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Rain - (2 Parts)

Guest Xylaphone

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Guest Xylaphone

It's Zeo and Violet again! :D

And this time it's not a a shortie! :P

As of now I thinking of 2 prts but it'll proboally have more in the future. :twisted:

So without further ado, at 1 a.m, ;) I present my kittens. :drunk:

Title: Rain

Orignal fic

Male Sneezing

Rating: All may read

Summary: Rain. Wet kitty. Bad cold. MAdness. I'll leave it a mystery as to who gets the sniffles. :bawl:

Disclaimer: These boys belong to MEH!


It had rained a lot today, and hard too. Zeo had initially hoped it would only drizzle. However, that wasn’t the case. Today was a total downpour. So without anything better to do, Zeo spent a good portion of his day brushing his hair and ever so often, wondering what Violet was doing. He came to the conclusion that he must’ve been sleeping. Honestly, what else could that cat be doing?

Up in a nearby tree, Violet was sitting on a branch soaked to the bone.

“I-I was h-hoping that the r-r-rain would’ve let up s-sooner.” he said to himself shivering.

He was originally sitting on the roof before a light shower sent him to a nearby tree in hopes of shade. He was minimally dry at the time before he fell asleep having a terrible nightmare about drowning in a river, which explained a lot when awoke completely drenched. Instead of taking the incentive to go back inside, Violet, being the worrier that he his, thought it would best to wait till the rain stopped so that he wouldn’t bring in more water into the house.

And when the rain finally let up, the cold and wet cat jumped down from the tree, and quietly walked back inside the house. It was much cooler inside, which didn’t help matters for Violet.


Zeo had just pulled his long ebony hair into what he deemed, “the perfect ponytail”. His auburn feline ears twitched while he checked out the angles of his face , smoothing out any loose strands.

“Not bad, not bad.” he said to himself.


Zeo froze , his eyes locked on his reflection. Slowly, his emerald gaze shifted to the mirrored image of a sodden Violet standing in the door way. His normally wild purple hair clung to his caramel face , his shirt and shorts to his body. His large ears and tail both drooping from the rain, his topaz eyes bright. He sniffled as he felt a sudden chill. Zeo turned around to face him, his ears twitched again.

“Violet, “ he spoke in a whisper, eyes wide, “Violet, you’re making a puddle on the floor!”

Violet’s own ears twitched in response as Zeo stood up and approached him.

“Don’t tell me you were out in this rain all day?”

“Y-yes.” Violet answered quietly.”

“Why didn’t you come inside earlier?”

“I….I-Ktchuui! IhhTChuui!” he sneezed freely.

Zeo took a step back and sighed deeply, his tail swaying slightly.

Violet ran a hand under his nose sniffling. He tried to explain again, but Zeo cut him off.

“Stop.“ he held up a finger, “You need to take a hot bath and go to bed.”

Violet looked down at the floor, biting his bottom lip. He sniffled more quietly and brushed away his damp hair from his forehead. Now Zeo was upset with him. He sniffled again and turned around, slowly heading to the bathroom. “Ktchui!” sneezing and shivering along the way.

Contrary to belief, Zeo wasn’t upset with him at all. Actually, he was concerned for him. He knew he should have said something more comforting, but as he looked at the puddle where Violet once stood, his tail began to thrash about anxiously and he could only sigh heavily when his ears twitched again having heard Violet sneeze down the hall.

A/N: Poor Violet! I'll explain Zeo's behaviour more in prt 2.....which will be up soon! :twisted:

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:jawdrop: OMG!! There's more? YAY! I LOVED the first one you wrote and now your writing MORE??? :innocent: I could die of happiness! GAH, you're so freakin' AMAZING! :lol: I love how Violet is all sad that he thinks Zeo is mad! Yay, I sense some hurt/comfort coming up, yes? :heart: *rubs hands together* Im so excited! :laugh:
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Guest Xylaphone

aww geez...i don't wanna get a big head ::pats swollen of goo:::lol:

Im not all that amazin... :laugh:

Im glad you love the kitties as much as I enjoy tortu-ah-I mean playin w/them. yes :heart:

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I ADORE these characters! Thank you for writing them, and then sharing them with us! Can't wait for more! :blushing:

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Guest Xylaphone

Okies, as I promised in my blog, here is prt 2 of Rain. :D

From the looks of it will more than likely proboaly be up to maybe 4 parts...possibly even 5! Who knows? ;)

Very little sneezing but more to come in later parts.

