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Guest Microfine19

I think that this belongs in observations...sorry if I'm wrong! :bleh:

A few years ago at school, there was a girl, K, who was a senior. K is average height and weight, and has lots of curly blonde hair. She has a nose a little bit larger than most, but hardly, I think it fits her face.

We were in the library on the computers, and all of a sudden she starts talking about how everytime she gets out of her car she sneezes. Naturally, I knew that she was a photic sneezer then, but I didn't want to say anything, because I'm afraid of someone finding out about the fetish. But, I decided that the conversation might be worth it :winkkiss: , and I told her that she was a photic sneezer. Thankfully, she didn't ask how I knew, but became so ecstatic. She was freaking out that now she knew why she sneezed, and she googled "photic sneezer" and started reading everything that she could about it. She even called her friends over to tell them. They were like, "uh, ok...that's nice..." She went on wikipedia and started reading facts about photic sneezers out loud. I was hysterical, becasue she was so into it, probably more than I was!

I never got to hear K sneeze, but the conversation was just as good!

This is my first obs, hope it's okay... actually, it's not exactly an obs even- I'm sorry! sorry that there's no sneezes. :)

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