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Self obs in conversation (m)


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Hey all,

They're redoing some of the architecture in the campus building where I have most of my classes, and it's very dusty. So as I'm walking up some stairs to speak to a prof of mine, my nose starts to tickle, I open my mouth, and then I sneeze: Hisschew! It crosses my mind that this would be "distracting" in he upcoming conversation, but not for long. Just one sneeze. No big deal.

So 10 minutes later I'm talking to my prof about grad school. She's a really sweet lady, and she's giving me advice on such-and-such a department, when the tickle comes back, burning in my left nostril. I try to ignore it but it builds and soon my nose is flaring and I sneeze: EehHetschh!

"Bless you," says the prof. But I'm not done. The tickle comes back and I sneeze another "IiHetschh!" into my hand. "Bless you," says the prof again. This time I have time to say "thank you."

She starts talking again. But before the end of the next sentence the tickle has built again, and, covering my face, I sneeze an embarrassingly exasperated-sounding "uuhhHHEETCHOO!!"

"Bless you," says prof, this time with a surprised smile. She pushes a tissue-box across her desk to me. I manage a tickly-sounding "excuse me" as I take a tissue and hold it to my nose. I wait a god 2 three seconds of little hitchy breaths before finishing with a wet "HesscheWW!"

"Bless you," says prof a fourth time, "are you alright?" Her bemused smile makes me very self-conscious.

"Yeah, excuse me," I manage, blowing my nose, "I think the dust from the construction is bothering me."

"Yeah its been making a lot of people up here sneeze." I love the way she said sneeze. She went on to talk about how they were behind schedule or something, but it was the word "sneeze" that stayed in my mind. She asked me again if I was alright, and I said I was, and we got back to graduate programs. When I left I was still an odd mix of embarrassed and aroused.

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Wow, nice obs. The whole situation sounds cute. Also, bless you. I know the feeling about hearing non-fetishists talking about sneezing. My maths teacher gave us a lesson on proof by induction, and the number of times he said induced....well, I didn't concentrate that much on the rest of the lesson.

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Oh I wish I was your professor......... :rollslow:

That makes two of us! I'm typically not into self-obs for some reason, but this one... Rowr. :rollslow: Loved it!

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