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a rather funny obs


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i was in my science class, and i was sitting around listening to my teach blab on about this test when suddenly i heard this kinda girly, soft, fast sneeze come from the back of the room, it was like "iipshioo!" then right after i heard the sneeze i hear "eww gross" and i hear all the guy seniors in the back of the room laugh. i turned around and one of the senior guys who's ok looking but not my type sniff and laugh. my teacher smiled and asked, "what happened" and the guy said "i sneezed and it sprayed all over my desk", he stood up and walked up to the front of the room and grabbed a tissue and wiped his hands and stuff, then used the disinfectant on his hands and then took some more tissues with him on his way back, i looked at him and said, "that's disgusting" with a grin on my face, he stopped and looked at me in mock anger, "i don't think i asked you did I?" he snapped, "God you're always giving me attitude!" then he grinned and went back to his desk and wiped off desk. then a little bit later my teacher referred to him as "Sneeze Guy" which i thought was pretty funny also.

SweetP :(

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