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The Sweetest Girl in the World - (5 Parts)


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The Sweetest Girl in the World

A South of Nowhere Story for SFF

Pairing: Spencer & Ashley, what else???

Warning: Femslash! For those who may live under a rock and not know already... :D

Summary: It's easy to see Spencer as the nurturing, caretaking, preacher's daughter type, always looking out for big-tough-wild-girl Ashley. That's pretty much season 2 in a nutshell right there (takes place mid-2nd season). But what if Spencer was the one who needed a little TLC? Would rocker-princess Ashley even notice, or would her self-involved whirlwind continue unfettered?


"Spencer!" Paula hollered over her shoulder, holding her body rigidly straight so as to make clear that Ashley was not invited to cross the threshold. "Ashley's here! Hurry up, or you'll be late for school!" There was an indistinct reply from inside the house, then an awkward silence where Ashley and Paula stood glaring at each other like a pair of alpha dogs who didn't want to tussle, but didn't want to back down, either. Finally Spencer appeared in a whirlwind of blonde hair, backpack dangling off her shoulder, and breezed past with a quick goodbye for her mother, diving straight for the passenger seat of Ashley's Porsche.

"Spencer Anne Carlin, late for school, tut-tut!" Ashley teased, laughing, as they pulled out of the driveway, aware of Paula still watching them like a hawk until they had disappeared around the corner.

"Shut up, you're late all the time," Spencer whined, dropping her backpack on the floor between her legs and crossing her arms huffily.

"I'm only teasing, Spence. Don't be mad," Ashley glanced across the seat, giving Spencer her ten-thousand watt smile.

"Sorry." Spencer's cranky pout relaxed slightly. "I'm just annoyed because I overslept, and I only had fifteen minutes to do everything." She unzipped her backpack, and began sorting through it. "I hope I have all my homework, at least."

"Whatever, it's just one day," Ashley shrugged. "It's not the end of the world."

"Look Ash, I know you don't give a rat's ass about school, but not all of us have a trust fund in our pocket, okay? I'm actually trying to get into college here."

"That's not what I--" Ashley shook her head, confused and on the defensive. "Spence, you're going to get into lots of good schools, you know that. Even if you don't turn in one piece of homework, one time." Ashley cocked her head, glancing over at her frowning girlfriend.

"Yeah, okay, I know," Spencer finally said grudgingly, with a barely audible sniff. She uncrossed her arms, rubbing one hand hastily under her nose a few times, then crossed them again. Sniff. "I just hate to be rushed."

"I know you do, baby," Ashley said soothingly, reaching out one hand and kneading the back of Spencer's neck lightly. Spencer sighed and closed her eyes, her head dropping forward. "But the rushing's all done now. Just give yourself a few minutes to chill...feel that ocean breeze on your face..." A small grin crept onto Spencer's face, and Ashley beamed triumphantly.

"Yeah...you're right, Ash...sorry I'm a little grumpy this morning."

"It's okay, baby," Ashley said with obvious sincerity. "I know I'm a handful a lot of the time...you don't have to be in a good mood 24/7."

"Thank God." Spencer opened her eyes with a weak grin. Ashley grinned back. Then Spencer's expression went slack, eyes unfocused, and Ashley heard her take a small, sharp breath, then another. "Huh...huh-chshhhh!" Spencer's upper body jerked forward in her seat, eyes squinted tightly shut, her sneeze muffled behind cupped hands.

"Bless you," Ashley said sweetly as she pulled into a parking spot in the King High student lot. "There's a pocket pack of kleenex in the glove compartment if you want one."

"No, it's okay," Spencer sniffed, rubbing the back of her hand briefly under her nose again. Ashley blinked, realizing as she looked over at her girlfriend that she had never actually seen Spencer sneeze before. She didn't know why this seemed odd to her, but it did. "Well thanks for getting us here on time, I think I'll make it to homeroom without a tardy slip." Spencer smiled, picked up her backpack, and kissed Ashley quickly on the cheek before dashing from the car.

"Uh...okay..." Ashley said to the air, bemused. "See you at lunch then..."

But they didn't see each other at lunch. Spencer's day seemed determined to go from bad to worse, as she suffered through a pop-quiz in Chemistry followed by the announcement of a group-research project in History, forcing her to text Ashley and break their lunch date in favor of an hour spent in the library with two of the dumbest jocks on the planet, and one extremely sullen goth girl who kept shooting Spencer nasty looks for no apparent reason. When she felt like she might snap, Spencer tried to think about Ashley instead, and how she'd be getting her hands all over her fantastically sexy girlfriend in a few short hours, in front of hordes of drooling clubbers at Ego. But she's mine, all mine, Spencer thought fleetingly, a smile touching her lips for the first time since getting out of the car that morning. It only lasted a moment, as her nose began to twitch insistently, making her wish she'd taken the pocket-kleenex from Ashley's car after all. Not again, she thought with a frown, wrinkling her nose and pressing the back of her hand up under her flaring nostrils, reflexively trying to hold it back. Her mother had always told her quite firmly that sneezing in public wasn't ladylike, and especially not big, messy sneezes like Spencer was prone to when she had a cold. Of course blowing her nose wasn't ladylike either, so unless Spencer wanted to dash off to the bathroom every time her nose tickled, her options were rather limited. She'd settled long ago on just trying to hold them in as much as she could, which minimized the amount of lecturing she got from her mother, at least in this one small area. It was just too bad she couldn't stifle being gay as easily, she thought to herself fleetingly.


"Ssh," Goth girl scolded, looking up from her encyclopedia across the library table. Spencer scowled. Ashley would never scold her for sneezing, she thought irritably as she swiped the cuff of her long-sleeved shirt under her nose again. It was getting a little damp. You are just gross, she told herself miserably. I can't believe I'm getting a cold NOW. Better take some Sudafed before Ashley comes to pick me up.

But Ashley didn't pick her up, either. At eight o'clock, when she was expecting to see Ashley's blue Porsche pulling into her driveway at any moment, she got a text message telling her that Ashley wasn't quite ready yet; and could Spencer get a ride over to her house instead? As it turned out, Glen was just leaving for his own night out with Madison, so she managed to swing a ride; but she had to promise to do a load of his laundry, which left her fuming with resentment at both her brother and her girlfriend. Why couldn't Ashley just get over herself, pick out a damn outfit, and come pick her up?

