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Untilted as of yet- A werewolf prince and one very naughty servant.... Part 1/?

Guest Moon-Obsession

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Guest Moon-Obsession

Alright you guys, this is my first fic EVER, so please be kind! And this will turn into Yaoi, I promise :shy:

The servant will come in the next part if you guys like it.

btw.... if anyone would like to draw Hiroshi... I'D BE SO GRATEFUL!!!!!

So here it is, part one....

Outside the mansion, rain was falling steadily. But no, that was not the only sound. The soft ‘ pit pat’ of staggering footsteps soon joined it. The prince, Hiroshi, having snuck out of the house earlier that evening was beginning to regret it. And, though his mother and father were not home, he knew he would have to sneak in yet again- with all of the servants milling around, he could not just waltz right in and expect not to be scolded. Having thought ahead, a long rope hung from his window and he slowly climbed into his posh room, dripping with the ice cold water.

He knew he would not have much time until the servants checked on him. He quickly moped up the wet mess on the floor and closed the window, hurriedly slipping into the bed and squeezing his eyes shut. When they checked on him, they could not see his wet clothes or that he was not asleep at all. However, the night’s events catching up to him, he was quickly out.


“ Heh… Hekatschoo!” Hiroshi muffled the sneeze against his wrist, lest the sound echo through the hallway. With a soft, wet snivel, he continued on his way to main hall. He had woke up three hours later then usual, throat sore and sinuses increasingly ticklish. He knew pretty soon he was going to give into another round of rapid fire sneezes. “ Oh man. I can’t believe I caught a- ahhhh… Ahchu! Katchoo! Ihhhh… hih… ahah…Hempichu!” He bent over, into the corner. He was already getting weird looks. “ A cold.” He murmured the last statement to himself.

As the clock struck noon, he realized just how late he was. With a soft ‘Dammit’ he began to make his way towards the meeting of the royal guard. He was supposed to approve something or other today… how hard could that be?

By the time he had sat down at the head of the long table, he had found out. The wretched tickle was back, threatening the hope to fool his subjects into believing he was well. His pressed a knuckle against his nose, then focused his attention to the one talking.

“… And we believe that a surprise attack would benefit us most in the ongoing war…” The little battle pieces were moved to indicate this. “ And so perhaps we may gain the upper hand.”

Hiroshi nodded, taking his knuckle away and inhaling- bad choice. Immediately, the tickle began to burn. “ Yes, I do su… suppose that it would be benefi…bene…” he turned away quickly, handkerchief pressed firmly in front of his face. “ Hischoo! Hischoo! Heh…. Hnxgt! Henatchyoo! ICHUU!” He rubbed his nose slightly, only adding to the pink, irritated appearance. “ Excuse mbe. I do believe that’d be beneficial.”

Instead of moving on smoothly like he had hoped, he was met with the concerned stares of nearly everyone at the table.....

~To be continued if you guys like it....~

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Yay! everyone is looking at him....WAH! :nohappy:

And welcome to the forum.

Please do continue. :shy:

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Guest Moon-Obsession

Awww, you guys are so great!

Part 2 is underway, and should be released in the next few days. I'll keep the parts relatively short, but there will be quite a few of them.

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Wow, loving this story! Glad to hear you are continuing. Welcome to the forum!! (very nearly welcome to the froum...but I can actually type when I concentrate :laugh: )

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