofreading. It's also smart to get someone else's insight to make sure characterization is decent, the language is concise, and so on.

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What's a beta-reader?

Ok I found the bit in your link about what it is.....

Beta reader

A beta reader (sometimes just "beta") is a person who reads a fanfic before it is officially released (i.e. posted on the Web or mailing lists). A beta reader is basically like an editor, checking the story over for mechanical problems (grammar, spelling, punctuation) as well as for things like plot holes, characterization, and all the other stuff we talk about on our Common Errors page.

(The term "beta reader" comes from the software world, where software that is ready to be tested by experienced users, but not yet ready to be released to actual customers, is referred to as "beta." Software in even earlier stages of development is called "alpha.")

And no. I don't bother getting anyone to proof read my stuff before I post it on the net. Why? Because I am reasonably educated and although there are people out there who could probably point out some errors, I don't think I'm likely to make any errors big enough to spoil anything I put on the net.

If it was something I was sending off with a view to getting it published properly then yes, I would get someone to read it through first, partly for reassurance that there weren't any gaping holes or parts that were technically difficult to follow and partly just to check for silly spelling errors and punctuation.

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This is going to sound very conceited but I don't use them for fanfics...there isn't a heck of a lot of people I'd trust to know the characterisations of the characters I write about in the same way that I know them. Yes, that sounded VERY conceited... :rolleyes: (That's just for fanfics, for my professional work I run it through several beta readers!)

And I could never act as a beta reader. I'm very shy about telling people they ought to fix this or that, so I'd be the worst beta reader ever. :innocent:

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I'm going to toss my vanity in here and say that I'm confident enough in my ability to write clear, concise fiction not to bother with a beta reader. I realize I make spelling and grammar errors just like everyone else, but they are minor and most readers overlook a comma splice or two. :D

I HAVE been the beta for others, though. I don't like doing it. I'm very much like Fifi in this respect.....I feel that I cannot judge someone's writing in that way!


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I've both acted as and used the services of a beta-reader.

I've been the beta-reader far more frequently than I've used a beta-reader. (This is because I never finish anything I start writing.)

For what it's worth, I primarily write original fiction, not fanfic. (I don't know whether that disqualifies me from the topic at hand.)

I really enjoy being a beta-reader/editor-type. If any of you would like someone to read your stuff and give feedback, please drop me a line!

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ellwren has betaed for me and she did a fantastic job- although it was after posting... (because I'm a complete and utter nut)! I also had a great experience with someone that "Brit-picked" a Bridget Jones Diary story that I did... they were Great.

I generally don't get betas prob. because I'm too lazy/ anxoious for general feedback :winkkiss: . I really think that if you have a good beta that you work well with you end up having a story that is totally yours and your style, but yet even better than the orginal.

I most certainly do NOT think that everyone needs a beta- some of the fanfic groups can be pretty snotty about that. **Although some of the stuff on fanfic.com is on a level where it really Should have been betaed- for grammer and spelling (I don't mean an occasional error- more to the point of where it is difficult to read)** I think that the writers that I've read here are really good at proofing their writing and the writing is of a level to where I think that if a person wants to get imput and make it better- that's great, but I still love them as they are.

I've never Really betaed (at least I don't think I have) I've been gifted with getting to pre-view some writer's works and they've asked me for some comments and I try to help out if I can. I really enjoy it- I really don't know that I'm all that helpful- but no way am I turning down getting to read great stuff ahead of posting. :cry:

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