"I'm almost ready, I swear!" Ashley chirped by way of a greeting as she opened the door for Spencer, turning immediately to disappear back into her walk-in closet. She had answered the door in just her black lace bra and a miniskirt, which made it very hard (though not impossible) for Spencer to remember that she was mad.

"Whatever," she mumbled, rolling her eyes, though Ashley was already too deep inside her closet to notice Spencer's annoyance or her sarcasm. With a sigh of resignation, Spencer flopped down on Ashley's bed to wait. She half-listened to Ashley's constant stream of babble form the closet, as her girlfriend plotted out exactly which outfit would best complement Spencer's, as if their entrance at the club was awaited by a horde of paparazzi. She pulled the afghan from the foot of Ashley's bed around her shoulders as a chill shot up her spine. Come on, Spencer, suck it up, she told herself firmly. As if in direct defiance of her orders, a teasing tickle blossomed in her nose. She let out a huffy growl of frustration, scrubbing the side of her wrist under her rebellious nose with her eyes screwed up against the relentless itch.

"Hitchshhh!" Spencer doubled over on the bed, barely containing a very wet sneeze behind her hands.

"Bless you!" Ashley called from the back of the closet. A moment later, a box of kleenex came flying out and landed next to Spencer on the bed.

"Thanks," Spencer sniffed, blinking at the tissues with a blank look of surprise. Pulling one out, she hesitated for only a moment, then blew her nose hard, feeling immediately better for her efforts. The itch had abated, and the heavy, leaden feeling in her head was clearing somewhat. See Mom, she thought to herself with a small smirk. Ashley doesn't care if I'm ladylike! Curling up with her head on Ashley's pillow, Spencer closed her eyes, just for a moment, while she waited for her girlfriend to finish dressing.



"C'mon, baby, wake up..." Spencer blinked. She found herself staring up at her girlfriend's smiling face, her dark brown eyes locked on Spencer with an expression of unguarded adoration. For a moment, she couldn't remember where she was, or why; but she didn't much care, with Ashley smiling at her like that.

"Hey Ash," she mumbled sleepily, with a broad grin.

"Hey Spence," Ashley grinned back gently, sinking into the bed beside her and brushing back a few mussed strands of hair from her face. "I'm thinking maybe it's not such a good idea from me to drag you out tonight."

"Huh?" Spencer blinked and sat up, remembering herself. She was waiting for Ashley to get ready. They were going out dancing at Ego. "Why?"

"Um, because you're coming down with a cold," Ashley said with both eyebrows raised, as if it were obvious. Was it obvious? Spencer felt suddenly hot with embarrassment, despite the chill she'd felt creeping into her bones all evening.

"I don't have a cold," she said in a rush, sitting up straighter and dropping the afghan she'd been wrapped up in. "I just spaced out waiting for you and fell asleep, that's all."

"Spence, c'mon. You've been sneezing ever since I picked you up this morning."

"You haven't seen me all day," Spencer countered, getting more and more defensive as her hackles rose. "You don't know what I've been doing."

"Okay, fine," Ashley shrugged with a roll of her eyes. "You were sneezing at eight in the morning, but then you didn't sneeze again all day until eight at night. But, baby, your cheeks are all flushed, and your face feels hot, and I think you're getting sick." Ashley gently stroked Spencer's cheek as she spoke, giving her the same look of adoration as always. Spencer pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. Tears sprang to her eyes, and she ducked her head to hide them. Her mother had been right; she was completely gross when she had a cold, and nobody wanted her around. She sniffed as quietly as she could as her nose began to run. The tissues were right there, but she couldn't blow her nose when Ashley was sitting right there next to her. She took one and rubbed it under her wet nostrils quickly, which helped, but only for a moment. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling her cheeks flush even more with embarrassment. Don't sneeze, don't sneeze, don't sneeze, she told herself firmly, but she already knew it was a losing battle.

"Huh...huhhh..." Spencer felt Ashley's hand rubbing her lower back soothingly as she reached for another tissue. "Huh-kshhh! Eshhhuh!" Spencer quickly grabbed another tissue, barely managing to catch a sharp breath before another sneeze welled up. "Ehshoo!"

"Bless you," Ashley cooed, shocking Spencer by leaning forward and kissing her temple while she was still in the middle of wiping up her messy sneezes. "Poor baby."

"Okay, fine, I know I have a cold," Spencer sighed. She looked down at her small pile of crumpled kleenex miserably. "You can just take me home on your way to Ego, I guess."

"What?" Ashley demanded. Spencer looked up in surprise at the outraged tone in her girlfriend's voice. "You actually think I would just go out and leave you all alone while you're sick?!"

"Uh..." Spencer blinked, nonplussed.

"Well forget it, missy. I'm not going to Ego without you. We can just stay here tonight and watch bad 80's movies...I think we might even have some chicken soup in the cupboard...or ice cream! What do you think, Spence? Does that sound good?" Spencer sniffed, blinking incredulously at her anxious-looking girlfriend. The girl she loved more wildly and completely than she'd ever known she could, the girl she'd brave the hellfires of her mother's Catholic ranting and raving for; the same girl who loved her like that back, even when she was sitting here with a dripping nose and a fever, and nothing to offer but a night of sniffles and sneezes.

"That sounds great, Ash," she grinned.

...well, should I continue? Only your feedback will tell...

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Well I do live under a rock. Damnit how did you know?????? :yes:

But yes you SHOULD continue in my opinion. :D

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thanks for the positive feedback, yay! here's part 2, enjoy :lol:



Ashley stood in the doorway cradling a steaming cup of peppermint tea, watching Spencer on the couch. She'd never seen her girlfriend looking so worn out, pale and exhausted. She hated it.

"Hey, baby, I made you some tea," she said with a grin, hoping her small offering would have an impact. Spencer looked up and smiled back; Ashley noticed her nose was getting rather pink after several hours of sneezing and constant rubbing.

"Thanks, Ash," she yawned, reaching out for the cup as Ashley sat beside her. She took a small sip, then put it down on the coffee table, reaching for a fresh kleenex. Ashley reached out and ran her fingers through Spencer's soft blond hair, damp with sweat, while Spencer scrunched her eyes up, rubbing her nose, obviously attempting yet again to hold in the sneeze that was welling up.

