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Perfumed Scent of a Woman


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NOTE: (The link at the bottom is for the the version with pictures.)

This double life was killing Hibiki Amawa. He had originally agreed to taken the job, disguised as a woman, because he needed the rent money - his landlord was holding his dog, Kura-ge, as collateral and threatened to eat him if Hibiki didn't pay up – and to prove to that battle-axe of a principal that a man could be every bit as caring and nurturing a teacher as a woman could be. It seemed like a good idea at the time and, in his anger and desperation, he plunged right into it without really thinking it through. Now he was in way too deep, and couldn't get out if he'd wanted to; at least not without losing his job and probably getting arrested. He never truly understood what "living a lie" meant until now. The worst part was, he couldn't talk to anyone about it – he couldn't vent about it, or laugh about it, or share stories that some would undoubtedly find amusing, or impressive. The only one who knew was his landlord, Ruru Sanjo – the one who'd gotten into all this. And anyway, "Oba-chan" would just tell him to "suck it up" or some such thing. He was completely alone, and that took its toll mentally.

Physically he was in no great shape either. To get ready for work as a woman required him to wake up almost two hours earlier than he was accustomed to and, since he'd started out a month behind on rent, he had almost none of his salary left for food. So, starving and exhausted, here he was making a late night ramen-noodle run, dragging his feet through the convenience store. There was only one other person in the store at this hour. As he turned the corner from one aisle to the other, he found himself face to face with Reiko Mukogawa, the Vice-Principal from his school, and his direct supervisor. She was a hard-nosed employer that rode Hibiki mercilessly and yet he had no choice but to play along, being as nice and respectful as possible.

"Oh! Vice-P…" He cut himself off, realizing she didn't recognize him. He was not in disguise at the moment.

"Do I know you?" Mukogawa asked, in an annoyed tone.

"Oh… No! Sorry…you…uh… looked like some I know! A-ahahahaha!"

"Are they a vice principal too?" she followed up, suspiciously.

"Uh… yeah… hahaha!" So she caught that. This was awkward.

"Must have had quite an evening, huh?"

"Huh?" Hibiki turned and caught his reflection in a nearby pair of sunglasses. Apparently he hadn't managed to remove all of the lipstick from earlier. 'Well, at least she didn't recognize me,' he thought to himself in relief. As Mukogawa brushed past him, he noticed that she was wearing rather a lot of perfume and it was different from what she typically wore to school. The unfamiliar fragrance tickled his sinuses. He unconsciously rubbed his nose and continued shopping.

To his dismay, he found himself in line behind the heavily perfumed Vice-Principal. His mind raced as he tried to make sure that he wouldn't say or do anything that might seem strangely familiar to her. He tried to avoid eye contact without seeming too suspicious, and tried to ignore the flowery fume pouring off of the woman. Based on how much she put on, she apparently really liked this particular scent. He was not too fond of it himself and the more he smelled it, the more it tickled his nose. After a moment he was overwhelmed.

"Hah… Hah-AAHHHTCHooo! HAAAHTCHooo," and a few shallow breaths later, "HAAAHTCHooo! *sniff*." He felt better but took a step back anyway.

"Bless you. Allergy season?" Mukogawa asked disinterestedly.

"N-no. *sniff* P-Perfume… I… think… hah… aah-AAHHHTCHooo!"

"That's strange. This stuff doesn't bother anyone, even my sister, who's usually bothered by everything. Well… I'm off anyway." She took her change and left, without looking back. Hibiki paid for his food and returned home.


Although it was late, the landlord was still up and joined him for dinner. He was grateful, since she had cooked up some rice and brewed tea. She didn't want any ramen, but offered to share the rice. As they ate he told her about the run-in he'd had with the


"Hmmmm…." Oba-chan rubbed her wrinkled chin, deep in thought. "I wonder… I'd be careful if I were you."

"Oh, don't worry. She had no idea…"

"It's not that you fool!" Oba-chan barked grumpily. "You know that collar I gave you - the one that disguises your voice? Well… I don't know how well it would do with a sneeze. You said she already suspects you. If she hears the same sneeze again, she might suspect even more…"

"I hadn't thought about that."

"Of course you didn't! Or you would have been more careful!"

"I think you worry too much Oba-chan."

"Well… You young people don't worry nearly enough. And stop calling me Oba-chan!"


The next day in school, in his guise as the feminine 'Amawa-sensei,' Hibiki barely escaped had an early run in with Vice-Principal Mukogawa. They passed each other in the hall and the same scent as the night before washed over Hibiki like a tide. Immediately his sinuses were on fire, he could swear his eyes crossed just trying to keep the impending sneezes in. He really did not want to deal with the Vice Principal first thing in the morning, if he could help it. Once she was a little farther down the hall, he ducked into the ladies room, and let it go.

