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Balcony Encounter - (5 Parts)


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Title: Balcony Encounter

Fandom: House MD

Characters: Chase and Wilson

Summary: Wilson runs into Chase on the balcony, talking and angsting will ensue.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own them; I'm just borrowing them; I'll put them back when I'm done.

Well, Chase said, "No sleep for you until you write me." THis was just supposed to be a plotless drabble of an excuse for Chase to be a bit sneezy, but I guess he's feeling a bit angsty lately, and apparently Wilson is too. Honestly boys, when am I supposed to get Any studying done??????

Part 1

Wilson jumped slightly as he caught sight of motion on the balcony that connected his office to House’s. It was 8 at night, definitely too late for House to still be there. As far as he knew, House and his team had left hours ago. Of course, he wasn’t totally sure why he was here this late either; either it was the amount of paperwork sitting on his desk or the fact that he and Julie had had a huge fight before he left for work this morning and so he was in no rush to head home.

Nervously, he approached the balcony door and opened it. “Hello?” He called. “Who’s out there?”

He heard a sniffle in response and turned in that direction. Sitting with his back against the wall was a sniffly, red-eyed Chase.

“Chase? What are you doing here? Are you – are you crying?” He stepped over to the younger doctor.

“Do.” Chase sniffled, raising a crumpled, rather worse for wear wad of tissues to his nose. “Eh-chuhh, chuhh, eichushhh. Just felt like sitting out here for awhile.” He blew his nose, making a face at the condition of the tissues.

“Are you sure that was the best idea?”

Chase shook his head, breath hitching. Wilson pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it over. Years of dealing with House’s and his own hay fever had taught him to always be prepared. Chase grabbed it just in time. “Huhh-chuhh, chuhh, chushhh, huhchuhh.” He didn’t stop there, instead launching into a staccato fit of sneezes.

“Bless you. Want to head in?” Wilson asked when Chase had finished.

“Do.” Chase shook his head, but didn’t resist when Wilson reached for his arm and helped him up. Placing a hand on the younger man’s back, he gently led him into his office. Chase slid down in one of the chairs across from Wilson’s desk, blowing his nose into the soft white folds of the handkerchief. Wilson held out the wastepaper basket and Chase deposited his useless tissues into it. “Thanks.” He sniffled.

“So, any reason you were out there? Other than to wreak havoc on your immune system, I mean?” Wilson asked, rooting through his desk drawer.

“Just…” Chase sighed. “Didn’t feel like going home. Allergy pill wore off.”

Wilson sighed as he finished going through his drawers. “Thought I had some Benadryl in here. It doesn’t do much for me, but I keep it handy for House. Guess he must have taken the last of it.”

“It’s alright,” Chase sniffled, fumbling for the handkerchief again and turning away from Wilson. “Huhhchuhh, uhhchuhh, huhchushhh, eiichishhh. Pardon.” He murmured softly. “What are you doing here so late?” He redirected.

“Didn’t really feel like going home either.” Wilson sighed. “I suppose I should.”

Chase nodded. “Yeah.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket. “I just need to call a cab.”

“What happened to your car?”

“Having some problems with it, so it’s in the garage for a few days.”

Wilson shrugged. “I can run you home if you want.”

“I don’t want to put you out or anything.” Chase protested politely.

“Not a problem. Where do you live?” Chase gave his address and Wilson nodded.

“Really not a problem; it’s on my way home anyway. Just give me 5 minutes to get everything cleaned up here.”

“That’s fine…hehhchuhhh… I need to go to my locker and grab my stuff.”

“Meet you out front in 5 then.” Wilson told him.

“That’s fine.” Chase got up and left Wilson’s office to head to the locker room before meeting him in the parking lot.

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Oh brigidm you're so prolific :rolleyes::laugh: and talented too. Don't put them back when you've finished though. You shoul just keep them somewhere on the forum so we can look at them all day sometimes!