"You're gonna blow out your eardrums if you keep holding all your sneezes in like that," Ashley observed sardonically. Spencer cracked one eye open to give her a withering glare, but couldn't quite manage a retort before succumbing, however unwillingly, to the unrelenting tickle in her nose.

"K'shhhh!" *Sniff, sniff...* "Huhhh...hechshhhh!" Ashley could feel how her girlfriend's body seized up with every sneeze, trying so hard to keep it in, though she couldn't begin to fathom why. It was obviously tiring her out ten times faster, and Ashley couldn't stand seeing Spencer so miserable.

"Bless you, baby," she said while Spencer reached for another tissue from the nearly empty box.

"Thadks," Spencer mumbled. Ashley couldn't help thinking, despite how miserable she knew her girlfriend was, that she was awfully cute right now, with her voice all stuffy and her nose as pink as a kitten. "Sorry I'b so gross."

"Will you please stop apologizing!" Ashley exclaimed exasperatedly, reaching out and stroking a lock of Spencer's sweat-dampened hair back behind her ear. "You are not gross. You're adorable and I love you, and I just want you to feel better, okay?" Spencer sniffed and nodded, looking down at her hands with an unreadable expression. "Seriously, I think you should stop trying to hold your sneezes in. It's not good for you. You could get an ear infection or something." Spencer laughed, finally looking up at Ashley with an exasperated expression.

"I don't think that's very likely, Ash," she chuckled. "Anyway, I can't help it, it's like a reflex."

"That's ridiculous," Ashley shook her head emphatically. "Who made you so neurotic?"

"Who do you think?" Spencer challenged, raising one eyebrow in a duh expression.

"Oh," Ashley groaned, smacking her forehead. "Paula."

"Uh-huh," Spencer nodded, taking another sip of the hot tea in front of her with a small sigh of pleasure. "Ohhh, that feels good...thanks for making it for me." Ashley wrapped both arms around Spencer and pulled her shivering body close, leaning back on the couch with Spencer's back leaning against her front.

"You're welcome," she murmured, kissing her girlfriend's ear. "What does your mom have against sneezing, anyway?"

"It's not ladylike," Spencer explained with a roll of her eyes. "Just one thing on a very long list, believe me. Ever since I was little, there's this huge list of things I'm not allowed to do. Of course, the boys can spit, the boys can sit with their legs apart, the boys can sneeze like hurricane Katrina when they have a cold." Ashley could hear the scowl in Spencer's voice, even though she couldn't see her face.

"But not you."

"Huh-uh," Spencer shook her head, sniffling behind a handful of bunched-up kleenex. "It's not polite for a girl."

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Ashley said angrily, rolling her eyes at the ceiling.

"I know, but I can't...*sniff*...I can't help it. She's got me pro...*sniff*...programmed."

"Just like she had you programmed to be straight?" Ashley asked wryly. Spencer turned and smirked at her.

"Point taken. I wish I could just relax and sneeze when I have to, and not hold it in...but I just...*sniff*...just feel so embarrassed!"

"Baby, you have nothing in the world to be embarrassed about!" Ashley exclaimed earnestly. "You've got a cold, your nose is running, you can't help it. And I think you look really cute when you're sneezing," she added shyly, looking down at her hands with a slightly abashed grin.

"Really?" Spencer asked doubtfully, her eyebrows shooting up in disbelief.

"Uh-huh," Ashley nodded, her grin sliding into an evil smirk as she looked back up and caught Spencer's eyes. "You get this funny spaced-out look on your face...like you're trying to remember something important..." Spencer blushed, trying not to laugh. "Then your eyebrows get all scrunched up...and your cute little nose gets all twitchy..." Ashley reached out and tapped the end of Spencer's nose, finally making her girlfriend laugh out loud. "It's completely adorable, to be honest."

"Wow...that is without a doubt the weirdest complement anyone's ever given me," Spencer chuckled, shaking her head. "but thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome," Ashley smirked, leaning in and kissing Spencer's ear. "Now stop holding it in."

"Yeah, we'll see," Spencer shrugged, feeling suddenly extremely self-conscious. "It's not so easy to tune out a lifetime of my mom's voice harping on me to be a good girl, to be ladylike, to be polite..." she sighed. "I can't just...*sniff*...just..." Spencer's eyes fluttered, two fingers automatically pressing up under her itchy nose in spite of the conversation they'd been having, still fighting the sneeze on autopilot. Ashley, sitting behind her, wrapped her arms around Spencer's body and grabbed both her hands away from her face, holding her by her wrists, gently but firmly.

"Stop," she whispered.

"Ash," Spencer whined, struggling against her girlfriend's grip. "Let go...ohhhh..." Her chest heaved with a deep breath, pulling both of them forward on the couch as Spencer continued to fight against the sneeze that was rapidly welling up inside her.

"You let go," Ashley countered, not relaxing her grip one iota. Spencer made a small sound of protest in the back of her throat, but couldn't manage a retort as the itchy tickle in her nose took over, building to the point where she felt as if she were at the very top of a rollercoaster, about to fall over the brink.

"AHCHOOOOO!" Spencer's head whipped forward, her body jerking with such ferocity that Ashley was pulled off her seat, both of them rocking forward on the couch and then falling back.

"Whoa," Ashley chuckled, finally letting Spencer's hands go. "God bless you! That was a hell of a sneeze, baby." Spencer grabbed a tissue before turning to face her girlfriend, grinning shyly behind her hands.

"Thadks," she sniffed, pausing to blow her nose much more loudly than she'd allowed herself to all evening. "That felt really good."

"Told ya," Ashley winked. "And guess what?"

"What?" Spencer sniffled.

"I still think you're the cutest girl on the planet."

"And I think you are the sweetest girl in the world," Spencer grinned.

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Simply brilliant! I have clearly been under the rock, but somehow it doesn't matter. And the bit where she is forced to sneeze openly and ENJOYS IT is gorgeous, as is the ending.....

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Oh yes, very nice, even for us rock dwellers. Having her hands held and sneezing openly *sigh*

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Okay, so glad people are enjoying this...I am enjoying writing it! Should be doing about a million other things instead, but I'm NOT, aren't YOU lucky I'm feeling boldly irresponsible today! :unsure:



"C'mon, my little snifflebug. Time to wake up..." Ashley ran her hand up her girlfriend's back under her shirt, trailing her nails lightly over Spencer's skin, which was usually more than enough to rouse her. But this time she just whined and buried her face deeper against Ashley's neck. Ashley frowned, hating to wake Spencer more aggressively when she would rather just let her girlfriend sleep on top of her all night...but it was almost one am, and Spencer did still have a curfew. She also noticed that Spencer's skin had grown very warm to the touch since her girlfriend had fallen asleep on her, halfway through Ferris Bueller's Day Off. "Spence." She shook her girlfriend again, a little harder. "Wake up."

