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Gorgeous British guy from work


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There's this guy in my office who I'll refer to as Brendan. He's in his late 30's, tall, lanky, has brown hair that's a little bit long yet still spikey, and he's British. Oh, that accent of his makes me melt! ;)

A bunch of us software developers had to go to this painfully long meeting with our users to kick off a new project that's starting up. As a reward for suffering through a 4 hour meeting, the manager types planned an afternoon of games in the park downtown. During the meeting I noticed that Brendan laid a handkerchief on the table in front of him. My interest was definitely piqued!

After about 30 minutes I saw him reach for the handkerchief. He cupped it over the lower half of his face with both hands, and he held the position for what felt like an eternity. I didn't mind. :P It was probably only 10 seconds. Anyway, his eyes slowly fell shut and he continued to hold the position for another few seconds. FINALLY he let loose with an "ehmpSHUHuh" as his head bobbed down towards his lap. It was kinda loud even though the sound was muffled. He kept his head down slightly and didn't move his hands. But he did raise his eyes to look around the room. Probably to look and see if anyone was looking at him. I quickly darted my eyes away to avoid being caught!

Fast forward to games in the park.

Lucky me, I carpooled with another woman and Brendan! He and the other woman talked incessantly during the car ride. All the chatter distracted her from where she was supposed to go, and we ended up at the wrong place in the park. Brendan obviously wasn't paying attention either because he jumped out of the car as soon as we were in a parking spot. She left the car running as she scanned the area to see if any of the people standing around were from our office. I was looking out the window at the sexy British man. And then he did it again! He frantically yanked out that handkerchief and let loose with a waist bending "ESSSH-uh!" I heard it from inside the car with the air conditioner going full blast! Then he wiped his nose and climbed back into the car.

When he got inside he said in that sex-on-toast accent of his "All those people must think I came here just to sneeze!" *SWOON* We all laughed. I suppose it would've seemed that way to anyone paying attention. Car pulls up, man gets out, sneezes, gets back in the car, drives away.

Damn, I'm wordy. That's a lot of description for two sneezes. Sorry! Anyone want to volunteer to be my editor? :yes:

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OMG I'm SOOO frickin' jealous.... that is just GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

There is no such thing as being too wordy discribing yummy, sneezy Brit boy. I would have been melted goo for prob. a week after or something. hehehe Besides I LOVED your discription... I was Majorly eating it up (now I don't need breakfast- *teasing grin*)

Anyway.... this just was Really good.... ok.... am incoherent now.... Thanks :drool:

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This was absolutely beautiful, VFP. I mean it, seriously. You even spelled out his sneezes, which sounded totally scrumptious! :drool: Good thing you were sneeze stalking paying such close attention to him so you could write such a wonderful obs for us. Thank you!

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What a wonderful description. Just goes to show that singles can be just as interesting as multiples, especially as this man seems to have very intense sneezes.

I can confirm that the British are very often gifted sneezers. Some of the best sneezes I've observed have been on the other side of the Channel.

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hehe..."sex-on-toast" accent. Priceless.

God, accents are marvelous things, aren't they? Somehow a person you wouldn't normally find attractive opens his mouth and speaks with a British accent and he's suddenly the sexiest thing you've ever seen. :) It's awesome...

Great obs! :)

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