Wilson really doesn't want to go home though after dropping off Chase does he? A few beers wouldn't do any harm :innocent:

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I like this. It jumps right in with the good stuff and then promises more. I don't know which two I like better: Wilson/House or Wilson/Chase. I think it will have to be a tie. I like the interplay between the characters on this one as well. And SO MUCH adorable misery, I could just happily drown in it. :):innocent: Blissful sigh...

And not story related but the line "I'll put them back when I'm done" in your disclaimer made me giggle. I may have to steal that... :laugh:

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"Yay! Thanks for this; I selfishly hope there's heaps more, cause sneezy Chase always gives me major butterflies. " ---> I couldn't say it better! :lol:

I hoped that you'll write some Chase for us! :)

So, is it only hay fever this time? :innocent::laugh:

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There's more coming, although rather slowly. Chase and Wilson decided to spend several hours lecturing me about taking care of myself and all that which took time away from the story, plus school keeps eating away my time. But there is more coming...I'm hoping to get the second part done over the weekend.

Vetanari - well, they may not have a beer, but Wilson will come in. :drool: How else could anything get accomplished; it'd have to be one Long car ride.

Evelyn - it's just hayfever this time....can't be too mean to the boy...well, I can, but giving him a break.

KK - I don't know which I like better either. As long as there's a sneezy Wilson or Chase, or even House, I'm a happy girl. And there is much adorable misery to be had since they want to angst on me. Sneezy emo boys....mmmmmmmm; and feel free to borrow the disclaimer....hell, you're talking to a girl who started a fic (currently unfinished for a long time) based on a disclaimer tg put in one of her stories.

tma - I think it's about time I wrote some angst, esp. as I keep analyzing Wilson. Time to do something with it. And torture them...I don't know what you mean. :twisted:

Glowie - yes, sneezy Chase is very much a producer of butterflies. And he loves being the center of attention, so I enjoy writing him.

shiny_bug - glad you're enjoying it. I write this stuff because if I don't, the muses will drive me insane, but it helps to know people are enjoying it (esp. those who aren't major watchers of the show)

jilly- thanks...there will be more as soon as I can sit and write for more than 15-20 minutes at a time without feeling guilty for not studying. The next part is about half way done.

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Poor Chase...

I love the Wilson/Chase relationship because it isn't explored very much in the series! And it seems so perfect, you know....Chase doesn't have a dad, Wilson is kind of paternal and very caring. Come on, screen-writers of House, set it up!

This is awesome! I check everyday to see if there is more! :-)

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Part 2:

I wound up running a little late thi…ihhrishhh…this morning.” He checked his pocket for the travel pack of tissues he usually kept in there but at the last second, remembered that he had given the last of them to one of his cancer patient’s parents. He, then, reached for his handkerchief before remembering he had given it to Chase. Instead, he sniffled and rubbed his nose. Chase was waiting outside when Wilson walked out of the clinic. He apologized to Chase for making him wait so long. One of the oncology nurses had stopped him with a question on a patient, delaying his timely exit from the building.

“It’s fine. Not a problem. You’re being nice enough to take me home.” Chase brushed off his apology. The two doctors walked through the parking lot towards Wilson’s car.

“Sorry I had to park so far away. Uhhchushhh."

Chase held up the handkerchief. “You want it? It’s a little gross, but…”

Wilson shook his head. “That’s alright. I’ve got tissues in the car. I carry the handkerchief mainly out of habit. Most of the time, I’ve already used tissues before I remember I have it. Huhhshuhh.”

“Bless.” Chase said softly as they approached the car. He waited for Wilson to unlock the doors before sliding in and fastening his seatbelt. As Wilson blew his nose, put the car into gear and began leaving the parking lot, Chase pressed the handkerchief to his nose. “Huh-chuhh, chuhhh, ehhchuhh, ehhchummpt.” He blew his nose softly and leaned his head against the window.