"Uhn-uh." Spencer mumbled, her limbs winding themselves around Ashley's under the afghan. "Sleepy..."

"I know you're sleepy, baby, but it's late and I have to take you home. Come on, you can sleep in your own bed soon." Spencer groaned and lifted her head, looking up at Ashley with a pout so wretched it nearly broke her heart.

"I feel awful," she whimpered, rubbing her forehead.

"I wish I could make it better," Ashley murmured, leaning down and kissing Spencer all over her hot face.

"You are making it better," Spencer yawned, pushing herself up into a sitting position and leaning back against the couch cushions.

"Spence, you're really burning up," Ashley said in a worried voice, sitting up and laying the back of her hand against her girlfriend's flushed cheek. "Should I call the hospital and page your mom?" Spencer snorted.

"All she'll do is give me Tylenol and tell me to take it easy. Do you have any Tylenol?" Ashley nodded. "Then we don't need my mom," Spencer shrugged.

"Okay, sweet girl," Ashley murmured, kissing her girlfriend's forehead and climbing out from under the blankets, returning with a glass of water and two small white pills. "Here you go," she smiled encouragingly, sitting back down beside her girlfriend on the couch. She noticed Spencer was shivering under the afghan. "Poor baby, I feel so bad for you right now," Ashley cooed, stroking her girlfriend's damp hair back and kissing her forehead again.

"You don't have to feel bad, Ash, you're being so sweet to me...*sniff*...I wish I could just stay here... *sniff*...all nihhh...*sniff*..." Ashley glanced over at Spencer's I'm-gonna-sneeze face, and quickly pushed the box of kleenex into her hands. At Ashley's urging, Spencer had finally managed to stop herself from fighting every time she sneezed; now instead of trying to hold it in, she just had the miserable look of someone with a very itchy nose who was waiting helplessly for the sneeze to come on its own. Her eyes were half-lidded and out of focus, hands hovering uncertainly in front of her face as her pink-rimmed nostrils flared with every sharp breath.

"Huhh...hetchoo!" *sniff, sniff*...

"Bless you," Ashley murmured, trailing her nails lightly up and down Spencer's back in an attempt to soothe her miserable girlfriend, while Spencer grabbed one, then two more tissues from the box, clearly winding up for another.

"Eshoo!" *sniff*..."Ahhh...ah-choo!" Spencer's shivering body whipped forward with every sneeze, doubling over at the waist as if she were being pulled by an invisible thread.

"Oh, my sweet girl," Ashley sighed, smoothing Spencer's hair back from her face again. "Come on, I'll take you home, okay? You'll feel better in the morning."

"How do you doh?" Spencer grumbled, pausing to blow her nose for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

"Because of my psychic powers," Ashley intoned impressively, eyebrows raised. Spencer snorted, but the corners of her mouth turned up despite her obvious attempt not to smile.

"Okay, let me go change, then I'll be... *sniff*... ready to go," Spencer yawned.

"Change?" Ashley arched one eyebrow at her girlfriend in confusion. Spencer was wearing a pair of Ashley's flannel plaid pajama pants and her favorite old UCLA hoodie; Ashley thought her girlfriend looked adorable, and couldn't fathom why she'd want to change back into the skimpy party dress she'd arrived in, especially now that she was trembling with fever chills.

"Well, yeah..." Spencer shrugged, "so I can give you these bahhh...back...hetchoo!" *Sniff, sniff.*

"Forget it, I'm not letting you out of this house dressed in those skimpy party clothes when you can't even stop sneezing long enough to tell me you're going to change. You can just hang onto that stuff until you feel better, okay baby?"

"But this is your fa...*sniff*...favorite sweatshirt," Spencer said mulishly with a shake of her head, searching for a not-completely-soaked kleenex from the pile in her lap to wipe her nose.

"So just think how much I love you that I'm letting you get your boogers all over it," Ashley smirked, leaning in and kissing Spencer's ear. Spencer rolled her eyes, but couldn't help smiling back.

They were surprised to see the downstairs lights still on when they pulled into Spencer's driveway; usually Arthur and Paula were asleep long before now, unless Paula was working an overnight at the ER, in which case she wouldn't be home before six am. Ashley didn't mind knowing that someone was awake inside Spencer's house, though; she hated to leave her girlfriend like this with no one to take care of her. Glen, of course, didn't count for much even if he was home. They got to the door, and Spencer fumbled with her keys until Ashley took them from her and quickly managed to unbolt it. Wrapping one arm firmly around her girlfriend's slim waist, Ashley pulled her into the house. Her fingers dipped under the fabric of the sweatshirt, so she felt how hot Spencer's skin was getting and how much she was still shivering. Poor baby! She thought for what seemed like the hundredth time that night.

"Ash, do you have any...*sniff*...any more kleenex?" Spencer asked, and Ashley could feel her breath welling up again in sharp little gasps.

"I don't think..."

"Ahhh-choo!" Spencer turned her upper body away from Ashley, whose arm was still wrapped around her, sneezing into the crook of her elbow.

"Spencer! Where are your manners?" Paula stood in the doorway from the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee and looking scandalized.

"Bless you, sweetie," Ashley said firmly, pointedly ignoring Paula's disapproving glare, something she'd become quite used to anyway.

"Yeah, Mom, I'm feeling really awful, thanks for asking," Spencer said sarcastically, rubbing the cuff of her sweatshirt under her red nose with another loud *sniff.* "And I could really use a tissue." Paula shook her head, turning and disappearing back into the kitchen momentarily, then returning with a fresh box of kleenex.

"Honestly, Spence. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but that's no excuse to act like you were raised in a barn." She handed the box to Spencer, reaching out to feel her daughter's forehead with the back of her hand. "Oh, honey, you're burning up." Her aggravated expression immediately softened.

"I know," Spencer growled. "I told you I feel awful."

"Okay, sweetie, I'm sorry," Paula said placatingly, completely ignoring Ashley as usual though she was still sitting right beside Spencer on the couch. "Go on up to bed and I'll bring you some Tylenol, okay?"