"hah-aaaatchoo! haaahtchoo! *shallow breaths* HAAATChooo!" He was surprised that the sneeze sounded both foreign and familiar at the same time. It was his same three-sneeze pattern, with the three syllable first, followed by a pair of two syllable sneezes, separated by a pause while he caught his breath. But it was higher pitched, and definitely sounded more like a woman's sneeze. He wasn't sure if it would sound familiar to the Vice Principal or not, but the more he thought about it, it probably didn't matter. What did she say? Nobody gets bothered by this stuff? Not even people who are bothered by everything else? Great – he now had one more thing to worry about. As if that wasn't enough, he heard the sound of a toilet flush in one of the stalls behind him. Which bathroom was he in anyway? Had he gone into the men's by mistake? He looked around frantically for urinals and was relieved when he didn't see any. He hardly thought his was much better though.

"Bless you sensei!" called Fuko Kuzuha as she exited the stall. Fuko was one of the students in his class. She had been a really shy girl when he first arrived, but had started come out of her shell a bit since Hibiki started teaching. Of course standing here in the bathroom with her didn't strike Hibiki as something that would fall under the "nurturing teacher-student relationship" category. This was just so wrong.

"Uh… Thanks, Kuzuha!"

"Are you coming down with a cold?"

"I think it might be allergies. Hey – you better run along to class. Go on now."

"Kay. Bye sensei!"


Several class periods went by and it was time for lunch. As Hibiki made his way back the office, he was distressed at running into Vice Principal Mukogawa again.

"Amawa-sensei… Hello!" She seemed in a better mood than usual. But that perfume… Had she put on even more of it?

"Heh-Hello, V-Vice P-Principal!" He tried to sound cheery, but his voice came out wavy and uncertain sounding. At least the collar was still working. His nose was screaming in agony though, and it was all he could do to keep from having a fit.

"Are you OK Amawa-sensei?" The question dripped with fake sounding concern. Mukogawa almost looked like she was studying Hibiki, or testing him.

"Y-yeah *sniff* I'm fah… fine…" Take it easy now, he thought. Slow breaths… don't give in…


Man, that woman had an evil grin, Hibiki thought.

"Hey... I've got something here for you! It's a present of sorts. I've been giving one to all the teachers! Here you go!" Hibiki was horrified when Mukogawa produced a small vial of perfume. He though he would die as she raised it to his neck. "Here, try some! Let me know what you think…" Her voice was thick with fake sounding over-enthusiasm. Not once in the entire time he'd worked here had the Vice-Principal said two nice words to Hibiki. She was about to push the button on top of the vial.

"Aahhh… *sniff* V-Very… n-nice.. *sniff*" Hibiki braced himself. His eyes were watering. Would his mascara run? His nose was already on fire. Don't sneeze… Don't sneeze… don't give in… you can do it….

Just as Mukogawa was about to administer the dreaded spray, one of Hibiki's students came running from around the corner. It was Kyosuke Aoki, a male student with average grades and an enormous crush on the cross-dressing teacher whom he believed to a woman.

"Hibiki-chan! I heard from Kuzuha that you weren't feeling well! Please accept these! I hope you'll feel better!" Hibiki couldn't believe his luck – Kyosuke was presenting him with a bouquet of wildflowers! He let his control go.

"hah… ahh… hah-aaaatchoo! Oh… Aoki-san…haaahtchoo! I'm aller… aller… haaatchoo! I'm allergic to…" He didn't have to fake the sneeze, just the protest. He was off the hook now.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING AOKI-SAN?! Get rid of those immediately!" the Vice Principal screamed at him.

Aoki apologized and then walked away, apparently really embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, Amawa-sensei." Mukogawa mumble as she stomped off apparently really disappointed.

Curiously, she did not give Hibiki the bottle that was meant to be his 'gift.' It struck him as odd, but then he never figured the Vice-Principal was really giving him a gift anyway. In a way he was grateful not to have to deal with the stuff.


Thankfully, Hibiki didn't see the Vice Principal for the rest of the day. After the last belled sounded, he packed up his things and left the office. He had almost gotten out of the building when he saw Mukogawa's silhouette in the doorway. She was blocking the exit.

"Amawa-sensei!" She had the same fake sounding sing-sing tone as before.

"V-Vice *sniff* Principal!" Did this woman realize how much perfume she had on? It went well beyond the boundary of good taste and was now approaching 'brothel-girl' levels. If he'd lit a match, he was sure she'd combust.

"I never got a chance to give you this! Let me know what you think!" Wasting no time, Mukogawa sprayed him. She looked like she was aiming for his neck, but half of it hit his chin and upper lip. He would have felt better snorting wasabi.

"*snnxrt*!" That was attractive sounding, Hibiki thought of the half snort as his respiratory system nearly gagged on the noxious fume. "Oh… m-my *sniff* th-that's *sniff* love… *sniff* …ly. I… r-really *sniff* gotta… *sniff* go now!" But Mukogawa was still blocking the door, studying Hibiki intently.

"Are you OK Amawa-sensei?"

