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Female Colleague in Office


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Arrived early to work today to concentrate and be productive. Around 7:10 a.m. a female colleague, about 5'5' with shoulder-length, brown hair, sat down in the chair beside my desk to ask me a question. I was turned towards the computer monitor conducting a search for her, when I head her gasp and quickly let out in rapid succession cho, cho. She stifled both sneezes, and the chos sound more like little snorts through the nose. She apologized profusely after I said bless you, and then started complaining about her allergies and how she was asthmatic as a child. She explained that although she seems to have outgrown the asthma attacks, the sneezing fits keep coming. Uhm, made my morning. :bounce:

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Did it sound like cho or choo? I'm sorry, but if it sounded like 'cho' and they were little snorts through the nose, thats sort of disgusting.

Can't remember, but it wasn't disgusting at all. To each his own.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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