"Ashley already gave me some," Spencer sniffed, glancing over at her girlfriend. They shared a shy, sweet smile that even Paula couldn't miss. "But I think I will go up...*sniff*...upstairs..." With her mother standing right over her, it was impossible not to at least try to stifle the sneeze that was blooming inside her head, pressing her knuckles up under her poor red nose and struggling to control her ragged breathing.

"Huh-kshoo!" *Sniff, sniff.*

"Bless you," Paula and Ashley both said at the same time. Then they looked at each other, neither of them blinking. Finally, Paula cracked a smile.

"Thank you for taking care of her tonight, Ashley," she said quietly. Her blue eyes, identical to Spencer's, were sincere.

"You don't have to thank me, Paula," Ashley grinned back, reaching out and squeezing Spencer's hand. "I'll always take care of her."

"Wow," Spencer yawned, blinking sleepily and rubbing her eyes, so worn out from her cold and the endless rounds of sneezes, she looked ready to fall asleep right there. "Are you guys finally making peace? I shoulda got sick last year..." She yawned again. Ashley bit back a grin, glancing up to see Paula grinning, too. At both of them.

"C'mon, Spence. I'll help you up to bed, okay?" Ashley murmured, stroking her girlfriend's hair back from her face.

"And I'll be up to check on you in a few minutes, sweetheart," Paula added.

"'Kay," Spencer nodded, eyes almost closed. She put her head down on Ashley's shoulder and let her girlfriend lead her to the stairs. As they reached the landing, Ashley glanced back to see Paula watching them. The expression on her face was one Ashley had never seen before, at least not directed at her. They smiled at each other, and Ashley wrapped her arm more firmly around Spencer to help her up the stairs.

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happy sunday kids! here is a LONG update, don't get used to it-- this part just kept going and going...can't tell these girls what to do once they get going! :drool:


Spencer's eyes opened with a start. As soon as they did, she realized she wasn't falling; she was just lying in bed, in the dark of her own room. Her entire body felt hot, except for her forehead, which was damp and cool. She blinked in the darkness. The outline of an arm took shape in the moonlight, holding something cold on her forehead; then a torso connected to the arm, sitting beside her on the bed.

"Ash?" she whispered, reaching up to rub her eyes.

"No, honey, Ashley went home," her mother's voice said soothingly. The cool pressure left her forehead, moving over her cheeks, then her neck.

"Oh," Spencer mumbled stupidly, remembering that it was the middle of the night, remembering Ashley tucking her in and kissing her goodnight before she left. "It's too hot, Mama. I feel all floaty...like I'm stoned..." Paula blinked at her daughter.

"Spence? Have you ever been stoned, for real?" This was a question that she would never have dreamed of asking any of her children outright under normal circumstances. But she couldn't pass up the opportunity-- though her insides squirmed guiltily-- when she knew Spencer would probably answer honestly, and not even remember in the morning.

"Uh-huh," Spencer mumbled, yawning. "I tried it with Debbie and Jess, back in Ohio...it was okay." Paula's throat constricted.

"But not here in LA?" She managed to choke out nervously.

"Uhn-uh." Spencer shook her head. "I thought about it a couple times...but Ashley doesn't like it...she said drugs open a door you might not be able to close...and she liked me better with all my brain cells." Paula was stunned into silence. She had been so sure that Ashley would be the one pushing her daughter into all things dangerous and illicit...after all her wildness, and her life as the child of a rock star, could Ashley really be Spencer's voice of reason?

"Mama?" Spencer murmured sleepily.

"Hmm?" Paula snapped out of her momentary trance, looking down at her daughter, flushed and fever-dazed in the moonlight. Spencer's eyes were glassy, only half-open; Paula was sure now that Spencer would not remember this conversation tomorrow.

"Remember...our first week in LA? When you picked me up from school...and I asked you what grade you were in when you met Dad?"

"Mm-hmm," Paula nodded, turning the damp washcloth on Spencer's forehead over to the cool side.

"And then you saw Aiden walking by...and he smiled at me...you thought I was talking about him. But it was Ashley....it was always Ashley. I love her so much...I don't know how my heart doesn't just...burst." Spencer blinked, smiling so innocently that Paula couldn't help but smile back. "And I'm gonna marry her someday...and have babies with her, and be a family...and I need you to love her too, Mama...like you love Chelsea with Clay."

"Oh, Spence..." Paula sighed, lost for words. "I just don't know how to be the mom you need right now, sweetheart...but I promise I'll try harder to respect your feelings...and Ashley's. Okay?"

"'Kay," Spencer mumbled. Her eyes were already closed.


Before Ashley even opened her eyes, she knew she had caught Spencer's cold. Her head felt like it was full of wet cement, and her throat felt dry from breathing through her mouth all night. Crap, she thought to herself as her eyes blinked open in her sunlit room. It wasn't that she minded having a cold all that much; she just knew somehow that Spencer would feel ten times worse for giving it to her, and she didn't want her girlfriend to fret or fuss over her. If she was honest with herself, she wouldn't want Spencer fussing over her even if Spencer wasn't sick...Ashley had gotten used to taking care of herself a long time ago, with a dad who, even when he was alive, was never around, and a mom who had never tried too hard to pretend that she cared much about her kid. She was used to it now, and she didn't need anyone coddling her anyway. Well, Spencer doesn't need to know, she thought as she glanced at the clock, stretched, and sat up. She figured it shouldn't be too hard to keep her cold to herself; so she had a stuffy nose, so what. She'd just get some DayQuil on the way over to Spencer's house. She knew she didn't have a fever, anyway, and she really didn't feel too bad; just a little tired. *Sniff.*

As soon as she sat up in bed, Ashley's nose began to run like a leaky faucet. She glanced around for a kleenex, or something close to one, but there was nothing in her bedroom that fit the bill. She didn't even have a sleeve to wipe it on, since she'd been sleeping naked as usual. *Sniff.* She swiped her bare arm under her running nose, leaving a long wet mark that she carefully held away from the covers as she threw them back, headed for the bathroom to find some toilet paper.

