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Ichigo Kurasaki x Grimmjow Jaggerjack (M)


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This one's from Bleach! I love bleach even though theres wayyyy too much filler in it at times. I just can't get enough Ichigo, he's sooo awesome! And for some reason I've got the hugest crush on Grimmjow cuz he's such a bastard and his blue hair just rocks my world :) and I think him and Ichigo would be really really hot, hence the pairing :D So I believe in this one Ichigo's got the tickles and our lil evil Grimmjow really has his eye on the scene :blushing: I mean....who wouldn't wanna watch!???

I've made a black and white one and then decided to use markers to do the hair since Grimmjow's blue is sooo awesome and then of course I had to do a little bit of orange on our death god hero :P I hope you enjoy!



PS I know I totally chickened out and drew the easier side of Mr. Jaggerjack hahaha but his skull mask is soooo amazing I didn't wanna screw it up! haha but just remember that he has a skull mask on the other side of his face :P

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Holy crap, that is hot! :blushing: Hnngh, just look at their expressions... :)

I'm SO glad you decided to start sharing your art with us! :P

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*runs around screaming!* GRIMMYICHI!!! WAI! I love those two! /Fangirling XD

Okay... This is really REALLY adorable. Love the expression on "poor" tickly Ichigo, and the blushy add to Grimmjow is flail-worthy. As I started doing as such. :yay: Hehehe, Grimmy-san looks like he's the cause of the problem. That'd be a shame. :twisted:

So glad you shared! It has been saved and drooled on here. :innocent:

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