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I LOVE school!!


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Heehee! :sillybounce:

We'll start at the start, shall we?

First obs for the day;

Firstly, there has been a french exchange student who has just joined us and my god she's gorgeous! (in a totally straight way :lol: )

Large, dark eyes and hair, and dark olive skin. She doesn't know much English so we've been helping her out where possible here and there.

Today, in our humanities class, she was sitting next to me and i heard a soft inhale of breath. Hmm :D

I looked from the corner of my eye to watch her rock forward, pinching her nose in a sort of squeaked "schoo!" and she immediately went red and said in her awkward french accent, "Sorry." Everyone blessed her and she went redder :lol:

Yay for humanities! :D

Second (and favourite) obs was in science. I'm loving science this year. :wub: It's all human body and inside and it is fascinating! :)

Anway, today was slightly different. We had a bunch of year 12 phycology students come in to do a memory experiment on us.

As they were explaining what they were going to do, our teacher sneezed.

She's about... 38-43 ish, tall, thin with reddy brown short hair and a warm, smiley face. Nice teacher; she's always cheery and loves her work, which is always encouraging :nopity:

I've heard her sneeze before, i was just chatting to her at the end of the class with another student about...something i cant remember :laughing: and we were turning to go as another year 11 student came in to discuss something with her when she sneezed. 3 times :nopity: I didn't get to see it that time but it was quite different this time :laugh:

Turns out she's a double/triple sneezer. Heehee! I love them! :D It means you get to prepare yourself for undisturbed viewing the second time :D

So, first time i had my eyes on the explaining year 12's when i heard her first sneeze. She was sitting at her desk and i just saw a blurry vision of her cupping her hands over her face and leaning forward with quite a loud

"He-eeksh-shoo!" with a higher ending.

The year 12's stopped and laughed and blessed her and she gave a grin and apologised.

I assumed more sneezing so i watched. About 2 seconds later, ahoy! :D

She tried to soften it this time and with her elbows on the desk, she pinched her nose and built up slowly.

"He-gntsh-shooh! Sorry girls, go on." She laughed again and let them continue.

Yay for science! :D

Last obs was in civics.

It was a subsitute teacher who i just couldn't figure out how old she was :huh: one of THOSE odd people who are difficult to figure out.

She was tall, wearing boho clothes and had a crop of brown hair tied up in a spiky ponytail.

She looked a lot like the main actor in Bones... Emily Dechanel i think.

Halfway through the lesson she stifled twice. The loud type where you wonder why they bother.

"Heh-GNT. Hih-GXNT-chheh!" With a "*sniff* excuse me" at the end to top it off :nopity:

Yay for civics! :D


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Oh, yay for school obs! Actually one of the reasons I've been looking forward to going back (sad though that makes me :D ). Loved the obs, especially the french exchange student :D.

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Oh God..."sorry, girls". And those French exchange students are always wonderful....

And beautifully spelt, as ever. Ah, the happiest days of your life......

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One more to report; :D

In maths on friday M (male) across the room (short, spiky hair, longish nose and scrawny) leant onto the table with both elbows, cupped his hands over his face, and bounced in his chair with two, very loud;

"He-kgsht-tooh! HAh-uksht-ehh!" and sniffed loudly afterwards, grinning round the room to see who was disgusted :blushing:

I love maths! :D wait. No i dont. I loved THAT maths lesson :D

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Oh Hippo, I don't think I say this often enough, your posts (be them obs posts or not) always make me smile :wub: so in general, you rock. Specifically speaking, EXCELLENT observations /o/ I totally dig, made my day :D

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Oh my goodness, hippo. I'm losing my mind. I could've sworn I already posted a response to this obs! Unless one of my sneaky moderator colleagues deleted it... :bleh: Probably not. It's just me being stupid again. :laugh: Anyway, cute obs! Especially the first one. Why is it so endearing when they say "sorry?" Makes me wish I was still in school.

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