"Achoo! *sniff* Ah-ah-choo!" Ashley managed to bring her hands up to her face just in time to cover the sneezes that erupted suddenly and without warning, leaving her holding a handful of snot that would otherwise be dripping all over the floor. "Fuhck," she mumbled aloud, stumbling toward the bathroom with her hands still cupped over her face. Maybe she'd take two doses of DayQuil. And a nice hot shower, that would certainly help clear her head. She rinsed her hands quickly in the sink, not wanting to slime the shower faucet with her snot, and climbed in under the hot blast. It felt like heaven, and she closed her eyes, letting the pounding water pour over her, feeling the steam rising on her skin.

"Achoo! *sniff, sniff*...achoo!" Ashley didn't bother covering her sneezes now that she was in the shower; she couldn't believe how tickly her nose suddenly felt, or how little relief she'd gotten from sneezing. She turned and tilted her face up directly under the showerhead, hoping the hot water at such close range would pound the itch out of her head. It helped a little, but she could still feel the teasing tickle behind her nose and eyes, forcing her to turn quickly, as she felt another sneeze blossoming, so the water hit the back of her neck instead of her face-- she didn't want to drown herself, after all.

"Ahhh-choo! *sniff*...ah...ahhh...achoo!" Ashley scrubbed a wet hand under her dripping nose, which she could still feel running despite the water pouring down over her. Jesus, this was one hell of a tickly cold! No wonder poor Spencer hadn't stopped sneezing all night. There was no way she was going to be able to hide this, she realized miserably. Well...maybe if she got all her sneezes out now, and then got some cold medicine in her before her head got all blocked up again, she could pull it off. It was worth a shot, anyhow...

"Ah-ah-achoo! *sniff* achoo!"

Kyla was sitting at the kitchen table watching MTV and munching on a bagel when Ashley finally came downstairs half an hour later, dried and dressed. She'd checked the medicine cabinet for something she could take to ward off a refill of the “wet cement” feeling in her head, but there was nothing there except her mom's collection of various prescription uppers and downers, which was pretty much all she'd expected to find, anyway. For now, though, her head felt reasonably clear, though she still couldn't really breathe through her nose at all. She'd just stop at the drug store on the way to Spencer's.

"Hey, I heard you sneezing your head off in the shower on my way downstairs," Kyla said sympathetically as Ashley filled a travel mug with coffee from the half-full pot. "Are you getting sick or something?"

"Gee, what gave you that idea, brainiac?" Ashley replied sarcastically with a roll of her eyes. Kyla stiffened, but held her ground.

"Wow, what a surprise, Ashley's grumpy when she has a cold. I mean, I never would've guessed that, since you're usually so sweet tempered."

"Bite me, lovechild," Ashley growled.

"No thanks, megabitch." The two half-sisters stared at each other with narrowed eyes, both of them fighting against their instincts as two only children, wanting to be sisters, but neither really knowing how. The staring match might have continued much longer, if not for Ashley's eyes falling shut involuntarily as her features tensed, eyebrows knitting together as her hand dug into the pocket of her jeans, coming out with a wrinkled but clean handful of tissues.

"Achoo! *sniff* achoo!" Ashley managed to cover her sneezes, just barely, with the kleenex pressed to her nose. She was gonna need a lot more than what she had in her pocket at this rate, and made a mental note to add that to her shopping list.

"Jeez, bless you," Kyla blinked, trying not to smile at her sister, who stood there blowing her nose like a very small elephant. "Do you always sneeze twice like that?"

"Uh-huh," Ashley mumbled, rubbing her itchy nose a few times for good measure before throwing the crumpled kleenex into the trash can. Then she looked up, and noticed Kyla grinning at her, a strangely unguarded expression on the younger girl's face. "What?" Ashley demanded.

"Nothing," Kyla said quickly, biting down on her smirk. "I just think it's kinda cute." Ashley rolled her eyes.

"You are a total head-case," she pronounced. "But at least that means I know you really are my sister."

Ashley had to reassure Kyla for almost five minutes before she left that she only had a cold, and didn't feel too sick to go out; she even humored her sister by letting Kyla take her temperature, even though she'd explained several times that she hardly ever got fevers, and if she did it would be a sign of major badness. Finally satisfied that Ashley was telling the truth, Kyla let her go, first making her take a jacket, and promising not to overexert herself. Ashley was mildly amused by Kyla's newfound sisterly behavior, though it meant she didn't get to Spencer's house until past eleven. She knew Spencer was probably still asleep anyway, but she wanted to be there when her girlfriend woke up. It was the first time ever that Paula had willingly and deliberately invited her to come back, and Ashley wasn't about to waste a minute of that.

Friendly as Paula had been last night-- for all of five minutes-- Ashley was still relieved that it was Clay who answered the door. He gave her the same easy smile as always, and told her that Spencer wasn't up yet; but that she could go upstairs if she wanted to. Which, of course, she did. She slipped into Spencer's room as quietly as possible, standing motionless in the center of the room for a few minutes and just watching her girlfriend sleep. Even with a bad cold, Spencer was so beautiful...and she looked so sweet lying there, curled up on her side with her golden-blond hair splayed out across the pillow, her face relaxed in sleep, lips slightly parted. Ashley even thought it was cute that Spencer was snoring. She'd never done that before, and Ashley was sure it was just because she was so congested. Anyway, it wasn't too loud, not like her dad when he passed out after a wild night with the band. It almost just sounded like Spencer was purring. Ashley smirked, and shrugged off her shoes and jacket, slipping under the covers behind Spencer and wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's warm body. Spencer sighed, her arm automatically covering Ashley's on her stomach, and stretched out her legs a little, twining them together with her girlfriend's with a another small, sleepy sigh of pleasure.

Ashley could tell right away that Spencer's fever had gone down a lot; she felt warm, a little warmer than usual maybe, but not red-hot and soaked in sweat like she'd been the night before. Smiling, Ashley ran her toes up the back of Spencer's legs, nuzzling her nose into her girlfriend's hair even though she couldn't smell the apple-scented shampoo Spencer used.

"Uhhmmm...Ash...love you..." Spencer mumbled in her sleep, then started snoring again.

"I love you too, baby," Ashley whispered, kissing her hair. "I'm never gonna stop..."

She didn't mean to fall asleep, but the next thing Ashley knew, she was blinking up at Paula, who stood over Spencer's bed with a breakfast tray and an unreadable expression. She was wearing her blue hospital scrubs. Ashley also realized, with a jolt of pleasure and horror, that they'd shifted in their sleep, so Spencer was back in her favorite position on top of Ashley; she was pinned to the bed, with her girlfriend's head on her shoulder and her hips half on top of Ashley's own, a leg nestled firmly between hers, making her feel very warm. Maybe she did have a fever after all...