Wilson glanced over at him. The young Aussie was beginning to look rather miserable; the rims of his nostrils had taken on a pinkish tinge and his eyes were beginning to look rather red and beginning to water.

Chase caught him looking. “I know, I look awful. I’m so pale that, yeah, I tend to look bad rather fast.”

“You don’t look that bad, just miserable.” It was a lame attempt at making Chase feel better, he knew, but, he also knew that the younger man took pride in his appearance (just as much as he did) and hoped it might help him feel better. It seemed to have helped as Chase gave him one of his trademark smiles.

He could tell Chase wasn’t much in the mood for talking on the ride home; of course, neither was he, so it was a quiet drive to Chase’s townhouse, punctuated only by Chase’s sniffles and sneezes. When they pulled into the complex, Chase directed him to his place, and Wilson pulled into the driveway.

“Thanks for the ride.” Chase grinned at him.

“No problem. You know me, love to help out.” He left that sort of open ended, as he was hoping he could get to the bottom of what was bothering Chase.

“I know. Hehchuhh, uhchuhh, chuhhshuhhh. Excuse meh…ehh-chuschhh.”

“Bless you. You should probably get inside.”

Chase nodded. “Would you…Have you eaten dinner yet?” Wilson shook his head. “Would you like to come in? I can fix us something. Unless you’re in a hurry to get home or something.”

Wilson turned off the ignition and unfastened his seatbelt. “I’m in no hurry to head home. Dinner sounds good.” He paused as his stomach grumbled slightly. “Sounds great, actually.” He amended, getting out of the car and following Chase up the front steps.

Chase unlocked and opened the front door, leading Wilson inside and tossing his bag in the corner. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.” Wilson took a seat on the sofa while Chase ran up the stairs. A few minutes later, he came back, a box of tissues in his left hand. “Wanted to get my pill quick.” He rushed to get out before bringing his arm up to his nose. “Ehchuhh, chuhh, eichuhh, ehh-chmmpt. That way I can eventually stop sneezing so much.”

Wilson shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. Your sneezing is nowhere near as obnoxious as House’s.” He stifled a grin as Chase rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure it’ll still get annoying after awhile though.”

“It’s easier to block out; you’re not as dramatic and attention seeking as he is.”

“Is anyone?” Chase asked, noticing Wilson try to discretely rub his nose.

“No, I suppose n-…Huhrshooo.” Wilson broke off to sneeze into cupped hands.

Chase held out the tissue box so Wilson could take one and blow his nose. “What would you like for dinner?”

“Anything’s fine, really. I’m not fussy. I mean, I eat House’s cooking.”

“House cooks?!” Wilson bit back a laugh at the expression on Chase’s face as he said that.

“Well, sort of. Boxed macaroni and cheese, that sort of thing.”

“Well, I can guarantee you that it will be somewhat more than mac and cheese.” Chase assured him. “Any food allergies or anything I should know about?”

“Nope. I can eat anything.” Wilson told him as he watched Chase go over to the kitchen and start looking through the fridge and cupboards.

“Chicken fajitas sound good?”

“Sounds great.” Wilson got up and joined Chase in the kitchen. “Anything I can do to help?”

“You don’t have to.” He caught the look Wilson gave him, “You want to take care of chopping the vegetables while I get the chicken ready?”

Sure.” Wilson took the peppers and onion Chase handed him and began neatly slicing them and sorting them into piles. The two men did their chopping in sniffles and silence until Wilson noticed Chase quickly spin around clasping his hands over his nose.

Eh-chuhh, chuhh, chuhhh, chushhh, eichhushhh, hehh-chmmpt, chmmpt, exchmmpt.

“You okay?” Wilson asked, growing slightly concerned. After all, Chase had taken his pill, and they were inside now. He grabbed a few tissues from the box on the counter and handed them to Chase, pressing his left wrist to the boy’s forehead.