"J-just… *sniff* f-fine. N-no pro… *sniff* problem… here!" What was he doing? He couldn't believe he was fooling anyone. His nose was running, his voice was sniffly, he could barely speak. He sounded like nothing other that a person trying desperately to hold back a sneeze. "Th-that's *sniff* r-really n-nice! *sniff* Wh-Where d-did *sniff* you g-g-get it?"

Mukogawa looked at him a moment longer, then the faux smile disappeared from her face. Whatever she was hoping for, apparently she didn't see it. "At the store. Here." She said in a disappointed tone. She shoved the bottle into HIbiki's hands and stomped off again.

Hardly able to believe his luck, Hibiki walked quickly out the door. He still struggled to hold back his impending sneezing fit until he was farther away. He walked as quick as he could, without breaking into a run. Once he'd reached the gates, he sidestepped, putting the wall between himself and the school and let it go.

"Hah-aaaahcthoo! Hatchoo! *shallow breaths* Haaahtchoo!"

"Are you ok, sensei?"

He looked up into Kuzuha's concerned eyes and shook his head, not even able to talk though the sneezes.

"Hatchoo! Hatchoo! Haaaaaahtchooo!"

"I saw what the Vice Principal did. That was really mean. You should tell someone about…"

"N-No… Ahh…Hah…aaaahcthoo! No Kuzuha… Hatchoo! *sniff* I want you *sniff* I want to promise me something."

"Anything sensei!"

"P-Promise me *sniff* that you won't… hang on… Haaaht-choo! Promise me you won't tell anyone about this! *sniff* Hat-choo!"

"But, why Sensei? I mean…"

"Haaaaaahtchoo! *sniff* Promise me Kuzuha!"

"OK. I promise. Will you get in trouble or something?"

"Yeah *sniff* something like that. *sniff* Haaaaaahtchooo! Oh man! *sniff* I really need to go wash this off! *sniff* Just promise me - *sniff* NO ONE."

"I promise, I promise! Not even the other students!"

"Thanks Ku… zu… ha-haaaahtchoo! I've gotta go!"


Oba-chan watched over him as he washed up, still sneezing occasionally.

"So the collar worked, huh? That's a relief."

"But Oba-chan, I can't keep this up! I was able to hold out today, and got a few lucky breaks, but…"

"Oh don't be such a worry-wort!"

'Who was the worry-wort this morning?' he thought to himself.

"I gotcha though that physical exam, didn't I? I'm watchin' out for ya!" Oba-chan cackled, sounding almost strangely maternal. "Here, take this…" she held up a small bottle that looked like nasal spray. "It'll give you a few minutes of protection under from the worst exposire. I'm sure in a few more days that little witch will probably forget all about it."

"Gee Oba-chan, Thanks!" He reached for it, but she held it back.

"I told you not to call me Oba-chan! Besides… we still have to test it." An evil looking grin spread across her weathered face as she brought her other hand out. It was holding a vial of the dreaded perfume.

"N-No... w-wait Oba-chan… N-no… Hah-aaaahcthoo! Hatchoo! *shallow breaths* Haaahtchoo!"

(Fade out – cue music)


Thank you for reading.

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I am amused!!

I My Me Strawberry Eggs doesn't seem to be as well-known as the other titles you've written fics for, but I've seen this one in full :D;

This certainly seems just like the kind of thing the Vice Principal would do, always trying to expose Amawa for who he really is.

I love how Obaachan's worried about the device. I'd never even thought of that kind of problem! Amazing attention to detail! *thumbs up*

Everyone seems fabulously in-character, though I do wonder where in the world Aoki managed to get outside to find wildflowers? And why the VP didn't have a conniption since the flowers probably came from the school grounds :D;; Silly boys.

But yes, I enjoyed this story. And now have the urge to force Strawberry Eggs on my suitemates.

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Everyone seems fabulously in-character, though I do wonder where in the world Aoki managed to get outside to find wildflowers? And why the VP didn't have a conniption since the flowers probably came from the school grounds :D ;; Silly boys.

Wow. Pretty amazing attention to detail yourself! :D Hadn't thought about that but you are so right. (Maybe I'll fix that up a little!) I should have used you as a beta-reader, but I didn't even ask around becasue I didn't think anyone would know Strawberry Eggs well enoigh to do it! Boy was I wrong! :D

Glad you liked it!

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Aw wow, a Strawberry Eggs Fic! I never imagined I'd get to read one of these! (This show isn't as well known as other animes) Lovely work, you kept them in character very well! :snorkle:

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I was also very excited to see an I My Me! Strawberry Eggs fic on :lol: it's such a great cute little anime (I love the theme music, yeay! /o/) anyway very true to the characters, I've missed mean ol' nasty VP :D and I checked out the link with the list of the others, I'm psyched! fanfics of things I actually like :wub:

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Aww wtf! I just finished watching this series, so this fic is just goddamned adorable. So awesome! They were very in-character, and I am strangely hot for Hibiki in male or female form :| Ohgodwtf. I feel I must write/illustrate this fandom as well.

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