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I come bearing a gift of drabbleness. :nopity:

The muses have been torturing me w/tasty idears that a HUGE wall of writer's block kept preventing me from writing. :blushing:

It's proboaly very rough 'round the edges as this was the first fic in awhile that I was able to write w/out banging my head in utter frustration against the computer desk. :nopity:

You have been warned of the crappiness.

Title: :)

Fandom/Orginal: Orignal

Disclaimer: Theses kitty boys belong to Meh :lol:

Rating: all may read, it's fairly innocent. :group:

Summmary:a short piece of whoo that I was able to extract from brain involving cat boys and sneezin (what else?) :nopity:

Authors Notes: It's been ages since I last posted a fic anywhere so I will be rusty :nopity:

The characters are a WIP so hopefully, the more I write about them, the more details they will have. :unsure:


“Heh’KShh! Heh’Shhh! *sniffle* Id’s all your f-fauu..teh..heh..EESHAA!” Zeo sneezed explosively.

Violet, who was looking very apologetic, could only watch as his friend grabbed a handful of tissues and practically shove them up his nose in an attempt to stop the sneezing .

“Heh’Nmmph! Mmpsh!” he wasn’t so successful.

“Oh Z, you must know that I am awesomely sorry. I-I wouldn’t have even bought it if I knew you were allergic!” Violet bit his bottom lip, his large feline ears drooping whilst he fidgeted with his tail and Zeo stumbled off into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

15 mins. Later….

Zeo emerged from the bathroom his eyes still a bit red rimmed, pert nose tinged pink, and a look of relief mixed with exhaustion and hint of annoyance. His emerald gaze met topaz ones.

Violet had been sitting by the bathroom door apparently still fidgeting with his tail until Zeo had came out.

Their eyes met briefly before Violet looked away, flushing deeply.

“I got rid of it.” he said quietly, eyes remaining downcast.

Zeo ran a sleeved arm underneath his nose and sniffled before clinching his teeth and turning away to sneeze again. “EhPshu!”

“It’s all gone I swear!” Violet hurriedly rose to his feet nearly tripping over his tail in the process.

Zeo sniffled again and only looked at Violet. He took in his purple disheveled hair and large cat ears that stood atop his head, his oversized sweatshirt and shorts that were nearly noticeable from underneath his sweatshirt. As well as his habit of biting his bottom lip whenever he was upset and wringing his tail.

He truly did look sorry.


Violet’s ears’ pricked up at Zeo’s response. His eyes met the others nervously.

“Awesomely?” he repeated, this time with a smirk. “Awesomely sorry?

It took Violet a moment to get it before he blushed furiously and looked down at the floor.

To spare him anymore embarrassment, Zeo held back a laugh and only smiled.

“No worries.” he spoke gently. “All is forgiven.”

“Really?” Violet all but whispered, still looking at the floor.

“I can’t really blame you. I mean, it’s not like you really knew.”

Violet looked up slowly , meeting Zeo’s smile.

“Well, most cats aren’t usually allergic to cat nip.”

“Guess I’m not like most cats then huh?” he grinned mischievously and flicked his friend’s ear playfully.

And just as quickly as his blush had vanished, it had returned again.

This time, Zeo didn’t hold back his laugh.



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Aww very cute! Those sneezes were wonderful! And poor Violet, he was so apologetic and adorable! I do hope you'll start to write more stories more often!! :unsure:

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This was sooo adorable and cute I don't even know what to do with myself. I love the ear and tail responses. I would love to read more from you!!! Wonderful job and thanks so much for sharing :D *giggles to herself* catnip hehehe

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Wahh!! I just saw this and was like :jump: and THEN i actually read it and i was like :bday: This. Was. So KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes::innocent::):bday::bday: Whee....Im gonna go read this a bazillion more times now. Baibai!

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This was a totally cute and playful piece! I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing! I do hope that there is more of these two? I'm already addicted! :)

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