Chase patiently waited for Wilson to feel for a fever before blowing his nose and explaining. “I’m fine. My nose was running as I was spicing the chicken, and I sniffled. I made the mistake of taking too big of a sniffle and wound up with a load of taco spices up my nose. I forget how sensitive my nose gets right now.”

Wilson smiled. “You want me to finish the chicken?” He asked.

Chase shook his head, blowing his nose again and crossing over to the sink to wash his hands. “It’s done; if you want to toss it into the frying pan…”

“Sure.” Wilson agreed as Chase dried his hands. He put the chicken in and started frying it in the lightly seasoned oil. Chase pulled the tortillas out of the fridge and dishes out of the cupboard. When the chicken had started to cook, Wilson slipped the vegetables in them and continued frying them. When the food was done, he poured everything into a bowl that Chase handed him and set it on the table next to the warm tortillas. He sat across from Chase at the table and the two began to eat.

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Wait a sec... I *Know* that I responded to this.... *raises eyebrow* Darn computer *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Anyway.... That's it... I am now going to HAVE to have Chase make me some faijitas.... and if I should Happen to "accidently" spill some seasoning... :lol:

“You don’t look that bad, just miserable.” It was a lame attempt at making Chase feel better, he knew, but, he also knew that the younger man took pride in his appearance (just as much as he did) and hoped it might help him feel better. It seemed to have helped as Chase gave him one of his trademark smiles.

AWWW!! So sweet and then I can totally see that lopsided grin of Chase's *melt*

Hmmm... trying to remember what I else I wrote.... Hmmm.... anyway... this is so fun... can't wait to see more :unsure:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been having some problems with this fic in getting it to go the direction I want, so this update is a bit shortish. But hopefully, it will start to guide things in the direction I hope for them to go in. *Sighs* Stubborn muses who want help and want to talk, yet don't want to actually have the conversations.

Wilson noticed that Chase was sniffling more as the meal progressed. When he was nearly done eating, he excused himself and left the room. Wilson watched him walk over down the hallway, stopping to pick up a few tissues from the box on the kitchen counter. He watched as Chase stood there with his back to him, presumably blowing his nose as he didn’t hear any muffled sneezes. A minute later, Chase came back, washing his hands at the kitchen sink.

He rejoined Wilson at the table. “Sorry. I wasn’t thinking with the fajitas. I forget runny the spices make my nose.”

“You didn’t have to leave the table.” Wilson pointed out.

“You were eating. It’s just kinda…well, not the most appetizing sound in the world.” He turned away from Wilson and the food, cupping a hand over his mouth. “Eh-chuhhh. Chuhh. Excuse me.” He said, tuning back to the table, starting to stand up again.

“It’s fine, Chase. You don’t need to get up every time you need to blow your nose.” He watched as Chase ducked his head and stifled a third sneeze. “Sounds like the spices have you sneezing a bit more, too.”

“I really wasn’t thinking when I suggested dinner. But I needed to use up the chicken.” Chase blushed, trying to blow his nose as softly as possible.

“Don’t worry about it.” Wilson picked up one of the napkins from the table, turning aside to blow his own nose. “Work going okay?”

“Yeah.” Chase said, finishing the last of his fajitas. Noticing that Wilson was done, he stood up to take their plates. Wilson followed carrying the serving dishes to the kitchen. He watched as Chase took out some plastic containers and set them on the counter. Without being asked, Wilson began to spoon the leftovers into them and put them in the fridge as Chase loaded and started the dishwasher.

Wilson frowned in thought. Something was bothering the young doctor, something more than just his allergies. “So did House make you stay late at all tonight?” He tried again.

“No. We discharged our patient earlier. Just looking for another one now. So he was in a pretty good mood at being able to just kick back and do nothing for awhile. I just didn’t feel like heading home.”

So it wasn’t work, and it wasn’t anything House had done that was bothering Chase. The sound of Chase’s voice distracted him from his musings. “Sorry, what?”