"I'm sorry!" Ashley squeaked, sitting bolt upright with a jolt of terror with Spencer doing the same, equally dazed and confused if not more so. "I didn't mean-- fell asleep---"

"Ashley, shh, it's all right," Paula said in a calm, soothing voice, with-- was that really a grin? At Ashley and Spencer, asleep together? "Clay told me you were up here. I just wanted to bring you girls up some breakfast, and check on Spence before I go to work."

"Ehshoo!" Spencer sneezed into her hands, bringing both her mother's and her girlfriend's attention back to her and off of each other. She blinked up at them without moving her hands from her face, and Ashley felt a surge of sympathy as she realized that Spencer was experiencing the same handful-of-snot situation she'd had to endure when she first woke up that morning. "Uhhh...g'bordig," Spencer mumbled sheepishly.

"Morning, baby," Ashley grinned, reaching across to the box of kleenex on the bedside table and passing them to Spencer. She felt a little shot of nervous anticipation, calling Spencer baby in front of her mother; she'd never done that before, and she hadn't even meant to do it now, it just slipped out. Her cheeks felt suddenly hot. "Um, how are you feeling?"

"Better, I thidk," Spencer tried to say from behind a handful of tissues. When she heard how stuffy she sounded, she looked up at Ashley and laughed, and Ashley laughed, too. Then Spencer screwed up her eyes, and blew her nose long and hard, completely ignoring her mother standing over her. Paula, meanwhile, redeemed herself somewhat in Ashley's eyes by not scolding her for it.

"Well you had a rough night, sweetheart, but your temp's going down, and I think you'll feel better today as long as you drink plenty of fluids and just stay in bed, okay?"

"Okay," Spencer nodded, leaning back against the pillows. At the same time, though Paula couldn't see it, she reached out her foot under the blankets and grazed her toes teasingly across Ashley's ankle. Ashley felt her face grow even redder.

"Dad's right downstairs, honey, so you just call him if you need anything." Paula reached out and felt Spencer's head again, as if to reassure herself that the fever wasn't getting any worse.

"I'll make sure she has everything she needs," Ashley said in a rush, suddenly wanting Paula out of the room as quickly as possible.

"Right," Paula smiled awkwardly, as Ashley realized too late that she hadn't quite picked the best phrasing; oh well. But it still achieved its desired function of getting Paula to leave, at which point Ashley leapt on top of Spencer, pinning her playfully to the bed while Spencer giggled like a little kid who'd just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Smartass, what are trying to do to me with your mom standing right there watching?" She demanded, with no real anger in her voice.

"Hey, I'b sick, I thought you wahdted be to feel better?" Spencer teased, grinning broadly though her voice still sounded like she had a head full of wet cement, too. Abruptly, her smile vanished, as she looked up at Ashley and frowned thoughtfully. "Why are you so pale?"

"What?" Ashley asked, releasing Spencer's wrists and sitting back on her heels on the bed. "Oh, I ran out of makeup this morning, so I had to use Kyla's...I guess it's a couple shades lighter," she lied smoothly. Spencer raised one eyebrow thoughtfully. Ashley smiled innocently, not blinking. "So, which of these muffins do you want?" She asked, diverting her attention to the breakfast tray Paula had left on the bedside table. "Blueberry, carrot, or lemon-poppy?"

"Blueberry," Spencer said happily, holding out her hands. Ashley passed it to her, and the tall glass of fresh orange juice. With both her hands full, she couldn't react when her nose started to itch. It had been very good for the last hour or so, since she'd taken a dose of cold medicine, and she'd almost forgotten to worry about it. She ducked her head, hoping Spencer wouldn't notice her scrunching up her face, and as soon as she felt Spencer take the muffin and juice from her hands, she pressed two fingers up under her itchy nose, just like she'd ranted at Spencer not to do the day before.

"Achoo! *sniff* Ahhh...achoo!" Ashley grabbed a tissue from the box lying between them on the bed and quickly wiped her nose.

"Bless you!" Spencer exclaimed, with the exact same worried and guilty expression that Ashley had imagined. "I knew you were sick! Oh, baby, I'b so sorry I gave you by germs..."

"It's okay, Spence," Ashley said with a shake of her head as she took another tissue and blew her nose to clear the itch. "It's not your fau...fault...achoo! *sniff* ah-ah-choo!"

"Bless you, baby." Spencer smoothed Ashley's hair back from her face. "Ahd of course it's by fault." She sounded so stuffy and miserable; when Ashley looked up, she saw that Spencer was near tears.

"Oh, Spence, please don't cry," Ashley murmured, wrapping her arms around Spencer's body and pulling her close. "It's okay, it's just a cold, I'm not mad at you...shhh..." Despite Ashley's request, Spencer burst into tears, sobbing into her girlfriend's hair for a few minutes while Ashley held her, murmuring words of assurance in her ear and running her hand over the small of Spencer's back in soothing circles. Finally, Spencer's breathing slowed, and her tears tapered off into a few broken sniffles.

"Ugh, cad I have a kleedex, please?" Spencer asked meekly, pulling away with one hand over her nose and mouth. Ashley turned to get the box, feeling her girlfriend's body tensing beside her, and knowing she wasn't going to make it.

"Hetchoo!" *Sniff, sniff.*

"Bless you, my sweet girl," Ashley smiled, offering Spencer the kleenex. Spencer took them, wiped her nose, then blew hard. She smiled back weakly.

"Do you always sneeze twice in a row?" She asked impishly, her voice clearing a little.

"Yeah," Ashley said a little defensively, feeling a bit strange after having been asked this question twice in one day. "So what?"

"So, it's adorable," Spencer grinned. Ashley rolled her eyes.

"Great, you sound just like my lovely new sister," she snorted. "I'm not adorable, okay? I'm a badass." She pulled a mean face, or what she thought was a mean face; but the only effect it had on Spencer was to make her burst into hysterical laughter. "It's not nice to laugh at sick people, you know," Ashley scowled. Spencer snorted, covering her mouth with both hands in an ineffectual attempt to stifle her laughter. Finally the corners of Ashley's mouth turned up. She couldn't stay serious when Spencer looked so happy for the first time in more than 24 hours. Her grin quickly dissolved when the tickly itch in her nose flared up again, causing her to turn her head and shoulders away from Spencer on reflex, even though there was probably no point in this anymore since they both had the same cold, pressing a fresh kleenex under her twitchy nose.

