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best night ever


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ok, so i had recently told my bf about my fetish, and the first thing he said was "do you want me to sneeze on you?". then, just 2 nights ago, we had the house all to ourselves and he surprised me and brought out the pepper from the dining room. we sat down for like 10 minutes sniffing the pepper together trying to get out one sneeze. when neither of us was having any luck, i took some q tips from my room (i leave them there for my own personal use) and sat back down. he was starting to look so miserable from the pepper and i told him he could stop if he wanted. he said, "i am going to sneeze for you baby." just hearing him say that made me melt (and tingle). then he went at it. i watched as his eyes started to close and his nostrils started to flare. that was a look i never really get to see very much because usually his sneezes come pretty fast and there really is no pre sneeze expression. but this time it built slowly and i got to enjoy every second of it until finally Huuuschsh. one of the wettest sneezes i have heard from him. and one i will never forget. and he even did it again! he hates only sneezing once. he feels like only one is not enough to do the job and get rid of the offending particles. he is sooo cute. it was the best night ever.

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Aww, he sounds like such a sweetie! It's cute that he wanted to do that for you. Maybe you should check out the sticky for inducing in General Discussion. You might find some other methods that are more successful than pepper and q-tips. :bleh:

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