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Do these story ideas sound good?

Guest Hannah

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Ok, I'm writing some books (I'm gonna be a writer some day! :bounce: ) with sneezing and I want your opinion if they're good or not. Here's the first one:

Baligo Kirinaga is a normal 15 year old outcast. He has Harry-Potter-Style brown hair and small, thunbnail sized glasses. He has a crush, friends (if only a few), an evil dad and step-mother, and dreams. Completely normal.

.....Except one thing.

Every time Baligo sneezes, a strong wind blows. When that doesn't happen, something appears, disappears, or changes in some strange way. To make it worse, he has horrible allergies. ( :P )

Well, when Baligo find out he could be rid of his super sneeze forever, how could he say no?....Or yes?

This story has romance, fantasy, comedy, action, and more sneezes than you can count!

There's at least 5 sneezes a chapter and...let's see....5 sneezes times 49 chapters means...... :D

Do you think it's a good idea? I've been working on it for about half a year and I only have 100 pages written. But I have it all planned out and it'll be great! I promise!

(to make things better, there's a girl with a sneeze fetish in it!! :lol::dead: )

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Thanks! And, yes, I did get the idea from Neji Springfeild. His sneezes are so cute, I couldn't help it! Here's another.

Elliot Bloodvin is a half-vampire who's allergic to human blood. He's an outcast at school like his friends (Jinx the witch, Wolfgang the werewolf, and Aciro the alien) and sister, Evangeline (XD I couldn't help it!). After being called "something bad" by a human, he and his friends decide to make a vow never to befriend a mortal. Well, that very night Elliot meets Delilah, a wonderfully imangative and beautiful girl who accepts Elliot for the monster he is. Well, Evangeline, Jinx, Wolfgang and Aciro don't like the fact that Elliot is in love with a human, so what do they do?

Try to draw Delilah's blood, of course.

Well? How bout that one? My boyfriend said it sounded good, but I'm not sure.

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