Rating still the same. No dirrtyness. :wub:

~~~Prt 2~~~

After a long hot bath, Violet put on his dark blue flannel p.js he only wore during chilly nights and when he felt depressed. Most of his attire consisted of a t-shirt (of variable sizes) and shorts. Very rarely did he ever wear pants of any kind. In his mind ,anything covering his legs just didn’t suit him . But in this case, he felt crummy and despite the hot bath, a little cold, and his nose was getting stuffy. He sighed deeply as he laid across his bed kneading softly at the sheets with his claws. He thought about how Zeo looked at him earlier. The way his eyes bore into him, his body reacting in what he perceived as deep irritation. Why didn’t he just come inside earlier? Why was he a ninny and fell asleep? Why did he even bother to go outside in the first place? He could of just napped inside or quietly watch Zeo brush his hair. But no, he just had to go outside despite smelling the moisture so heavily in the air. Now he could barely smell anything at all! How stupid of him! And Zeo was angry with him and to top it off, he felt a cold coming on too.

“KehShuui! Kshuii!†correction, the cold was already here.

Groaning inwardly, Violet curled up into ball, lacing his tail around his fingers, fidgeting with it.

He could forget about seeing Zeo for the rest of the week. Zeo didn’t like dealing with sick creatures and extremely hated being sick himself.

“I’m so stu-heh…ah…Iishsuii! Stupid. *sniffle*†he muttered to himself. He wrapped his tail around one of his wrist, using his free hand to rub a finger under his nose. Uncoiling his tail from his wrist, Violet sighed wearily and decided to get under the covers and try to get some sleep. It wasn’t like there was much else for him to do.

Several hours later

Zeo had spent his time pacing about his own room, re-brushing his hair, braiding it, and pacing his room again. He knew Violet was sick and probably depressed and in need of some comforting.

He knew Violet was probably blaming himself for everything and thinking he hated him. He knew he probably sounded like a vain idiot worrying about the floor more than his friend.

Most of all, he knew he shouldn’t have braided his hair when he was nervous. Ok , so maybe that wasn’t so important. But it looked rather sloppy in his reflection. He sighed heavily. He knew he shouldn’t be such a germaphobe nor be worried about his hair at a time like this.

Zeo imagined Violet sniffling and sneezing beneath his bed covers, his face flushed with fever, eyes dazed, nose red and runny….tissues strewn all over the bed…the floor…snotty tissues…everywhere….disease…

He shuddered at the thought but then he frowned at his reflection.

“I should be a way better friend than this†he thought to himself, “But the germs…†he shuddered again.

Zeo was terrified of being around sick creatures. Being around those who were sick meant that he’d eventually get sick and when he was sick ,it was never pretty. Because being sick meant being snotty and sneezy and icky and achy and tired. And if he was tired, he couldn’t brush his hair! His long ebony tresses he brushed 100 times daily. If he became sick, that meant he couldn’t brush his hair for a week! And a week of no hair brushing meant TOTAL damage to his hair. At least to him anyways. Now allergies? He could stand allergies. All one had to do was remove themselves from the allergen to get better. But with a cold, you couldn’t simply walk into another room and be rid of it. Colds were never that easy to get rid of. You had to let them run their course. He groaned at the mere thought of being sick. He groaned even louder at his predicament.

He did want to make Violet feel better, and reassure him that he wasn’t mad at him for getting sick. But his mind wouldn’t let him get past the thought of breathing in viral infested air. He laid back on his bed .

“What am I gonna do?†he asked himself aloud. He could hear Violet moving around and sniffling in his room.

“What am I gonna do?â€


Ah, my vain, germaphobe Zeo. I love him so. ;)

I know, I know, a lil too short. But.... ^_^

::shamlessly plugs her blog::

Be sure to check my Blog for updates on the kitties, drabbles ,and just the nautical nonsense of the Xylaphone! ^_^

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How did I not see this earlier? *slaps own foreheard* Jeez...

ANYWAYS! Yay! More kittifun! :winkkiss: I like this story...

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