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Last night I had a dream that I was in a cafe and a guy sneezed a few times. He was middle-aged and his sneezes weren't attractive at all, just really dry and bleh. :winkkiss: Then he sneezed again and that time, everyone in the cafe turned to him and shouted, "BLESS YOU!!!" He was pissed off and yelled at them for embarrassing him like that. :cry: And I was just thinking that I totally feel his pain.

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That is weird, you'd think as fetishists our dreams of sneezing would be enjoyable, that they aren't always, whih it sucks when it's not, I feel your pain of the dream :winkkiss:

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Just last night I had a dream that a guy with a really hideous sneeze couldn't stop sneezing. :yuck: I wished I was Harry Potter and could snap my fingers and disappear. :cry:

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