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Cat allergies!!!


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Well, my nose has been running, and I have been sneezing for the past few days. I couldn't figure out why...still am not sure, but I suspect I may have allergies to my cats. You see, I thought maybe seasonal allergies, but that doesn't seem to be it. Then I thought maybe a small cold, but my mucus is clear and this is on and off. I don't feel sick either.

Well, I was suspecting that I might be allergic to my cats this summer, as when I would hug them, my nose would run and sometimes I'd even sneeze! Furthermore, this seemed to occur most with the one that keeps himself less clean, and undoubtably, now that I think about it, probably has more dander.

Today I hugged Kashmir (the one that has the most dander) and sure enough, my nose starts dripping like crazy! My nose is actually running as I write this!

I'll update you all more later. :cryhappy:


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Cat allergies, oh yes, wohoo! oh I'm terribly sorry to hear that. :cryhappy:

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Yes, this is most fascinating news and any developments should be reported in detail. I hope that it will prove satisfactory for all concerned.

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I went out of the house for a while today. The whole day, no runny nose at all...but I come home, and sure enough my nose starts running after spending about 15-20 minutes in the house. It even got very slightly worse when I kissed Houdini (the cat I don't seem to be terribly allergic to).


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Good for you.

Cats are beautiful creatures; keeping a pet is a responsibility; and I think it's dishonorable to send one off for reasons of allergies, unless those allergies threaten your life (like bad asthma) or completely destroy its quality.

They do make these lovely things called antihistamines... which one can take when one wants to, and not when one doesn't. :-)

It's actually usual to be allergic to a compound in cat saliva that combines with stuff in their fur, so if cats wash themselves more often that can be an allergy trigger. But longhairs (who often wash less because they can't keep up) also shed more, so.


Of course there's also fetishy bias in this advice.

I have something of an anti-turn-on for scenes where people are allergic to pets and send the pets away.

And I have a sweet spot for the storyline of "So-and-so is allergic to this animal, but really loves it, so keeps it around and doesn't mind the sneezing fits.."

I guess it's my innate romanticism.

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