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sneezing and blowing is bad for you !


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Unfortunately only in Dutch, but the content is quite controversial !

It says that colds are caused by sneezing and nose-blowing. Viruses can intrude a nose that is damaged by those 'gross' acts.

The reader is advised to suppress it all, stay clear of decongestants as well, but instead use the Nozovent to open a blocked nose (some kind of plastic thing, follow link 'verkoudheid' to see a pic).

And that should be why some people never seem to catch a cold ...

Well ... I doubt that.

There are some nice pics on it as well !


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sneezing and blowing is bad for you !,


Sneezing damages your nose and causes you to catch colds? So all we have to do is go around inducing every day all over the place and we'd all be brought down. And there was me thinking it was children that were bad for you and caused colds.

I don't know how they have gone about proving this but you can use statistics to prove anything you want to.

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There are some nice pics on it as well !


I'll say!

I'm going to suggest that colds and allergies are caused by Kleenex. Have you ever noticed someone holding a tissue up to their nose, and then sneezing? Must be allergic to the tissues! And people who have colds always seem to have a box of tissues right on the night stand next to their bed. That's probably what brought on their cold.

Good golly!

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I tried to translate this site to english, but it now makes even less sense than when I was reading it in Dutch. :(


try this one - systran translation

not perfect but will give you an impression


OR - http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr - good ol' babelfish ^.^= again, not perfect but maybe if we stitch all our half-assed translations we'll get an actual article :D

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