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My very first self-obs (f)


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It's unlikely that I'll ever write more than one or two self-obs, because I'm not allergic to a single damn thing (to my great annoyance); I never have impressive fits, and only ever sneeze in boring and IMO fairly unattractive singles.

But this afternoon I did one that I actually kind of liked for a change, so thought I might mention it. I was in the car going out with my family for the evening. A couple of minutes before leaving home I'd been liberally spraying myself with both hairspray and perfume, but it didn't affect me until about fifteen mintues later. I was sitting there listening to my family chatting, when all of a sudden (and this was a bit weird), the smell of my perfume seemed to get increasingly stronger over a few seconds... and before I knew it my breath hitched silently a couple of times, then, "heh-choo!". It was nice and soft and girly, but still had enough force to be satisfying, lol!

I was hoping for another one, but to no avail. Anyway my mother blessed me afterwards which killed the mood, hehe. For some reason it really annoys me when immediate family bless (but I don't mind it when others do).

Wow, all this writing for one petty little sneeze! I go on way too much, sorry. :P But as I said, it's unbelieveably rare for me to like the sound of my own sneezing.

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Well congratulations on having a good sneeze. Good obs too. If you don't like sneezing rarely and singly you could always try inducing. As for not liking your own sneezes, I used to feel the same way, but I find that if you induce enough it's amazing how pleasant they become.

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It sounds lovely; and you could probably duplicate the conditionds and see if more occur.

Would you classify it as "enormous"? possibly not.

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