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Looking for an editor


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Only if you've got the time :)

I'm writing up the back-story for my original characters Hana and Part, and so far the story...well, it's flowing, but I feel like it's missing bits and pieces and I'm not entirely sure what they are. It's been ages since I've written something, so it's a miracle the piece exists at all :D

Knowing me, I've probably made some word choice errors as well as some stupid grammatical and phrasing things, and I'm not entirely sure my characters are behaving realistically. The flow might be weird, too.

So, what I'm looking for is someone to read over what I've got so far and tear it apart! It's about 7 pages so far, 12 pt Times New Roman in a Word document. I like harsh criticism so long as it's constructive, so if you've got the time and the interest PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you what I've got so far. And, if prompted, I might draw something :lol:

Thanks for your time :bleh: I figure it's a long shot posting here, but I figure asking can't hurt.

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hey, if you're still looking, I'd be glad to help.

sorry, i would've sent a pm, but for some strange reason, an error message comes on telling me i'm not allowed to...

my email is in my profile.

Mod Note: Edited to remove contact info ~Mute

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