“I asked if you were staying late for a patient as well.” Chase told him.

“No. Just…” he sighed. “Didn’t feel like heading home either.” He looked over to see Chase staring at the wall above the sink. “You ok?” He asked gently, crossing over to him.

It took Chase a minute to respond. “Yeah.” He replied dully. “I’m fine.” He avoided Wilson’s pointed gaze and began absently sponging the already clean counter.

“Well, thanks for dinner. I should probably head home…” Wilson trailed off, waiting to see what Chase’s response would be.

“You’re welcome to stay for awhile if you want. I mean, I don’t want to get you in trouble with your wife or anything.”

Wilson sighed. “She went to visit her mother today. And I’m sure she’d prefer it if I was spending time with someone other than House. Do…do you want me to stay for awhile?”

Chase shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind the com…” he sniffled. “Company. Hhehh-chuhh, eichushh, chuhh, chmmpt.”

“Then I’ll stay.” Wilson hoped that he could get whatever was bugging Chase out of him. He didn’t remember ever seeing the blonde this way before, and, to be perfectly honest, he was a bit concerned.

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Oh I'm concerned too.

and I was sure I meant to comment on the spicy food but perhaps I got sidetracked or my server went down. Very tasty anyway!

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And here's some more...it's still moving kinda slowly in terms of getting to the angst and all that, but it's coming. They're doing their silly little don't want to push it dance again.

He looked at Chase who was continuing to scrub the spotless countertop. “Want to put in a movie or watch TV or something?” He was hoping that the distraction might get Chase to relax slightly. He mused slightly over the situation as Chase finished up in the kitchen; he’d eliminated work as the cause of Chase’s melancholy, so that left what? As far as he knew, Chase was single, so girlfriend problems likely weren’t the case. The only other thing he could think of was family issues, and he had no idea how to broach that subject with Chase.

Chase grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and asked Wilson if he wanted anything to drink. Wilson accepted a bottle of water and followed Chase to the living room. He sat down next to Chase on the couch as Chase picked up the remote. “Anything in particular you want to watch?” He said, flipping to the guide channel. He noticed Wilson was slightly more sniffly than he had been earlier and placed the box of tissues between them.

He paused as he saw “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” on the guide. “How do you feel about Mel Brooks?” He asked.

“Sounds good to me.” At least Chase had picked a humorous movie. He wasn’t sure what he would have done if Chase had picked out a tearjerker. He pressed his knuckle against the side of his nose, feeling another tickle start to build. He plucked at tissue from the box next to him and pressed it to his nose, waiting. “Uhhchushhh, huhhrushhh.” He didn’t have to wait long. “Excuse me.” He apologized, glancing down at his watch.

“Everything ok?” Chase asked.

Wilson nodded. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just realized that it’s about time for my allergy pill to wear off.”

“I’ve got some over the counter stuff if you’d like that. I’ll be right back.” Chase ducked back up the stairs and returned a few minutes later with a small plastic bin containing various cold and allergy medications. Wilson sifted through the bin, noting that most of the pills contained Benadryl which never helped him much, not to mention that they’d completely knock him out. Towards the bottom, he found a couple of over the counter Claritin. He pulled one out, looking hopefully towards Chase.

Chase nodded hastily. “Take ihhh…” He turned away from Wilson, inhaling shakily. ”Ehhhchuhh, chuhh, hehchushhh, eichhuhhh.” Wilson’s brow furrowed in concern as after the brief sneezing fit, Chase launched into a series of coughs. Not just irritated throat coughs either, but one that seemed to come from deep down in his lungs, thick and productive.

He waited for Chase to take a long drink of water and catch his breath before looking at him. His brown eyes coolly assessed the younger doctor. The redness and watering had decreased from his eyes, however, the sniffling still hadn’t died down. He noticed hat Chase was slightly flushed, although that could have been from embarrassment. He reached out again, checking Chase’s forehead for fever, frowning as he detected as slight warmth that he hadn’t noticed earlier. He reached down to Chase’s throat and detected a few slightly swollen glands. “Throat hurt?” He asked.

