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Duo Maxwell (M) from GW, a lil 1x2-ness


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I was doodling today in class and randomly decided that when I got back to my room I'd attempt to draw something. This is Duo from Gundam Wing, he's a cutie! I love the pair, him and Heero. Heero is really very stoic and a bit "hard" :lol: around the edges. Duo on the other hand is much more of a joker, which is why we love them so!

I've never posted anything I've drawn before :blushing: , so feedback would be great so I know whether or not to try again. I read a bit ago for a duo request so hopefully this is fun for that person! Enjoy! *hides*


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Guest Xylaphone

very preetifu!

I love Duo's nose! So red-tinged around the nostrils....and Heero! You know you want to grab Duo's smexy face and lick it..er....... :blushing: great drawing...

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EEEEEEE! That is lovely! I don't know the characters, but they're really, really cute. :) I love the sneeze-expression and aahh, the little tear in his eye :lol: Yum!

Thank you for sharing! Hope to see more art from you in the future! :blushing:

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I don't know the characters, but I NEVER know the characters and that sure doesn't stop me from lovin' on 'em.

I think this is downright adorable. I like the wicked look that the boy on the right has, and by contrast the other one looks VERY unamused!

Your first art post, hmm? Perhaps if we all look at you with big, pleading eyes you'll let us see more of your talented goodness in the future? :blushing:

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Just to add my appreciation to the chorus. Please do post again. :blushing:

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:blushing: awww thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!

Xylaphone hehehe I love the red tinged nose thing....soooo desperate looking haha. I also :innocent: adore a blushing boy, makes me just wanna hug em! And feel free to lick it :rolleyes: duo lolly-pops sounds delicious

VoOs :blushing: I love your artwork so hearing you say you like mine is really flattering, thank you! And to tell you the truth I accidently drew a lil circle while I was sketching by his eye and thought it was cute so I made it into a tear :lol:

Shiny_bug awww, you know I love you're sexy lil friends :blushing: hehe so I'll definitely try to draw more!

Forsaken *hugs* thanks for the congrats! yay! and I'm glad you like my drawing

KawaiiKitty by the way, I love your most recent Miroku, very cute! :) and thanks for liking duo and heero. Heero's blushing-ness just makes me squirm hahaha. And duo would totally do that, he's such a naughty lil bastard! :lol:

Vetinari eee, I almost missed to thank you as well since I was replying as you posted. So I've edited this post to add a big thank you to you as well!!

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Everyone's commenting on Duo (who is very cute, by the way!), but I think I'm more amused by the little blush in Heero's cheeks. Could it be the Perfect Soldier enjoying Duo's sneeze a bit much?

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D-did you just...? SO HOT!!!

That's like my favorite pairing....and, um, the request might have been mine, actually. :blush:

I LUV Duo....*melt x a bazillion* This was the first thing I saw after school today....I'm so UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!!!

K...I'll stop rambling now.....

and go stare at that piece of hotness ART for the rest of eternity....whee :wub:

I worship you and your amazing artwork! :P

Oh, and sorry if this is rude to post or bad or something, but if you like this pair, I wrote a lil fic about them. :bounce: Dunno if you saw it, and if you did I'm a retard but wutevr. SO. It's right here: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/in...showtopic=24070

AGAIN, if that was rude, I'm really sorry. :unsure:

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magictoes11 :bounce: maybe heero is being a naughty boy and we should punish him...... :dead: ....i mean...umm he's not doing anything at all.... Hahaha but yes, I think he's got a bit on his mind :D

AK awwww :lol: I absolutely worship your drawings, haha hopefully that doesn't scare you but I love the way you draw faces and bodies. The lips and noses are always soo just right. Its very hard to explain :dead: But hearing you say you like mine means a whole bunch!

mkool000 I think you're right and that it was your request! I'm especially glad you liked it since you had been looking forward to a duo drawing. AND Duo x Heero is just SEXY :P the personality combination is so twisted and angsty and perfect! 1x2 fics rock my world haha. :dead: But I'm really glad you liked it since your a big fan, so thank you!

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Shiny_bug awww, you know I love you're sexy lil friends :) hehe so I'll definitely try to draw more!

You can't mean... ugh... d-d-do... DON'T YOU DARE! :unsure::laugh::lol:

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