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Hooray For the Human Male!!!


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Yes, so today i went over to my crazy friend's place. She was having a big family bash, with friends and family coming into the one house to eat and drink for god knows why... a good time i suppose :)

After a few hours of food on plastic plates and yelling in people's ears while talking to them, my friend and I, along with a few of her cousins and other people, decided to get some fresh air and wandered down to the park.

Some guy called Craig (but called Craggy by everyone) came with us; i think he was a longtime boyfriend of one of the cousins... or something :hug:

He's tall, lanky, with brown close cut spiky hair and a pointy nose. An all round pointy, elfy kind of guy with a sharp wit. Nice voice, too. Deep, which was weird for what he looked like. :hug:

So, we sat around the edge of this oval on the fence and chatted about this and that.

About five minutes into it he stood up from his cross-legged position on the grass and walked a few paces away to take out a tissue from his pocket and bent forward with a low, harsh;


Oh! Hello! :balloon:

It was all so sudden i didn't really catch much of it. He walked back to us and a bunch of the group looked up and asked him if he was ok. He nodded and was about to sit down when he straightened up again and walked two steps back to shout another "ehk-hoo!"

He didn't join us after this. He walked a few metres away and stood, tissue on his face, to produce;





A girl sitting with us was watching him as i was (well.. duh! :lol: ) and asked my friend, "Is he ok?"

My friend nodded dismissively and said, "Yeah, he's got hayfever or something. He'll probably go back to the house and have a drink."

Noooo! :hug:

Turns out that it wasn't that way. :inlove:

He joined us again and sat down on the grass in his original position. Several times during the conversation he would lean as far as he could back and sneeze a tad more desperately and irritated than before, every now and then sniffing softly and wiping his nose with a knuckle.

After another five minutes or so, he stood up, threw his body into a full throttled;


He groaned and stretched and said, "See you guys. I'm going back to the house. My nose is going to DIE if i stay here longer."

*sigh* hooray for spring :wub:

I thought it was only fair he went back. I mean, he was looking exceedingly miserable and i dont like them suffering too much... :heart:

So, erm. Yes! I hope you guys enjoyed that. Wish you were all there :wub:

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Well yes hippo I did enjoy that. :wub:

And I wish I had been there too. Thanks for sharing it. Pity it would have looked too obvious for you to get up and go with him. :hug:

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Eee that sounds so lovely ^.^= I love how he got up and stepped aside to sneeze, I have 2 friends who do that (unless I'm chasing them :hug:) so cute! plus he sounds seriously cute, elf looking with a deep voice :wub: excellent description *claps*

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Beautifully described, and spelt, as ever. I think you should practice thinking of excuses for going with him, and not blushing while saying them, in preparation for the hayfever season.

"I've just remembered I've got to....."

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He groaned and stretched and said, "See you guys. I'm going back to the house. My nose is going to DIE if i stay here longer."

Holy crap! How cute is that? I love "efly" guys. Seriously. I used to work with a guy who reminded me of Peter Pan, and I wished like hell that I could witness him doing something like what you described. I'll just pretend it was my guy in your obs, ok? :drool: You rock, hippo! Thanks for posting this!

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Heehee! :shy:

Im glad you guys enjoyed it *too* :twisted:

Alas, i've little chance of seeing a performance from him like that again.

I'll just have to invite myself to my friend's next family gathering :unsure:

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Drat, I thought for a second this meant the return of the hippo with her dancing cheese feet.

A gorgeous obs to re-examine though!


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