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I love your ob-ish type stuff. You described things well enough for me!!! Thank you for sharing! :blushing: I love cold talk.

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As long as you're witnessing an abnormal amount of wrong, I say bring on the RAMBLAGE! I love the way you tell this stuff. :drool:

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Bwahahahahhahaahah! (not sure why, that seemed like a really appropriate reaction :drool: ) dude, you make me laugh, which earns you a salute! good obsing (I love the way you abuse use the language >:D ).

Plus your whole F-la-i-ly wa-za :D *practice pronunciation* tidbit was awwwwww cute ^.^= *ponders* fever-fetish :wub: I rarely get fevers but it doesn't stop me from asking my mom if I have one when I'm sick (she checks bestest!), but once when I was still in the army (heh, always good to shove tell one of those stories to still justify my obsolete nickname...) a young (and hot) female officer friend of mine told me about this girl who checked her fever once with her lips *and this one time in band camp moment ends here* (where am I going with this? nobody knows! the rest of the story gets a little bit homophobic ^_^).

Anyway! what do you mean "about the size of a tallish hobbit quite petite. I doubt she's over five feet, possibly not even that tall" (in caps strike through REMOVED brutally) ahem! *stands up* us hobbits are a proud race! (ah well, at least I'm not petite? -said the 5 feet tall girl-).

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I apologise for the patheticness of the spellings.

Don't apologise.....you know you're wonderful. But just in case you're in any doubt....

You are wonderful!

Oh, and as always of course, RAMBLAGE!?

Yahoo, ramblage!

I'll start with the girl in my acting class. She's a few years older than me, I think, but she's about the size of a tallish hobbit quite petite. I doubt she's over five feet, possibly not even that tall, and very cute in a saucy sort of way. She's got wavy auburn hair that's about jaw length, a thin, but still very feminine figure, and freckles, and usually dresses in a classy yet suggestive style. Very much managing to look incredibly sexy without looking like a prostitute.

Anyway, this past Monday I got to hear her sneeze twice during class. Sadly I didn't get to actually see it happen as she was somewhat behind me, outside of my feild of vision at the time, but just from hearing them I was impressed with their power and more masculine sound coming from someone so small. If I recall correctly, it was a sort of; "Hu-USSSHHhoo!" followed by another identical one about thirty seconds later.

"about the height of a tallish hobbit"........ so about three foot seven then! :unsure:

Auburn hair? Clearly the best colour of hair there is (for a girl at least).

Mmmmm nice sneezes.

Then there was my friend (Who we will call 'Boi' ). Boi is quite short, a little stocky, and looks like he's about fourteen even though he's actually twenty-three. He's got short dirty blond hair, and a very round, cute face. So, last Thursday, I believe it was, Boi, Faerie, Virgo, Prick (and I mean that in the nicest possible way), and I were hanging out at Prick's place playing a card came (Which I rather highly recommend btw, it's called 'Boxers or Briefs' if you're interested.) when Boi suddenly sneezed a double. Unfortunately I don't remember the sound well enough to spell it. It wasn't anything all THAT exciting though.

Nice friends you've got there....and playing a fun game too....plus sneezing, what could be better (except for said game plus some really EXCITING sneezing with Memorable spelling)

Thirdly there was the mystery sneezer who could have been one of two people, one male and one female. I THINK it was the guy, both because of the sound and because of the positions the two of them were in when I turned around briefly to look. Followed by turning around again very quickly when the guy gave me a funny look.

I had just finished kayaking with my dad and we were strapping the boats back onto the truck when these two people walked past us on the way to their car. The woman was fairly small, and Asian, with long dark hair, and the guy was fairly tall with short bleach blonde hair. They both looked like they were probably in their late twenties or early thirties.

A few minutes after they'd past us, I heard the car doors open, one of them shut again, and then two powerful, explosive sounding sneezes. Something along the lines of; "He-ESSHHuh! h'ESSHHuh!" I wish I'd seen them, they sounded like the kind that have a very physical release.

ZOMG! (I can say that now I know what it means thanks to Nick and some Helpful People) you got a funny look. How embarrassing!

Kayaking too.....(damn I wish I was there). Nice spellings of the sneezes too...they sound nice and sprayey!

And finally there's another female obs that although it didn't actually involve wrongness made me go "FFVDJVZLJKHDNFLRBZNKMNG!!! *FLAILY WAZA* nonetheless. XD This one is for my fellow h/c whores And because it makes me wibble.

Toward the end of the day on Monday I was hanging out with my friend who, for the purposes of this post, we shall refer to as Ravenwillrapesomeday Bree, and she happened to mention that she thought she might be getting sick. Which absolutely did NOT make me think "Hnnnnnnnngh! Oh, do you now??? Is it hot in here or is it just me?". All I SAID of course was something along he lines of "Hmmmmumblemmm... *examines burger with great "interest"*

However what with life and all I forgot about this almost entirely until the following evening when we had class together for three glorious hours ...Er... I mean... um... What?

ANYWAY! She was sitting next to me, sort of half sprawled across the table in front of us looking mopey. At first I thought she was just in a bad mood because our teacher is a moron. But then she said something about being pretty sure she was getting sick again. Which caused me to subtley watch her out of the corner of my eye or a while At least I hope it was subtle... AND THEN???? HOLY CRAP, THEN?!?!?!?! FVJVZLVJK THEN?!?!?!?! THEN, she asked me if she had a fever. *FLAILY WAZA* Now I don't know about anyone else, but I find the whole idea of someone feeling someone's forehead rediculously hot. I flail all over it in my fiction XD Hurt comfort whore says what? I... What!? I mean! No, that's what I mean.

My mental reaction to this was basically "FVJZVL HOLY CRAP WHAT!?!?!? Oh... my... GFZLVNK!!!! *DROOL* Savour this moment!" And OHOOOO did I savour that moment! XD Yes indeedy! Hell, I'm STILL savouring it! I remember the whole thing in crystal clarity. It was like it was happing in slightly slow motion too *is OMG WEIRD?!* And heeheehee! THEN, I got to do it again later because she wasn't sure she believed me that she didn't have a fever because appaently I don't know what I'mdoing when it comes to checking someone's temperature and did it wrong XD

Well from another fellow h/c whore........congratulations. And if getting it wrong means you have to do it again...well keep doing it wrong say I. Hopefully Ravenwillrapesomeday Bree will not get better fast and will require lots more looking after!

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