“It’s a little sore. It’s probably just from allergies.”

“Not with swollen glands and a temp. Where’s your thermometer?” He stopped Chase as he started to stand up. “I can get it.”

“Bathroom cabinet.” Chase told him as Wilson fished through the bin of pills Chase had brought down with him, unearthing some allergy/cold medicine. “Take these. It’s probably just a cold.” He said. “But I want to check your temp.”

Chase nodded, blowing his nose, but not taking the pills. Wilson started to give him a look, but stopped when Chase pointed out that drinking water would alter the temperature of his mouth and then they’d have to wait to get an accurate temp.

It took him few minutes to find the thermometer, but he was back downstairs quicker than Chase had wanted him to be. He handed Chase the thermometer, trusting him to take his own temperature. Chase looked at the thermometer a minute later when it beeped. “99.6°.” He reported, handing the thermometer to Wilson.

“Probably just a cold.” Wilson reiterated, giving a pointed look towards the pills on the table. Sighing, Chase swallowed them, wincing as he noted a definite soreness in his throat after the coughing spasm.

He watched as Wilson turned away again to deliver a quick double into his elbow. “Bless.” He said, softly. “You sure you’re not sick too?”

Wilson nodded. “I’m sure. I always sneeze in two sets of doubles with 7 seconds in between when I’m sick. The pill should kick in within half an hour.”

Chase nodded, leaning against the couch and sighing. Wilson inwardly sighed as well. The cold could be part of the reason for Chase’s mood, but he had a feeling it wasn’t the whole story. He moved to the armchair, picking up a throw blanket that was draped over the back of it. “Why don’t you lie down and rest?” He suggested, handing the blanket to Chase. “Do you want some tea or anything for your throat?”

Chase did, but he didn’t want to put Wilson out. The oncologist had already been nice enough to him, and he didn’t want to push it. “I can make some.” He protested. “Do you want some too?”

Wilson stood up and gently pushed Chase back down on the couch. “Let me do it. You’re sick; you should be resting. Just tell me what cabinet the tea is in. I remember where the cups were, and the kettle is on the stove.”

Chase told him where he kept the tea and leaned against one of the couch pillows. He figured he’d let Wilson make him a cup of tea and then let him know he could go home if he wanted. He didn’t want to put the man out or anything, and he was sure that Wilson had better things to do than tend to him.

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Awww... this is too cute.... love detective Wilson... and love how he's handling it- just so him. And Loved Chase trying to be like "Are you sick??" :wub: that was seriously too cute.

Can't wait to read more. :D

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Guest No More Lies

AHA. I knew he was sick. Poor Wombat. For some reason when I think about him, with that sad face he sometimes gets, I just want to hug something. Somebody. Whatever's closer. And his sweet little stuffy 'Do' in the first chapter? UGH. Cute cute cute CUTE.

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:laugh: So it's not just allergies! I knew you were up to something... :unsure: Now you just have to make Chase sicker to give Wilson a good reason to stay... :laugh::blink:

Can't wait!!!!!! :huh:

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AHA. I knew he was sick. Poor Wombat. For some reason when I think about him, with that sad face he sometimes gets, I just want to hug something. Somebody. Whatever's closer. And his sweet little stuffy 'Do' in the first chapter? UGH. Cute cute cute CUTE.
:laugh: So it's not just allergies! I knew you were up to something... :unsure: Now you just have to make Chase sicker to give Wilson a good reason to stay... :laugh::blink:

Can't wait!!!!!! :huh:

Well, I originally didn't intend to make him sick as well. Somedays I feel I'm a bit too hard on the wombat. But it was about the only way that I could kind of get the story to go in the direction I intended (as someone is a bit stubborn somedays)

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