"Ahhh-choo! *sniff* achoo!"

"Bless you." Spencer leaned over and kissed Ashley's forehead, both of them grinning sheepishly now. "My adorable little badass."

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okay, just a short update this time, I couldn't resist... :D

Spencer woke suddenly with a sharp gasp, eyes flying open, not taking in her surroundings right away. Her heart was pounding, and she was shaking all over.

"Hey." Ashley's cool hand was on her face, bringing her back to herself sharply. She was in her room, in her own bed, with her girlfriend beside her. Her heart still pounded in her chest; she tried to take a deep breath, but coughed instead. "Bad dream, baby?"

"Yeah," Spencer mumbled, reaching for the glass of water on her bedside table. "I dreamed I was being chased by vampires..."

"Okay, no more Buffy reruns for you," Ashley joked, smirking. Spencer scowled, and turned away from Ashley on the bed, curling up around her pillow. "Spence, I'm just kidding," Ashley said haltingly, and Spencer could hear the trace of nervousness in her voice; but she felt so crummy, she couldn't help taking it out on her girlfriend a little.

"Well I'm not feeling very joke-y right now," Spencer sniffed, wiping a hand across her sweaty forehead. She felt Ashley crawling over her, nestling up against her so they were face-to-face.

"I'm sorry." Ashley leaned in and kissed her forehead, frowning. "I think your fever's going up again."

"That explains why I'm freezing," Spencer muttered, leaving out the fact that her throat itched and her head was pounding.

"Here." Ashley leaned over her, and came back holding a plastic medicine cup full of orange liquid. "Your dad left this for you while you were sleeping...it'll make you feel better, I promise." She smiled encouragingly. Spencer raised one eyebrow suspiciously.

"What about you?"

"I already had some," Ashley admitted, rolling her eyes. "And believe me, it tastes great." Spencer snorted, but accepted the cold medicine.

"Thanks Ash," she said slowly, accepting the water Ashley handed her to rinse the medicine taste from her mouth. "Sorry for being cranky."

"It's okay, Spence, you're sick."

"You're sick too," Spencer said with a shake of her head, looking thoroughly miserable. "And you're still being extra-sweet to me." She sniffed, accepting the tissue Ashley passed her without even being asked.

"I don't feel that bad, Spence, honest...and I don't have a fever. That's probably what's making you so cranky." She stroked Spencer's sweaty hair back as she spoke, feeling her flushed cheeks. "I'll go get you some ice, okay?"

"No, stay," Spencer whined, grabbing Ashley's wrist and pulling her back down. "Just...hold me for a minute?" The vulnerability in Spencer's voice nearly broke Ashley's heart.

"Oh, baby, of course I will..." Ashley wrapped her arms around Spencer's shivering body, letting their legs tangle together. They stayed that way for a few minutes, as Spencer slowly woke up, and her fever chills eased. They didn't move at all until Spencer held up one foot, frowning.

"Are my toes blue?"

"Oh, yeah," Ashley grinned. "I painted them while you were sleeping...but I can take it off if you don't like it."

"No, I do like it," Spencer giggled, shaking her head. "I just can't believe how you spoil me."

"Want me to do your hands, too?" Ashley grinned. Spencer nodded shyly, sitting up and offering her hands to her beaming girlfriend. Ashley immediately began giving Spencer an expert manicure, with cuticle shaping and a strengthening base coat, then went back and forth between her hands, doing one coat at a time while the other one dried. She was halfway through the second coat when Spencer started to sniffle.

"Wait a sec," Spencer mumbled. As soon as Ashley released her hand, she turned and wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Okay," she grinned sheepishly. But she was sniffling again in under thirty seconds. "Maybe this wasn't...*sniff*..such a great idea...*sniff.*"

"Okay, hold on, I got it..." Ashley turned and grabbed a kleenex, and held it up to Spencer's nose, putting one hand behind her head. "Blow," she instructed. Spencer glared at her from behind the kleenex in a you-can't-be-serious way; but Ashley just smiled and raised one eyebrow, as if to say, well? Finally Spencer closed her eyes, and blew her nose hard. Ashley threw the soggy tissue into the trash, then pulled out another, gently pinching it around Spencer's nose, making sure she was thoroughly cleaned up.

"I can't believe I'm letting you wipe my nose," Spencer mumbled as her cheeks went red, having nothing to do with her fever this time. "I feel like I'm three years old."

"Well I'm very glad you're not, otherwise my fun would be over." Spencer laughed. Then her breathing sharpened, and her eyes went out of focus.

"Ash..." she whimpered. With the second, reasonably clean tissue still in her hand, Ashley reacted immediately, bringing it back up to Spencer's nose and holding the back of her girlfriend's head with her other hand, just in time to feel her sharp intake of breath.

"Ehshoo!" Spencer's upper body snapped forward, bringing Ashley with her, though she did manage to keep her hands flat on her knees and avoid mussing her wet nails.

"Bless you," Ashley giggled, wiping her girlfriend's dripping nose again and trying not to find the whole situation too adorable. Spencer was blinking fuzzily, eyebrows knit together. "More?"

"Uh-huh," Spencer nodded, her eyes falling shut as Ashley scrambled for more kleenex. "H-huhh...hetchoo!" Ashley caught the second sneeze, just barely, her fingers pinched lightly around Spencer's nose to keep her girlfriend from snotting all over herself. Spencer made a small sound that might have been a groan as Ashley wiped her nose for her, again.

"Bless you," Ashley grinned, making a valiant effort to keep the laughter out of her voice.

"This isd't fuddy," Spencer growled irritably, looking crankier than ever behind the crumpled kleenex Ashley held up to her face.

"It's a little funny," Ashley smirked, raising her eyebrows and bringing one more clean tissue up to Spencer's runny nose. "Okay, last time. Blow." Spencer rolled her eyes, but did as she was told. "Good girl," Ashley praised her, smiling goofily as she tossed the sodden kleenex in the trash can. Spencer held up her nails, which were still flawless.

"Well at least I'm still pretty," she joked, holding out one hand for Ashley to finish.

"That was never up for debate," Ashley smirked, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Even when you were snotting all over me!"

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